‘Gain DAO: an opportunity for ordinary people to plan for the future’

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Meet the Team: Hector Torres, Legal Advisor

Have you read about Gain DAO yet? This new kid on the block is a Hybrid Finance pioneer. Gain DAO is an Ether-based pool. It is powered by machine learning optimized trading tools and operating in traditional financial markets. Therefore Gain DAO utilizes Hybrid Finance to serve as a bridge between centralized and decentralized markets, therefore combining the best of both worlds. Visit our website for more information.

But who are the dreamers and the doers who built Gain DAO? Time to meet the members of Gain DAO’s core team! We will grill them about their ambitions, goals and visions for this HyFi pioneering force. This time we get to know Hector Torres Córdova, the legal advisor of Gain DAO. Hector is a lawyer specialized in Legaltech and Fintech. He has worked with various private and public institutions in financial inclusion projects and in the development of new products.

Nice to meet you, Hector! What is your role within Gain DAO?

To focus on good and safe compliance for the ecosystem of the Gain Token managers and investors. This involves taking care of the regulatory concerns, the drafting of contracts and the legaltech needed for the onboarding and Harvesting processes.

In what way did you influence Gain DAO?

I think that thanks to my influence nobody sees a legal matter as an obstacle in the way, but as a way to solidify the project. Also my influence is visible in the implemented legal design in all the areas that are meant to be shared with third parties.

Why did you decide to join Gain DAO?

Because it serves as a bridge between my professional expertise and my passion for technology. Furthermore, the team is incredible and we are multicultural. We have people frommore than ten different nationalities and with such varied backgrounds in multiple areas.

Could you describe Gain DAO in three key words? Why did you choose these words?

Transparent — Limitless — Opportunity. I chose them because Gain is created to give access to top of the edge tech. Gain DAO is open to everyone and fully adaptable to different tokens at any time.

What are your short term ambitions for Gain DAO?

My short term ambition is to consolidate Gain DAO as the best alternative to crypto investors, and as an opportunity for ordinary people to plan for the future.

What is your long term vision for Gain DAO?

In my long term vision, Gain DAO is a multi token investment ecosystem accessible to every person in the world, even to aliens.

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