Two Projects, Three Stories Each

In class, we’re developing our first cross-departmental project with the good folks attending the Web Development Immersive. My group drew the “Scoreboard App” straw, so we’ve been hammering away at what a mobile scorekeeper might look like.

Now, forgive me; the three user stories we came up with are sitting in someone else’s notebook, but here is what I have from memory:

  1. As a ping-pong player, I want to keep track of the number of rounds I’ve played so I can focus on the game and the score.
  2. As a Rummy player, I want to keep track of the overall progress to a Rummy and scores from previous rounds so I can use less paper.
  3. As a general game player, I want an score-keeping app that allows me to choose rounds and max points, so I can create my own games or play games outside of a template.

The other project is my own online portfolio. As a class, we are supposed to start thinking about what we want our portfolios to be. I’ve had one for many years now, and it has served many purposes, but it’s seeing a transition over to UX, meaning my target audience is shifting from general visual design to design with a huge emphasis on tech:

  1. As a UX Team Manager, I want to see the design process from a handful of recent projects so I can assess whether an applicant’s thought process would bode well for my team.
  2. As a recruiter, I want to find a candidate with clear, concise career objectives, demonstrated ability to work through difficult problems, and a robust portfolio so I can confidently make recommendations to my hiring managers.
  3. As a startup software engineer, I need to find a designer that is willing to demonstrate autonomy and can be trusted to deliver results fast, so we can iterate, test, and get our product into the hands of as many people as possible.