‘Gain DAO will be the pioneer in this new financial movement’

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Getting to know the CCO of Gain DAO

Have you read about Gain DAO yet? This new kid on the block is a Hybrid Finance pioneer. Gain DAO is an Ether-based pool. It is powered by machine learning optimized trading tools and operating in traditional financial markets. Therefore, Gain DAO utilizes Hybrid Finance to serve as a bridge between centralized and decentralized markets, combining the best of both worlds. Visit GainDAO.io for more information!

But who are the innovators starting this new financial movement that built Gain DAO? Let us meet the members of Gain DAO’s core team! We will inquire about their ambitions, goals and visions for the future of Hybrid Finance.

This time we get to know Hunter Douglas Rogers, the Chief Commercial Officer of Gain DAO. Hunter is a professional social media marketing and business development specialist. He also has been educating people on the foreign exchange and cryptocurrency markets for over seven years.

Nice to meet you Hunter! What is your role within Gain DAO?

Hi there, my name is Hunter! I am the CCO of Gain DAO. My main focus at this time is to provide quality online marketing strategies as well as provide input to help with the overall business development.

In what way did you influence Gain DAO?

Influence is about being genuine. Influence is when you don’t talk and yet your words fill the room. When you are absent and yet your presence is felt everywhere. I believe with the Gain DAO team we all influence each other in positive ways. We are always getting everyone’s input, we care about each other, and we don’t like to move forward on a decision until everyone, not just the team, but the entire Gain DAO community is happy and in agreement.

I actively make sure to influence Gain DAO and the entire community with as much positivity and motivation as possible! I always have something fun and interesting to share. I believe it’s important for people to be motivated and excited for the future and I like to keep everyone informed about the amazing things that are in store for us all.

Why did you decide to join Gain DAO?

I have been trading and actively engaged in both the crypto and the foreign exchange markets for around 7 years now. After hearing about Gain DAO from a professional trader and investor friend of mine, I couldn’t help but reach out to the founder Robert McDonell to learn more. When I learned that there was a new cryptocurrency launching that is going to bridge centralized finance with decentralized finance and create a revolutionary new financial concept called Hybrid Finance or “HyFi”. That was when I just knew I had to be a part of this movement.

Could you describe Gain DAO in three key words? Why did you choose these words?

Decentralized Autonomous Organization! I chose these three words because it’s in the name: DAO. We believe in the democratic concepts of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations. It’s important for individuals within any community to be able to have their voices heard and for their opinions to matter and make a difference. Gain DAO’s community members can make proposals where everyone can vote on any changes they’d like to have implemented. This is a great way to keep an organization more decentralized, fair, and adaptable. Gain DAO is future proof because of its ability to always be growing and evolving.

What are your short term ambitions for Gain DAO?

My short term ambition for Gain DAO is to increase the awareness of our amazingly innovative project and introduce more people to Hybrid Finance. I think the whole world needs to learn and know about Hybrid Finance and what Gain DAO has to offer. Never before has there been a cryptocurrency that is bear market resistant for its token holders as well as can help other crypto companies to remain profitable during market declines. By simply holding GAIN, our native cryptocurrency token, the average return is about 3 to 6 percent a month.

What is your long term vision for Gain DAO?

My long term vision for Gain DAO is to make Hybrid Finance or “HyFi” a well known and massively adopted concept. I want to see other projects and financial companies start to follow in Gain DAO’s footsteps. Gain DAO will be the pioneers in this new financial movement that benefits everyone, no matter which direction the markets are moving. Up or down, there’s always money to be made.

Thank you for your time, Hunter!

To learn more about Gain DAO and how they are pioneering Hybrid Finance (HyFi), visit the links below and join the community on Telegram or Discord.

Website | Github | Twitter | Telegram | Discord | Facebook | Whitepaper



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