Which One is Suitable for you? Choosing the BEST Charging Car Mount

How to define the best charging car mount — With automatic clamps and infrared sensor

Oct 8, 2019 · 4 min read
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When you’re on the go, your phone is more than just a tool for keeping in touch. It’s your road trip playlist and your GPS, too. For safety reasons, mounting your phone to your dashboard, windshield, or air vents is the best way to keep it in view while keeping your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road. Apart from just stabilizing your smartphone, charging is also needed for long travels. Therefore, we’ve gathered up a list of some excellent features that the best charging car mount should be equipped with. Choose your charging car mount wisely!

Most of the car mounts in the market do not support fast charging and infrared sensor. You need to use both hands to open the clamps and put in the mobile. It is inconvenient and not user-friendly. Therefore, when choosing car mounts, make sure that there’s infrared sensor and the clamps can automatically open for your mobile.

1. Fast Charge

More and more phones are including Qi wireless charging, so if you’re in need for a car mount, you need to get one that charges your phone while you drive. The charging car mount should be powerful enough to fast charge any compatible Samsung phones, and clips into your air vent so your view of the road is unobstructed.

2. User-friendly

It is better if the charging car mount is designed with a telescopic arm for orientating the arm precisely where you need it in your vehicle. A slide-out clamp is also important for drivers as it holds your phone automatically and securely while driving. It is easy to mount your phone with one hand, holds the phone firmly even over rough roads. You can still focus on driving while placing your phone. Sometimes you may want to rotate your mobile to use GPS navigator. That’s why the charging pad needs to be 360 degrees rotatable for better viewing.

3. Various Attachment

It is better for a car mount to have different attachment methods. Different driver may have their own habbits. The viewing angle of the car mount is important to fit their using habits. Therefore, a car mount with different installtion methods can help the drivers to find the best viewing angle. Some of the charging car mount to be equipped with a suction cup to attach to either your car’s windshield or the top of the dash. The biggest advantage of a dash/windshield mount is that it doesn’t block your view or interfere with the use of controls on the dash. It can also place your phone close to your normal line of sight through the windshield, so you don’t have to move your eyes very far to glance at the display.

What makes a great smartphone charging mount:

  • It must attach securely to your car so the mount won’t detach or fall, even over rough roads.
  • It must position your phone so that the screen is easy to see but doesn’t block your view of the road.
  • It must hold the phone tightly while allowing you to easily change the handset’s angle and orientation (portrait or landscape).
  • It should fit any size phone, even in a case.
  • It should allow you to easily insert or attach (and subsequently remove) the phone, ideally with one hand.

Actually, apart from using car mount in a car, you can mount anywhere you want! At office table, in the kitchen, even in the bathroom. With car mount, you can enjoy dramas or play mobile games without any constrains.

Do your car have charging car mount? Get one now and place your phone in a secure place!

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