We’ve joined the Airbnb family!

Three years ago, our co-founders set out on a journey to make it easier to list, discover and book unique spaces to work, learn, live and play. It’s been a wild ride with the highs and lows you’d expect from an ambitious startup who’s trying to engender change.

That’s why we’re thrilled to announce an exciting new chapter for Gaest.com. Today, we joined the Airbnb family and now belong to one of the world’s most innovative companies. As you can imagine, we’re humbled, honored and extremely proud.

None of this, of course, could’ve happened without our global community of Gaests and Hosts who’ve trusted, championed and supported us from day one. We’re forever grateful. You can expect Gaest.com to become even more awesome and continue using Gaest.com to discover and book remarkable spaces. And don’t worry, we’re still as committed to our original vision as we were on launch day. But now we have more help to fulfill that mission. The journey continues…

Here’s more info if you’re interested to learn more.