User Stories

Below are a few examples of user stories in the context of a joint project with GA’s Web Development class 1 a website called Sandbox. Sandbox is a tool people can use to edit CSS elements when building their websites.

  1. As an entrepreneur I want to build my ecommerce site so I can sell my product.
  2. A a designer I am looking to customize my portfolio so I can stand out to recruiters and potential employers.
  3. As a young professional I am learning CSS to supplement my front-end coding knowledge so I can take on different projects at work.

In addition to potential stories for sandbox, I’ve applied this thinking to gauge scenarios in which users check out our soon-to-be portfolios.

  1. As a UX hiring manager at a healthcare software company I want to find a portfolio that demonstrates passion and “coachability” so I can fill an entry-level UX role.
  2. As a classmate I am looking for inspiration or ideas so that I can optimize my own portfolio in regards to aesthetic and layout.
  3. As a prospective UX student I want to examine the work of current GA students and alumni so I can assess the quality of the program.
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