Fixing Society, For Free (or how we gain 615 million days of goodness a year)

Be Batman… or Robin, Robin is also cool

There are about 51.3 million people in the UK that are able to help other people, less able, or less privileged than themselves.

So imagine this: Each and every one of those people gave two hours a week to do good.

That ‘good’ could be one of a thousand things — take your pick — society has an abundance of things it needs (even the politicians will agree on that — I mean, their careers depend on it right?)

If that were to be a reality, we would be in a position where society — you and I — are contributing 615 million days to doing good. 615 f-ing MILLION!!

Imagine what we could do with that! Seriously, actually imagine it.

Viva la Revolution!

The challenge we have is ourselves…us funny old sapiens.

We know society could and should be more equal. We know how to make that a reality. And yet things are a bit of shambles aren’t they?

I mean, I’m not being a pessimist here — I am the first to say a country like the UK provides an abundance of opportunities for almost everybody (though I do stress opportunities, not, equal opportunities…that’s a whole other post!)

So it’s not all bad. Indeed, in contrast to many of the countries I have worked in across the so-called ‘developing world’, we live like absolute royalty.

Yet, in this so called developed world of ours, it is hard to disagree that it often feels as tough we remain in the early design phase of our evolution!

When 1% of the world’s population, own 50% of the wealth, 1.3 million people in the UK use food banks (an annual increase of 42%), and a tragedy like Grenfell Tower occurs due to grand negligence, our mid-term evolution report surely screams, “must try harder.”

Volunteers have been a shining light in the Grenfel Tower tragedy

But here’s the thing, for all of our distrust and disgust for the powers that be, we have to look in the mirror and ask, “Am I, personally doing enough to change the things I hate in the world?

We can write all of the blogs that intelligently survey and satirise the failure of our politicians and partisan business leaders alike.

We can (but really shouldn’t) throw rocks at the castle, or (ideally) make friends with the King/Queen to have our voice heard.

We can protest, march, and make a damned fuss at the powers who wield unruly power with every debauched, deluded, and distasteful vote.

But more than all of the above, we can, and we should, do as much good as we can. We should ask what we can do for our community. And we should get out there and do it —we should go help others.

So, let’s do good shall we?

But wait, something seems to be stopping us

What we know is, not enough people go out and help others. To demonstrate this, think of your average week and answer the following two questions:

1. How many hours each week do you spend doing good for others more vulnerable / less privileged than yourself?

2. How many hours do you spend on leisure time?

What’s the difference between the two? Our betting is you spend significantly more time on leisure than helping others (and we’re not judging here!)

Now, repeat the same exercise for the ten people (or as many as you are content to do) closest to you. Our betting is, most spend significantly more time on leisure than helping others (and don’t be judging here!)

We’d also put money on most people saying they wish it was more balanced.

But wait, that’s my prerogative

Well, of course it is. This isn’t a prescription!

It’s totally up to you how much time you spend on leisure versus helping others. I mean after all, I am sure you all work hard, spin way too many plates, and don’t get enough time with you loved ones right?

My challenge to you is, I think we are (mostly) all underestimating

a) how fun doing good is and

b) when you do good, the inspiring ripple effect that it has. In Adam Grant’s outstanding book, Give and Take, he demonstrates the beautiful cascading effect one person doing good has on the world.

So here’s the real question

Do you think you could find two hours a week to help others? If so, GODSPEED to you!

What we now need to do is make it easy for you to act upon that. And so, read our last blog post here to find out how we’re going to make it super easy for you to do good… which will in turn enable you to go and do some more good in the world :)

If you feel inspired by this post please take it to heart, and go find two hours a week to start doing some good in your community.

Much love and great peace

The G-Team x

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