GainPool — project update and MVP launch date

Georgi Hristov
Jun 14 · 4 min read

A Cross-Chain Gateway to Launchpads and Projects Private Rounds with Guaranteed Allocation, and a Unique Distribution Model.

It is time for the first GainPool project update on our Medium page.

Here, we’ll be looking to cover all the latest project developments and outline what is to come next for GainPool not only in terms of technical development perspective but also upcoming partnerships and collaboration that might further boost the utility of the GainPool ecosystem.

The recent market turmoil made it clear that we need to lower the barrier for access to the main launchpad platforms. People are not willing to spend thousands of their hard-earned funds to buy platform tokens just to see them decrease in value with the next market correction. And this without even being able to participate in an initial token distribution due to the rigorous whitelist requirements. Whales are often privileged, which makes it difficult for the average Joe to get his hands on the projects he likes and wants to support.

That is why, we at GainPool, were working tirelessly in the background to make our product even better.

As you probably know already from our social media interactions, GainPool is a user-friendly blockchain ecosystem that aims to provide the needed support for curated projects while offering top-notch benefits for $GAIN stakers through in-house protocols.

The main goal in front of GainPool is to provide all market participants with fair access to pool funding in a new type of ecosystem that offers fast and easy access to project fundraising pools in a timely, responsible, and sustainable way.

GainPool looks to minimize the risk of artificial barriers to early-stage participation on all project funding levels — seed rounds, private and presale, strategic alliance, and public sale. This is the so-called Direct access participation on GainPool.

There is also Indirect access participation or Launchpads Aggregation where GainPool acts as a locum in the launchpads ecosystem to gain access to the best deals in the market offering them to $GAIN token holders.

We will be issuing a separate article to list all the user benefits of holding the $GAIN token, but the most important part is that the allocation will be guaranteed for holders on all tier plans.

GainPool Community Launchpad. Our company introduces a community-driven Launchpad called GPad to provide all-in-one full support for curated projects and to offer more benefits to the GainPool community. Please refer to the official whitepaper document for more details about this groundbreaking feature.

You can read more about this and many other features offered by GainPool on our social media platforms linked at the end of this article or by visiting

Development update

MVP Launch date

At this stage, users can start filling the private sale interest form on our webpage. Everyone can fill for private sale allocation and wait for KYC approval as per the standard regulatory requirements.

We are in the process of onboarding industry-leading KYC partners to offer full-service KYC support for GainPool and future projects on GainPool.

Partnerships and collaborations

More sustainable partnerships are coming in the days and weeks ahead.

Expect high-profile PR releases on mainstream media (including Yahoo Finance and Yahoo news with other top media) in the next few days to widen the awareness of GainPool.

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Community Driven Multi-Chain IDO/TGE platform with Launchpad Aggregation, Unique Distribution Model, and more.

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Community Driven Multi-Chain IDO/TGE platform with Launchpad Aggregation, Unique Distribution Model, and more.