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2key — Telegram AMA — December 26

On Thursday December 26, we had the pleasure to welcome to our Telegram chat:

eiTan, CTO and

Erez, co-founder of 2key Network.

We asked them questions about the development of 2key.

Some sentences have been slightly edited for readability, but the meaning has been conserved.


Q — Alexandre R from GAINS: Can you introduce yourselves and tell us what your role is at 2key?

A — eiTan | from 2key:

I’m eiTan, CTO.

AErez | from 2key:

Im Erez, I’m the CEO co-founder of

Q — Alexandre R from GAINS: Can you tell us what you did before 2key and how you got into crypto?

A — eiTan | from 2key:

I’ve been building the core technologies for globally disruptive startups since 2010, so far full time for Medcpu, Wochit and Keywee, all successful and considered global leaders in their domains. Before that I was studying computer science, engineering and doing brain research. I also have many other tales to tell.

Crypto for me is another word for transforming the human web from a 0 to a 1 sum game, and I’ve been long researching this. I even wrote a white paper about this way back in 2009, mostly from a biomimicry perspective, as distributed networks are the best ones to perform in nature.

Here’s a little blast from the past, one of the first whitepapers I wrote to governments discussing the need to transform the human web to a decentralized organism.

AErez | from 2key:

I was working in finance for almost a decade, and 6 years ago I followed my passions: tech and innovation. I was working for a few years as an online marketer, and had my own company, helping SMBs mostly. Then, I dealt a lot with building online products and marketing at William Hill.

I was always fascinated by blockchain and the ideals behind it, as an environmental activist for many years. I found crypto to maybe be a solution to many of the world’s problems, and I want to spend my time in that space from now and as long as I can imagine myself here :)

Q — Alexandre R from GAINS: Can you explain what 2key is in a simple way?

A — eiTan | from 2key: 2key enables anyone to earn reputation and money for selectively sharing links online. It’s a new way for all of us to regain ownership over the information flowing through us online. That means responsibility for being selective in sharing information, but also the power to monetize the value of that information. Information carried by links always carries some financial value. When you share an article you read, you create value for that site. 2key enables a new way for all of us to earn our fair share for sharing.

This is intuition and inspiration from the human brain. Each brain cell is tasked with receiving about 10K signals a second, and by selectively choosing when to pass on that information and to which other cells in their network, a multi-step referral information network emerges in the mind. 2key is about doing the same, but on the human scale. It’s the physiological, organic substrate of the architecture schema on which we based our system. Distributed multi-step information relay networks in nature have the power to emerge new phenomena and network computational complexities. We have built 2key to allow this to emerge on the human scale.

AErez | from 2key: The 2key network is a decentralized referral network that helps people, businesses and organizations reach their ideal customers and spark action. It works by giving people the opportunity to directly exchange actionable links with campaigns for products, services or events that they recommend.

When a campaign they shared generates results, the link automatically goes back and rewards every person who shared it. Letting referrers share the success of the campaigns they share is a proven way of generating organic online virality, and because the rewards to referrers are only distributed AFTER the campaign generates results, creating a campaign is risk-free, making it the perfect tool for small businesses and solopreneurs to grow their business.

We have a live test-net on Ropsten since July, and next month we will deploy 2key network on the Ethereum man-net!

Q — Telegram user Errol: How did you choose/end up with the name “2key”?

A — eiTan | from 2key: 2key is a key which unlocks value for any 2 sides holding it. It’s a new kind of link for the web that unlocks value whenever it’s shared to both sides, both the sender and the receiver.

Q — Telegram user Joy Ico: What are your team’s core values? What’s in your opinion the key mindset to fulfill your dreams, objectives and bring about a successful project like 2key? Can you enlighten us on your life experience and motivations that lead you to be where you are?

A — eiTan | from 2key: There are no limits and no corners in life. Whenever you think you see a block, a wall, a corner, look closer, you will see it continues. There is always a way. Do you have the will? That is the only question. We have the will to go the distance. We have the will not only to talk the talk, but to walk the wall. Where there is a will, there is a way. We’re but a small part in a much larger revolution to evolve the human network into a peer 2 peer network, a web of equal peers creating new network phenomena. It’s going to be an amazing decade, and an amazing journey. It is on everyone, all of us, to get up and become proactive again. The days of reactive, lazy scrolling on information feeding farms should be replaced with a proactive web of equal stakeholders, and this transformation of the web from users to masters. It’s a great life journey for anyone alive today; we’re in it, all in.


Q — Telegram user Groooot: What are the utilities of 2key token in your ecosystem? Should we get any fees discounts or something?

