Introducing gaggle…doing good, made easy

It’s not hard to be kind, but it’s hard to do kind.

About eight years ago, hating my corporate job, I decided I wanted to do something with more (or any) soul…I wanted to do some good in the world.

And so I decided I would volunteer. Easy I thought! Oh how naïve I was! It blew my mind how hard it was to even get started!

Faced with bad websites, disparate information, way too much governance, and worst of all, being asked to pay massive fees to volunteer, I found myself cursing, “WTF!!”

After great time, effort, and a whole lot of tears, I eventually managed to volunteer. And in the end, it was totally worth it… it truly changed my life.

Since then, my hope has been to help more people do the same. The challenge is, it remains too hard.

No doubt, part of this is on us… we live in a world that forever demands greater convenience. Without things served on a plate, we tend to lose patience. Case in point, 95% of people that say to me, “I want to do some good” never see it through.

But here’s the thing — it’s rarely the intent, rather, it’s the frustration of it being too hard to do. Again, bad websites, disparate information, way too much governance, and fees!

And that’s why gaggle exists… to make it easy to do good…. be a good doer if you will :)

Imagine you open an app, and just like Uber, you see a map of little floating objects. But instead of taxis, each object represents an opportunity to do some good. It could be painting a youth centre, working in a soup kitchen, keeping an elderly person company, planting a community garden… the opportunities will be endless.

…gaggle brings together people who really care for their community, making it really easy for them to have a positive impact.

Being kind isn’t hard — and so doing kind thing shouldn’t be either!

We are currently loading opportunities to do good onto our Reddit page (which is what we will use until we have built our app…minimum viable product taken to the extremes!)

If you have a project that does good, and you need people to help, you can create your own page. And if you want to do some good, you will find a bunch of opportunities where you can achieve your goal.

But our real ambition is to build the most beautiful app that provides millions of opportunities to do good. Watch this space for our upcoming crowd funding and crowd sourcing campaign to make this happen!

Brothers and sisters, be part of a gaggle

Much love, great peace

BW x

You can find us here :)