[Unboxing] Wireless Charging Car Mount — Your Perfect Car Accessory

All drivers need regular smartphone charging while driving. You need a wireless charging car mount

Oct 10, 2019 · 4 min read

For long drive and travelling in foreign countries, drivers need GPS navigation to find the right directions. But if we use GPS for maybe half an hour, the battery of our phones will be largely reduced. Although many cars nowadays have built-in USB ports that make charging in-car possible, but such a solution isn’t necessarily perfect as charging is often slow and cumbersome. However, adding a wireless charger to your car can offer both faster charging and easier charging. With a car mount, we can use GPS and charge your phone at the same time. Also, get a secure place to put your phone while driving.

In this unboxing tour, I will introduce this advanced wireless charging car mount and guide you through some demonstrations. If you’re interested in this wireless charging car mount, get one now before your mobile runs out of battery!

Let’s open the package now. Inside you can find a user manual, the car mount charging pad, the telescopic arm, the air vent clip and a USB-Type C charging cable. You can choose between the windshield holder and the air vent to stabilize your smartphone.

Let’s try it out in a car now!

One-hand operation is the highlighted features of the car mount. The infrared sensor of this wireless charging car mount ensures that mounting is easiest ever — just put your mobile close to the charging pad and the arms open automatically. Even if you are driving, you can easily place your phone to the car mount since you don’t need to open the arms by yourself. It can ensure driving safety.

The Auto-lock mechanism of this car mount firmly secures the phone after it’s placed in position, and thus eliminates the risk of any inadvertent drops even during sudden jerks, bumps or sharp turns too.

Now let’s place the phone on the charging car mount.

The above video show how can you place your phone with the help of the infrared sensor. When your phone close to the car mount, the infrared sensor will detect your phone and open the arms automatically. After that, it will adjust the width of the arms which can firmly hold your phone in position. Before you activate the infrared sensor, you should first plug in the given USB-Type-C cable into the USB port of the car mount. The connection port of the car mount is located at the bottom back of the car mount

How can you notice the status of the charging car mount?

There are LED lights on the left and right sides of the car mount. Red light will be on when you connect any power source to it. The automatic folders and infrared sensor will be activated in that moment. After putting your smartphone on the car mount, blue light will be on. This indicates that your smartphone is now charging. For Android smartphone, the blue light will be off when it finished charging.

You can adjust the 360° rotation nut and change the angle of the charging pad. You can place it horizontally or vertically when you are using GPS navigator. We know that the smartphone’s battery will run out fast when using GPS navigator. Therefore, this charging car mount supports Qi fast charging.

Little reminder:

In order to enjoy Qi fast charging, you need to make sure that your smartphone, charging cable, charging pad and the power source support fast charging. All these components are necessary. If succeed, you will see a fast charging notification on the screen.

This wireless charging car mount is compatible with iPhone X/8/8 Plus, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Note 5, S6 Edge+, S7 and S7 Edge, Nokia 9, Nexus 5/6 and other Qi-enabled wireless smartphones.

Simply slip your phone onto the wireless charging car mount and the dual mount arms securely grip your phone so it will never fall out. All the functions of this wireless charging car mount care about your needs and ensure your driving safety. Therefore, this charging car mount is worthy to have one.

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