AErez | from 2key: 2key token is the default reward for referrers. Although they can choose to claim DAI instead, we will incentivize them to keep their 2key tokens. Besides that, 2key is correlated to your reputation on the platform, and will have in total more than 12 different use cases! Some are published and others will be during the next year. We are inspired by many other great projects that have created a great utility for their tokens, and we took ideas from some of the best out there. You can read more on the 2key token page.

Q — Telegram user Red Z: Why do you think there is a need for a platform like 2key in the crypto ecosystem?

AErez | from 2key: When we started 2key, we discovered an empty niche: referrals solutions for businesses worldwide. They just don’t have any solution on the market! Everything out there is just too expensive or complex, and the same. As Airbnb and Uber and Dropbox have a referral program, your yoga teacher or plumber wouldn’t mind having one, or even bigger businesses! We understood that by using Blockchain and smart contracts we can bring an amazingly innovative solution that will apply for many users, won’t cost almost anything, will be trustless, innovative and will help redistribute wealth. We know that 2key network will benefit many!

Q — Telegram user Violet: Is 2key different from Affiliate Marketing? What is the mechanism to encourage people to join the 2key network?

A — eiTan | from 2key: We want to do to affiliate marketing what Airbnb did to hotels. We want to take referral marketing to the next level, and instead of having B2B solutions which never give the referrers their true power, we want to build an actual economy where reputation is the underlying asset — reputation meaning social capital relating to each participant’s ability to faithfully serve their peers with relevant information relay. We want to bring the ability for everyone to do referrals for anything, on the fly, as part of native web experience. And for that we need an open network, a Global Referral Network, and a multi-step referral network at that, which means it’s no longer about signing specific contracts and working at that with so many preknowledges and setups like in affiliation, but also not just getting some discount from a big company like referring a friend for Uber, but to actually allow human networks to form ad-hoc to allow any business to grow.

Q — Telegram user Red Z: 2key roadmap started in Q2/2017 and the token has not been launched yet. How much progress you’ve completed in 2key platform development?

A — eiTan | from 2key: Well we had to invent most of the infrastructure, as well as develop the product on top of it. The production deployment is only happening now, as we speak, this is why the tokens have not been released. They simply didn’t exist on main net.

Q — Twitter user @oka_bara: Why are 2key’s Smart Links, which enable a project’s supporter to directly share the rewards of a marketing or fundraising goal, a superior and more cost effective method than traditional advertising or promotion?

A — eiTan | from 2key: Facebook makes all of its money from target audience discovery. 2key allows human networks to perform target audience discovery, and unlike other robotic platforms, where businesses pay only when a business result they define occurs, they pay only what they set to pay in advance and they pay their supporters/clients/customers/fans instead of Facebook and Google robots. 2key enables a social revenue share model which can be used to harness human networks to grow any type of business. It’s built to empower humans, not bots.

Also, for businesses starting with a small sourcing seed of supporters/fans/clients, the unique multi-step tracking abilities of 2key enables them to start with a small seed and still expand to any required target audience and also empowers “Social Sourcing” which incentivizes the formation of ad-hoc social networks for target audience discovery, therefore driving business results.

Q — Twitter user @daphuyen: With partners like Metamask and Ledger, why is 2key issuing its own wallet?

A — eiTan | from 2key: 2key is built to allow (A) accessibility and (B) scalability for smart contracts. This is why our protocol embeds smart contracts into HTTP. Part of our requirements as we defined them is ZERO Integration. This means a no plug-ins, no installs, no code integration, and completely self serve solution.

All everyone needs to use 2key is just a web browser and an internet connection (and we’re working to eliminate the second condition)

2key links contain 2 hashes, the first hash is called the code hash — it tells the browser where from decentralized storage (IPFS) to download the JS and TS code required to transform the browser into a decentralized node in the multi-party-state-network running that specific campaign. Instead of IPFS, we could simply transmit the JS and TS code via Bluetooth and other device to device protocols, allowing 2key campaigns to spread by close proximity of user devices.

Metamask and Ledger are for more advanced users, but our main focus is on enabling mass adoption, and this means no barriers to entry.

AErez | from 2key: That’s a good question and the reason is very simple. We always see ourselves as a project that will help bring mass adoption to crypto. Therefore, we want to remove as many obstacles as possible, and we found out that in order to bring people from outside crypto, you need to have zero barriers. Asking users to open a wallet on a third party just to use your product, is a HUGE obstacle. 2key will be a 1 stop shop for the ultimate referral solution in crypto and beyond, but we will support other wallets in the future as well (like Trezor etc.)

