Getting Started Guide (Global)

Welcome to Gaifong – Home of Item Rentals

Gaifong is a global movement of people who rent items to and from each other. So glad you can join!

  • Got spare gear at home? Earn hundreds each month by renting them out.
  • Need equipment or gear? Rent directly from a neighbour. Simply return when you’re done.

Claim $5 off your first rental

The offer is available in the following countries: Singapore, Canada, and Australia

  1. Find the item you need
  2. Send a booking request
  3. In the checkout screen, enter “RENTNOTBUY” to get $5 off your first rental.

Listing Items

The more items you list, the richer your Neighbourhood becomes, and the more opportunities you have. There are three main ways to list:

  1. Choose from Suggestions: Tap on the “add item” icon in your app, select “Choose from Suggestions” option.
  2. Upload a photo: Same as above, but choose “Take Photo”.
  3. Choose from phone gallery: Same as above, but choose “Choose Photo from Album”.

TIP: avoid using stock photos, as the chance of getting a request is much lower. Place your item next to the window — or better yet, outdoors — to ensure good lighting.

Renting an item

Gaifong is a treasure chest of other people’s gear and equipment. Here are some ways to find the item you need!

  1. Type in your search keyword in the top bar; or
  2. Browse items under categories; or
  3. Make a Wish! See section below

After you send your booking request, wait for the Owner to reply. After that, you’ll have the opportunity to chat privately about more details. TIP: You can cancel up to 24 hours before the rental start date, so it’s a good idea to send several requests to different people to ensure you get the best response.

A note on payments. All payments are processed electronically, just like booking an air ticket. When you book, you will be asked to enter your payment details. These are handled through a secure SSL connection and sent directly to the payments processor. Your details do not ever reach Gaifong’s servers. The security deposit is held on your card only, and not charged. It gets automatically released from your card after the item return date.

Invite your friends

The community grows only if you refer friends. When a friend you refer makes their first rental, both of you get $10 rental credits. Rack up enough credits, and your next rental could be FREE!

  1. Go to Account/Menu -> “Invite Friends”
  2. Copy and paste your Promo Code to your friends, or
  3. Send them the invite link directly

Secret weapon — Wish

Sometimes, you need something, but nobody in your city has listed it yet. What do you do? That’s why we created Wishes.

Making a Wish helps notify all your neighbours what item you need, whether it’s a superman costume or a professional drone camera. There are two ways to make a Wish

  1. Type in your search term in the search bar, and if the results are not what you want, tap on “Make a Wish”
  2. Go to Account/Menu -> “Wishes”, and make your Wishes there!

TIP: Fulfil others’ Wishes to earn points under our Rewards Programme! Make sure you do it often!

Communicating and Paying through Gaifong

Gaifong allows you to chat, book, and pay directly through the app, so that you don’t have to worry about the other party either running away with your money or with your item.

All payments on Gaifong are processed by Stripe, a bank-grade, top-security-level (PCI Level 1) payment processor.

Got questions?

Find the Contact Us section inside the app to chat with us! We’ll be with you as soon as possible. Meanwhile, please consult our FAQ for more information.

Or go here to start browsing items on Gaifong.