How would it work?

There has recently been the publication of an RFC attempting to the address that fact that we all share the internet, but we’d perhaps prefer if some people didn’t “share it so much”…

Well, let’s look at the components of the system.

Any .trump address would function much like /dev/null.
It’s like a black hole, only without the gravitational pull.

The beauty is, that as it’s just a name, existing software can handle the concept of the address already perfectly, well it’s simply what happens to the content directed into and requested from the .trump address that would be subject to *ahem* “special semantics”.

Added bonus points.

The Brits would be killing themselves laughing as the original meaning of the verb would be reclaimed.

This would of course manifest as a slight twitch playing around the corners of the mouth.

What could go wrong?

Ah I’m glad you asked.

The proposal is not clear as to what would happen in the event of a .trump address re-tweeting another .trump address :(

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