Q — Telegram user Erven James Sato: Advertising on the web is highly opaque and non-transparent. How will 2key solve this, and how will 2key generate the value to people other than link owners and publishers (traffic sources) as it currently exists?

A — eiTan | from 2key: Well this is exactly what 2key solves. In each campaign there’s a completely transparent referral map that shows exactly how the links sharing map grows in real time. Each participant sees the map from themselves onwards, and the contractor (the one originating the campaign) sees it all. Just check it out on our test net, there are many running contracts and campaigns, ask someone for a link, share it and test it out. You see everything — you can’t get more transparent than that.

The incentive model is exactly about that, every campaign pays referral fees to all participants who share successfully and are able to drive the required results for that campaign.

Q — Telegram user Dun- Devloper NG: Why hasn’t 2key been applied on a large scale? What restricts its development?

AErez | from 2key: Although we started the project in mid-2017, we cleared our current path only last year. Finding real use cases and needs in crypto that can work out is not easy. We discovered, like many other projects that developing on top of Ethereum is really “not easy”, and just takes a lot of time. The security needed is just much higher as we deal with money, so we spent many months making our contracts and security stronger. As of today, we have a pretty solid and strong team, and our execution speed is better than ever.

Q — Telegram user Sukanya: What types of decentralized applications does 2key cater to in the gaming sector or something like financial applications?

AErez | from 2key: We now try to generalize the network so it will support any use case. CPC is the first. Later, we will have an open API so we can onboard much more use cases and clients (like gaming).


Q — Telegram user Elly: Will 2key network have its own blockchain? Why? If yes, what will be the unique features & its algorithm?

AErez | from 2key: No, 2key is a layer 2 protocol on top of the second biggest Blockchain in the world: Ethereum (second layer: no need to pay for gas when tracking our smart links, it all happens on HTTP). Try it here:

Q — Twitter user @NguyenQ32225128: Why is 2key building on ETH and not another faster chain?

A — eiTan | from 2key: We’ll be building 2key on the most decentralized virtual machine with developer and user traction, and currently, that’s Ethereum. We’ve built the 2key protocol exactly to allow scalability over a truly decentralized layer1 blockchain. Just for comparison, EOS is not a decentralized solution, it’s just AWS rebranded. You have only 2 full nodes there, and even those are permissioned. When you go to value any project, always look for decentralization as a measure of KPI. That’s the one and only killer feature.

AErez | from 2key: Why Ethereum?

2key is dedicated to staying at the forefront of web 3.0 and helping to move forward the decentralization movement. So when we tested the different blockchains for building the 2key network, we were naturally drawn to the Ethereum network due to its amazing community of builders, innovators and revolutionaries. We’re proud to be part of the second largest blockchain in the world. At the same time, we’re also working hard to give the 2key network the ability to support as many cryptographic tokens as possible. Our vision is that participants on the network will be able to get the token of their choice on the network, exchanging them in real time through atomic swaps.

Q — Telegram user NasdaQ Ryong: What is the major difference between centralized web & decentralized web?

A — eiTan | from 2key: A centralized web is one in which central servers act as masters, and the rest of us act as slaves (clients). All the value floats to the central servers, and users are just the product which makes all the money for the big servers. A decentralized web transforms humanity into a 1 sum game. It creates a network effect of economic value by forming a social economic network which grows in value the more each participant makes more money from the platform. It allows models where users become masters, and instead of having other central servers making money off of users, the users now make money by serving each other in a master-to-master, peer-to-peer network. It’s a huge difference, and one of the biggest transformations to occur in human history.

Q — Telegram user Apple: Can you highlight more the decentralization aspect of using your technology. Also in the future, is it possible to quantify the level of decentralization and economic incentivization?

AErez | from 2key: I would say that 2key is about 95% decentralized these days, except for our plasma layer and a few AWS servers we use to deliver a better UI and UX, faster and more stable. The rest is happening from smart contracts deployed on the Ethereum blockchain and EVM and 2key smart links are working on top of your HTTP browser, so they don’t need to talk with anyone to activate. Our goal in about 2 years’ time is to deliver a 100% decentralized network, that will work with full correlation to the 2key token and will be immutable.

Q — Telegram user Infinite Crypto: What are the benefits and needs of decentralization in the current market?

