Refer friends and double the happiness!

For each friend you invite, you both receive HK$50 free rental credits for your next rental

Gaifong Items-Sharing platform. Joy is better shared!

At Gaifong, we believe that when more people join, the more meaningful the community!

So every time you invite a friend and he or she rents something, both of you get HK$50 rental credits added to your accounts! If you rack up enough referrals, your next rental is practically free (there is no limit to how many friends you can invite). Here’s how:

How to find your referral code
1. Find referral code
Look under Menu (Android) / Account (iOS)
2. Pass your code to friends
Copy and paste to a convo, or share directly from app
3. Redeem on your next rental
When the friend accepts your invite and rents something, you will receive a notification. HK$50 will automatically added to your account.

TIP: Sending to your friends’ Whatsapp Groups is the best way to rack up rewards!

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