Travel the world through beer: Beer Traveler

Beer Traveler is a mobile app dedicated to helping beer lovers and novices alike, to find new beers around town. Our team came together for a one week sprint to develop the app, and I have to say I’m completely impressed by what we were able to accomplish. Unfortunately I don’t have access to the full app (yet!), but below are a few design artifacts that were created during the process:

Sketched Prototype -
This first attempt was aimed toward working through the flow and information architecture of the app. We actually used these sketches to build a prototype using the Prototyping on Paper app. We user tested that prototype to build a more robust prototype in Balsamiq.

Mock Up -
This ended up being the final mock up for our home screen. My teammate Clay did the heavy lifting in Photoshop, and we made a few tweaks to create what you see now. We wanted to keep this page very simple and easy to navigate, with only 4 options to choose from. Our user flows all lead back to this screen, so the user doesn’t get lost.

This was a great experience — working as a design team and with the developers. I’m excited to see the app progress as they continue building it out!