A — eiTan | from 2key: In 2key network, anyone who shares a link is a decentralized peer in a distributed network, and as such, every user isn’t some slave in a server-client application, but an equal stakeholder or partner in an economy. The major difference is that this allows a new kind of network effect to emerge, that is, a network effect of value. Think about what could happen if all the billions of people who use Facebook were offered to actually earn together with Facebook just being a substrate. Think about what kind of crazy network effect that could give rise to. A decentralized human network which self-serves, can give rise to a global economy which benefits all participants. This can only occur if the economy is actually decentralized and the interest is shared and spread across the network, and does not just lie in the bank of one central entity company “serving” all the little users.

Q — Telegram user Julye: In your field, I have seen many projects that attract users but fail because they are not suitable for Web 2.0. blockchain or are not truly decentralized. How will 2key solve these issues?

A — eiTan | from 2key: We have developed the 2key protocol, which allows playing out of smart contracts using browsers. As we advance the protocol, more and more of the transactions in the smart contracts can be played out purely on the 2key protocol without requiring the users to open a wallet, or have ETH etc. We’re working very hard to make the blockchain side embedded in the current standard of experience so that users don’t get blocked by the pains of the underlying heavy infrastructure. That’s the entire point why we worked so hard to bring web 3.0 natively into web browsers and HTTP, instead of trying to bring users into web 3.0.

Q — Telegram user S.A.M. Crypto Trader: Can you explain the main benefits of binding smart contracts into normal HTTP web links?

A — eiTan | from 2key: HTTP allows information relay, but Smart Contracts allow economic models. embedding the 2 allow us to embed economic models into links and link sharing. Smart Links allow regular links to become aware from who and to whom they are shared online, and to also measure what economic value is generated from the link sharing, and then share back some of that value with all those who helped the link find its target audience.

Q — Telegram user Olexander🇺🇦: Can you explain what 2key’s role is in web 3.0? Why does 2key want to create a web 3.0 platform. Why not use the current web 2.0?

A — eiTan | from 2key: Web 3.0 is for allowing a formation of an actually distributed global economy. 2key only works if it becomes a social economic network of equal stakeholders, where everyone takes TRUE ownership over the information flowing through them. This requires the distributed mechanisms which blockchain allows. Also, Smart Contracts are required in order to allow economic models, and for 2key to work we needed to be able to embed economic models into the links themselves. In today’s web, all tracking is done on the siloed sites of private domains. With 2key, we are migrating the tracking of the web from private sites, to the links themselves, which allows re-tasking of target audience discovery from centralized providers like Facebook, to the human web itself.

Q — Telegram user zafer metin: How does the AI-supported algorithm in 2key Network’s reputation system detect spam shares?

A — eiTan | from 2key: There’s no AI yet. We plan to form a field called Game Theory AI, but it requires data to get acquired. Once we’re out about 1–2 years we’ll be able to start building dynamic incentive models. For now we have an algorithmic-game theory model which was developed on top of the most advanced science currently known in the field. You can check it out on our site. We still haven’t implemented it, as it requires substantial resources, but the model is completely outlined. This entire area of honing a general incentive model for online sharing is going to be a long journey. For now we’re starting with 3 basic vanilla incentive model, and a very interesting manual incentive model which allows users to self sort how much they want to keep as reward and how much to pay forward, it’s very interesting and will allow us to gather data towards building the ML models.


Q — Telegram user FOREST™: What is your plan to SURVIVE in the blockchain market in the long-term? Due to bear market conditions, many coin/token prices have dropped considerably.

AErez | from 2key: We have chosen to wait with the token release until the moment we have a LIVE product on main net with users! This is unprecedented in the crypto space, so 2key will have users and organic demand for its token from day 1! We don’t want to be affected by the bear market. We want to show that if you have a great product, you can ignore the market sentiment and maybe even lead it up!

Business Development

Q — Telegram user zafer metin: In the next 5 years, how do you think Smart Links will give growth to organizations and charities?

AErez | from 2key: We believe it will give great value to about anyone! If you can track information online, and reward people for sharing it, you can just remove one huge middle man, the biggest traffic marketplaces in the world, like Google and Facebook, and give back some of the money to the people ;)

Q — Telegram user Teshia gates: When is 2key planning to launch its mainnet platform and mainnet tokens? What products does the 2key ecosystem currently have and what products are being developed?

A — eiTan | from 2key: We’re launching main-net as we speak. The main-net version is undergoing regression tests. We hope to announce the release and open it up for the public in about 1–2 weeks.

There’s also an internal circulation mechanism, which means even after production launch, 2key tokens will not leave the internal circulation within the network of 2key smart contracts. Currently the public release date, in which 2key tokens will open up to be withdrawn to private wallets, is April 1, 2020. But this date may change to be sooner, depending on market conditions. Stay tuned.

