Deliverables for a Spades Scoreboard

At one point, the scoreboard will need to be advanced by clicking on an invisible box at the bottom of the app.

Players must choose two initials and a team name, as well as dedicate a number of points to play to. Each round, the scorekeeper would tap on a row, receive a modal, and input the number of bids per player. Tricks would then be entered, then the scoreboard would automatically calculate the the scores and add it to the rolling total.

In honor of Beyonce (and for no particular reason what so ever), I called it “Scorebort” on InVision. The prototype on the left demonstrates basic user flow from setting up and starting a game on through to the Winner screen. As it was designed for demonstration, there is a point in the scoreboard where progression is shown with no clear direction. In the real app, guidance would be provided. In the prototype, there is an invisible box at the bottom of the app.

From these wireframes, we established a baseline for how we wanted to implement our color scheme. Instead of alternating between two colors for each section like a standard table, we wanted to create a more inviting and chill experience for the scorekeeper. Thusly, we chose a color palette consisting of a series of sea foam greens in varying lightnesses:

Our web developers followed a style guide and used these low-fidelity mockups to create a much more engaging experience.

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