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‘I founded Gain DAO out of necessity’ — Getting to know Robert McDonell, the founder of Gain DAO

Have you read about Gain DAO yet? This new kid on the block is a Hybrid Finance pioneer. Gain DAO is an Ether-based pool. It is powered by machine learning optimized trading tools and operates in traditional financial markets. Therefore Gain DAO utilizes Hybrid Finance to serve as a bridge between centralized and decentralized markets, therefore combining the best of both worlds. Visit our website for more information.

But who are the dreamers and the doers who built Gain DAO? Let’s meet the members of Gain DAO’s core team and grill them about their goals and visions for this HyFi pioneering force. This time we get to know Robert McDonell, the founder of Gain DAO. Robert is a professional trader and market analyst with over ten years of practical experience in financial markets. He specializes in developing algorithmic trading strategies.

Nice to meet you, Robert. What is your role within Gain DAO?

As the founder of the Gain DAO project, my role is to make sure the Gain Train keeps rolling forward. Hybrid Finance is an innovative and much needed tool to bridge the gap between the shortcomings of DeFi and CeFi in order to create a truly novel value proposition.

In what way did you influence Gain DAO?

I am the founder of Gain DAO. So not only do I need to act as a driver and visionary to direct Gain DAO forward, I also need to balance the different personalities and strengths of each team member to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of our efforts as a team. It’s not an easy task, but it is one I absolutely love doing!

Why did you decide to found Gain DAO?

Out of necessity. I wanted a way to HODL my crypto but also receive an attractive return that wasn’t present in DeFi. It didn’t take me long to realize a bridge needed to be built. Introducing HyFi; a bridge between DeFi and CeFi.

Could you describe Gain DAO in three key words? Why did you choose these words?

Innovative, lucrative and dynamic.

Innovative because we are pioneering HyFi. Lucrative because our goal is to provide an attractive ROI (return on investment) in crypto and dynamic because we are a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization). We are always integrating the best in class trading technology, to propel the Pools forward.

What are your short term ambitions for Gain DAO?

To launch the Ether, Bitcoin and USD based pools.

What is your long term vision for Gain DAO?

Create a protocol level version of our bridge. This is Gain version 2.0.

Thank you for your time, Robert!

To learn more about Gain DAO and how we are pioneering HyFi, visit the links below and join our community on Telegram or Discord.

Website | Github | Twitter | Telegram | Discord | Facebook | Whitepaper




Gain DAO is the only professionally run Tokenized Wealth Pool, that creates an opportunity for high performance investors worldwide looking for passive ETH gains so that they can grow their ETH portfolio long-term.

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