AErez | from 2key: Main-net will come next month, but it will be limited to 20 launch partners that will run a campaign from 2key’s first 2 verticals - Tokens and donations. After that, we will launch something much BIGGER — CPC product, where anyone can transform any HTTP link to a 2key smart link in seconds, track its distribution path and reward people for getting clicks (views) for their links.

Q — Telegram user Nam Bấy Bì — Happy christmas: How do you plan to show the world that your product is not just another useless blockchain solution to a non-existing problem? How do you plan to explain such technical topics to a wider audience?

A — eiTan | from 2key: The general user doesn’t care about blockchain. They care about getting a new utility that wasn’t possible before. 2key simply enables users everywhere to earn money in a new way. It’s a gig economy thing. Just like people have a car, and then Uber came and they could use it in a new way. Just so, people have web browsers, friends, social networks and a bit of free time, now they can use it to earn income.

Q — Telegram user Edgardo Tico: What are some upcoming updates and developments of 2key network to look forward to?

AErez | from 2key: We are releasing videos of how to use the network these days. Please follow our telegram group for updates, and in about 6 weeks or so, we will have the CPC product which will probably be exactly what you need!

Q — Telegram user S.A.M. Crypto Trader: What’s the main vision or plans of the 2Key project for the project’s future development? Which type of changes are you trying to bring through the 2Key project?

A — eiTan | from 2key: Our vision is that global financial inclusion can breed global financial and economic sustainability. 2key takes the business model of Facebook, which generates tens of billions of dollars in profit a year from target audience discovery, and opens that up so that all of humanity can benefit from earning that money for providing that same service. We’re taking a business model that is entirely central and streams all the money to one company, and opening it up for everyone to serve and benefit.

Q — Telegram user Quiller: How will 2key expand in the future regarding team members? What is your community building plan?

AErez | from 2key: We grow as we can, and we always put more focus on quality and not quantity, while trying to move as fast as we can. I believe that next year we will have at least 1000 campaigns on the platform, and I will be happy if our team grows by 10 more members. This will be a great achievement for us :)

Q — Telegram user Joy Ico: How would you bring real-world use case to 2key? What can we expect from 2key in the next 2–3 years?

A — eiTan | from 2key: We already have quite a few businesses waiting to use this, and the list is growing weekly. With this first version on main-net going live now, anyone will be able to create campaigns to sell tokens (anything tokenized like art, securities, real-estate, ICOs etc.), and to also create donation campaigns. We already have quite a few charities waiting to run actual campaigns on the live system.

We’ll be coming out with link sharing campaigns. Anyone will be able to create campaigns to incentivize distributing any URL/link/content or host the content on the 2key app and distribute it. After that will be web 2.0 conversions — a vertical which we also already have a lot of demand for from actual partners — to allow creating 2key campaigns for driving conversions on web 2.0 sites which aren’t connected to blockchain at all.

Thanks a lot for coming guys. The questions were great and the answers very insightful. 2key’s project is very clear (unlike many in crypto lol) and I particularly like that you have a broader vision about how it could change our society from the current big centralized social networks who get most of the profits thanks to our human interactions to sharing the value where it is created! — Alexandre R from GAINS

I invite you all to check our website for more info. We have a monthly newsletter you can subscribe too

We also have a Telegram news channel with 2–3 news a week, together with our main Telegram group. Beside those, we have a pretty big Blog, and YouTube channel, so you can learn about us in many ways!

We will announce a HUGE contest with great prizes next week. It will be our biggest ever, where we will invite people to create campaigns and smart links and win 2Key, DAI and T-shirts.

Follow us for updates on that. Try 2key network on test net!

It has 2 verticals already- Tokens and Donations. Start from this link 🤓🌟
— Erez | from 2key

Keep on questioning, keep on researching. Be proactive. The dreams that have brought us all here are true. But making them a reality is a long journey, a long and hard road to walk, just as any global revolution ever was, just that this is an actual global revolution in a scale never seen before. It’s going to be grand. Hope to see everyone here take part in forming the new human web. When the transition is all said and done, I promise you, it will be totally worth all the hardships. Forget about the USD to whatever rates. The true changes are happening on the ground, look for them — it’s a new world, and it’s up to us to conquer it. It’s not another server client application — this new web will only grow as much as we participate — proactively. We’re the new masters; we need to learn how to act like it, on a global scale.

Remember, this all isn’t just a dream we all had. The hope is real, and opportunity is real. The potential is real: a new web for the people and by the people. Believe it, and be ready to fight for it. This is going to be a historic decade. See you all on the other side of the NEW YEAR. — eiTan | from 2key

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