the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

0, Cellular Automata

Recently, I had been assigned a task that included coding up a few cellular automata — -“Ex Machina” initially fumbled into my mind like a baton in a relay exchange, and of course, vehemently accompanied with a few Gattaca scenes rushing clumsily behind — — contrary to my split-second pseudorandom word association, it’s a study of complexity via a relatively simple model: across a given lattice rests a collection of cells. The collection exhibits diverse behaviours that arise from the state of the cells. The state of each cell updates given a local precept; constant rule(s).

Cool?… good; just a brief top-down rundown of a cellular automaton.

2D example of a cellular automaton.

For each new time step some forms blip in and out of frame like twinkling starlight.

Gosper’s Glider Gun.

Clusters of dynamic patterns persist to the extent that they have earned themselves notoriety as categorical constructs to be studied.

All this variety, given all conditions kept constant bar the initial states; where each cell state can be as simple as some representation of either on or off (e.g. black or white pixels). Sigh, I could have maybe put more effort into that assignment.



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