[Unboxing] Genuine Wireless Apple Watch Portable Charger

Apple Watch can be charged anytime anywhere like mobile phone? Let’s see how it works!

Sep 9, 2019 · 4 min read

To Apple fans across the world, Apple Watch may be one of the can’t miss items in the stores. But, most of the users claimed that the battery level of Apple Watch is not large enough. They need to charger up their Apple Watch once a day. When people want to charge it while hanging out, they need to bring the charging cable and a power bank. It is quite inconvenient. Is there are really no other ways to save your watch? How to charge Apple Watch immediately?

Don’t worry, our Apple Watch Portable Charger XTAG will be your best companion, making apple watch wireless charging possible.

Let’s check it out!

XTAG Apple Watch Portable Charger is a lightweight power bank for Apple Watch with two colors (Rose Gold & Silver Grey) of your choices. When you open the package of XTAG, you’ll find a product manual, a XTAG and its charging cable neatly placed inside the box.

We’ve picked a Gold XTAG Apple Watch Portable Charger for this unboxing section. Hold it and feel it — this travel charger only weighs about the same as an Apple Watch.

Each new XTag is pre-charged with 50% power available right out of the box and it’s already enough to fully charge an Apple Watch for one time.

Let’s see how to charge Apple Watch with Lexuma XTAG!

First, we need to press and hold the right button for 3 seconds (until the light is on) to turn on the XTAG.

Second, simply put an Apple Watch on the XTAG magnetic dock (the magnet will hold it in place).

Now the Apple Watch is charging wirelessly!

Is charging an Apple Watch really that simple? The answer is a resounding YES. The next question you may ask is, how to charge the XTAG itself?

Actually, what you need to do is to just simply connect XTAG Apple Watch Portable Charger and any power source with a charging cable (any micro-USB cable or the original one in the box).

Also, XTAG does support “pass-through” charging, which means you can charge both Apple Watch and XTAG at the same time if you wish.

At this point, many of you may still be struggling to buy one more Apple Watch charging dock for your workplace to avoid the red lightning bolt. Why not try to experience Apple Watch wireless charging experience with similar price? We know some of you may wonder: “Is XTAG safe to use? After all, it’s not Apple Watch original accessories right?”

Actually, this Apple Watch Portable Charger is certified with RoHs, CE, FCC, Reach, as well as Apple MFI, a licensing program for making Apple-approved accessories. It is save to use our Apple Watch Charger. This is what we can promise: Every XTAG is an MFI Certified Apple Watch portable charger.

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