Using User Stories

Class is chugging along smoothly and we’ve reached our third project. We’re working alongside students in the Web Development Immersive to develop a website tailored for creating and editing CSS elements. User stories are used during the process to keep in mind how potential users may be using the website. Let’s look at a few.

  • As a blogger in my free time, I want to improve the look of my blog so that I can feel good showing it to friends and family.
  • As a professional photographer, I want to perfect my online portfolio so that I can demonstrate my abilities to potential clients.
  • As a local restaurant owner, I want to build a website so that I can bring in more customers.

We like to keep our end game in mind throughout our immersive so here’s a few user stories from the point of view of people reviewing my portfolio.

  • As an agency hiring manager, I want to see the scope of a candidate’s work to assess whether they can meet the demands of our clients.
  • As a UX Manager, I want to get an overview of a potential employee’s style and abilities so I can determine if they would be a good fit for our team.
  • As a small business owner, I want to find a visual design freelancer so that I can improve the look and feel of my website.