GPad — the GainPool Community Launchpad

Georgi Hristov
Jun 21 · 4 min read

After reviewing some of the main features of GainPool, it is time for us to dive deeper into one of the most promising and innovative parts of the ecosystem — the GainPool Community Launchpad or GPad.


One of the most captivating benefits of blockchain technology, in general, is its accessibility. Bitcoin was built as a next-generation tool to challenge the downsides of traditional finance and help the unbanked gain access to funds that can be used to support their personal and business interests. Now there are tens of blockchain ecosystems in existence with hundreds of projects launching on them every day. In theory, it shouldn’t be a problem for the average Joe from the so-called Third World to gain access to whichever project.

The reality, however, is different and it is clearly visible how the well-known launchpads and project incubators are more interested in whales and big stack individuals rather than the small fish in the sea. It is quite common for influencers and big accounts on the leading trading platforms or Crypto Twitter to receive a guaranteed allocation in exchange for promoting a particular coin or launchpad. This concentrates a lot of resources in the hands of a small group of people who dictate the market trends and directions.

As mentioned on our Whitepaper (which is available for everyone on the official webpage), GainPool aims to facilitate decentralized access to collective sources of funding and reduce the risk of centralized special interest groups.

Enter GPad

The GainPool Community Launchpad is a community-driven Launchpad that provides all-in-one full support for curated projects thus offering even more benefits to the GainPool community. It is yet another great way for our supporters to make the most of their $GAIN tokens.


The main purpose of the launchpad is to launch vetted projects to the community and provide the projects with strategic full-service marketing support.

Additionally, GPad aims to use the Token Distribution Events (TDE) mechanism.

Both of these features will heavily benefit the GainPool community as members will be among the first to learn about every GPad initiative.

The launchpad will be compatible with the leading ecosystems — Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polkadot, which will significantly widen its reach.


Curated projects will gain access to the GPad Fund or GFund where they can receive financial support for up to $40,000 in stablecoins (USDC, USDT, or DAI), ETH, or BTC.

Alternatively, the curated projects can also apply for “Crypto Give Out” grant program for up to $20,000 in $GAIN, USDC or USDT


GPAD follows the exact same staking requirements that are applicable to $GAIN holders for the Direct and Indirect access participation programs which mean guaranteed allocation coming from the three official Tiers.

The more $GAIN tokens you stake, the higher your allocation size.

1 to 4% of the curated projects token supply will airdrop to the $GAIN holders, hence provide even more benefits to the community.

More updates in regard to the requirements for the GFUND, Crypto Give Out Grants and Airdrops to be shared in the coming weeks.


As previously mentioned, we at GainPool have a 6-member vetting team that will be doing thorough research before approving a particular project for launchpad participation. Two members come from the core team, two members from the community, and two members from the advisory board/legal. Each member has the right to bring one project every 12 months. More details can be seen in the official whitepaper.


GainPool Community Launchpad will present an improved whitelisting that will make the overall token launch process smoother and less stressful for participants.

There will be 24 hours hassle-free whitelisting and acceptance processes for all qualified $GAIN holders. Projects will have up to 72 hours to ensure effective processes and responses to all participants. There will be no GAS wars and no First Come, First Serve (FCFS). Earlier KYC will be done to prevent KYC system issues during the listing process.

With GPad, the GainPool team is looking to fill some well-known gaps in established launchpads and give users what they need — fast and easy access to project fundraising pools, to diversified and verified projects in the seed and presale stages in a timely, responsible, and sustainable way.

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