Enhance Your Live Video with YoloLiv Box!

Live streaming used to be complicated and time-consuming. But with YoloBox Plus Portable Live Stream Studio, live streaming can be done within a minute!

Nov 6, 2019 · 4 min read

In this modern age, sometimes people are obsessed with the digital world more than the realistic world. We spend time on the internet watching YouTube, Facebook live shows, Netflix etc. This phenomenon is caused by the rising amount of YouTubers and Live Shows. Live shows or live streaming becomes a popular trend in the digital world and today we will take a look at how a live stream is formed and how YoloBox Plus brings this trend to the next level.

How We Used To Live Stream

When you start your first live video, you should first get the suitable tools for filming. About 80% of live shows or live streaming events are filmed by professional cameras for high resolution. It can provide a more stable streaming signal. Here is the basic list for live streaming:

- Camera that has an HDMI or SDI output port

- HDMI or SDI cable

- Signal converter box and a laptop

- Live streaming software on your laptop

- Open source software

- Strong internet connection (WiFi, hotspot etc)

If you want to do the YouTube live or Facebook live, you need to send a signal to your account and do more for maintain the stable signal. However, for a newcomer of live video, it takes time to learn all the complicated processes. Moreover, most of the Facebook or YouTube live are limited to one video sources. It is quite boring for long live video. Some creator may give up because of the complicated processes. How can we make it simple?

Get YoloLiv Box!

From now on, with YoloBox Plus invented by YoloLiv, HD and multi-platforms live streaming can be achieved! This YoloBox Plus is a smart encoder that creates high-end live streams from any DLSR, camcorder, action camera or even drones. It is an encoder, monitor, control panel and switcher in one, which means users can go live with just the YoloBox, a single HDMI cord and camera gears. With some WiFi enabled gear, like GoPros, this YoloBox Plus can even live stream wirelessly!

Amazing Streaming Features

Integrating everything into one system makes live streaming much easier. After connecting through HDMI, videographers can use the built-in touch screen monitor anad Android operating system to create an event, set up a name, time and the platform. Facebook, YouTube and other social media platforms are mostly compatible. Users can even stream to multiple platforms at the same time! With high resolution 1080P, this portable live broadcast studio is an easy-to-use, powerful and affordable solution to help all kinds of cameras live stream instantly.

Despite integrating several features into one, the YoloBox Plus is just about the size of a thicker iPhone, with a 5-inch screen. The built-in battery makes it possible to live stream for about 3 hours before needing a recharge. For this PLUS version, users can even switch between two different cameras during live streaming using two different HDMI ports.

Bonus Feature:

YoloLiv also offers a free cloud storage service that the company said is open to the public. YoloBox Plus is capable of delivering videos to the cloud in multiple ways, including WiFi, Ethernet and 4G.

As you can see, this portable camera live stream studio YoloBox Plus represents the new age of Live Streaming. Simply plug the device into your camera and start streaming. Once connected, you can instantly start broadcasting and publish your content on YouTube and Facebook etc. You can even capture two different video sources from your DSLR and drones. Upgrade your live videos with YoloBox Plus now!

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