Introducing: Gaifong Rewards

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It’s official: Gaifong now has over $5,000,000 worth of items listed, thanks to each and every one of our members! From the smallest travel bluetooth speaker, to sophisticated 3D Printers, many in the community have listed their items and made their first transactions.

To reward our members for their courage in entering the Gaifong Movement, we are happy to launch the Gaifong Rewards programme, which can be enjoyed in each city we operate in.

Every time you complete a small action on Gaifong — whether it’s posting an item, referring a friend, fulfilling a Wish — you can earn badges and points. As you collect points, you get to level-up and work your way up the various reward Levels!

Here are a list of the first 5 levels you can attain. Rewards are giving out via email, so do make sure your email is up to date!

Make sure your email address is correct.

Level 1 (Newbie): 0–2 pts
Just getting started! Earn easy points with badges like Wanderer or Good Student.

Level 2 (Beginner): 3–9 pts
$20 rental credits off your next rental.

Level 3 (Apprentice): 10–79 pts
$50 rental credits off your next rental.

Level 4 (Warrior) 80–279 pts
$100 rental credits off your next rental.

Level 5 (Expert): 280–499 pts
$100 rental credits off your next rental.
Free T-shirt designed by Gaifong!

More levels to be announced in the coming weeks!

Next, check out our web catalogue to find an item you like!

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