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Alien Worlds — Telegram AMA — March 02

On Tuesday, March 02, we had the pleasure to welcome to our Telegram chat:

Rob Allen, Founder, and
Morty, Game Designer.

We asked them questions about the development of the Alien Worlds.

Some sentences have been slightly edited for readability but the meaning has been conserved.


Alien Worlds is an NFT Defi metaverse game where players can earn Trilium (TLM) for mining and have a chance to mine an NFT game card each time they mine. The DeFi Metaverse is a blockchain-based game and is free to play for anyone.

Trilium can be used to stake to one or more of six planets and register as a candidate to become a planetary councilor and potentially rule the planet.

Players can acquire NFTs to mine TLM, engage in battles, and complete in-game quests. Players may also engage in governance by electing the Councillors of six Planet DAOs and thereby influence the direction of the game.

TLM tokens are the currency in Alien Worlds. Players require TLM to purchase and upgrade items, participate in quests and battles, and other in-game-related activities.


Q — Ayeley Commodore-Mensah from GAINS: Let’s hear a bit about you. What did you do before crypto and did you have any other previous venture in crypto?

A — Morty from Alien Worlds: My name is Pramod. I go by the name Morty in many crypto groups on Discord and Telegram. I am a game designer by profession and a graphic artist. I’ve been a part of the Alien Worlds team right from its inception.

My past experiences have been in designing rules, levels, and economies for mobile and pc games. My contributions to Alien Worlds have been mainly in the area of design, creating NFT art, and managing a team of external developers to ensure product delivery on time.

Concerning crypto, I’ve also been the launch team member of eosDAC, a community-owned EOS block producer and DAC/DAO enabler and that’s where I met my Alien Worlds team members.

A — Rob from Alien Worlds: I’m Rob — Before Crypto, I spent over 20 years in software development, project management, and other cutting-edge technology projects in many countries. I was the founder of a project called eosDAC which managed the first airdrop onto the EOS distribution and chain and operates as a BP there. On Alien Worlds, I handle a lot of creative direction and gamification.

About Alien Worlds

Q — Ayeley Commodore-Mensah from GAINS: What is Alien Worlds about in a few simple sentences?

A — Rob from Alien Worlds: One way to view Alien Worlds is that it is a simulation of a new future where humans have had to leave earth (pandemics, climate change, etc..) and set up on Alien worlds. In this new reality, we have competing planets, and everything it’s tokenized, in NFT form, from the tools people use to the minions they add to their crew to the land they mine. The first thing people are doing is mining for the provable rare Trilium which forms the basis of the economy. There are also these decentralized aspects where each planet runs as a DAO and all landowners have the opportunity to set things up.

One key thing about Alien worlds is the low barriers to entry and play to earn (Trilium) — we think it is probably the easiest onboarding of any blockchain game and there are largely feeless transactions.

A — Morty from Alien Worlds: Alien Worlds is an NFT DeFi metaverse where NFT collectibles have utility in-game and are fully user-owned and use both WAX (as layer 2) and Ethereum blockchain

Alien Worlds features 6 planets DAOs into space where they compete for control of TLM. Landowners in Alien Worlds compete or come in allegiance with other landowners to make their land most attractive to miners who mine TLM and NFTs. Miners continuously keep discovering new mining strategies to optimize their mining efforts.

Q — Ayeley Commodore-Mensah from GAINS: For how long have you been working on the project? And how many people are on the team?

A — Morty from Alien Worlds: I think it was March 2020 or early April 2020, when I got introduced to the project. Rob, Saro, and Michael had the idea going for quite some time, wasn’t it?

We started with a team of 4 and have now grown to over 20 odd people helping us in various domains. Most of our team now were first our community members.

A — Rob from Alien Worlds: I first started thinking about the concept back at the end of 2019, It’s changed a lot since then, especially when my co-founders, including Pramod, started to take up the idea and turn it into this thing it is now.

We probably have about 10 people working on it full time at the moment — it varies a lot but we also have a lot of other people doing gig tasks.

Q — Ayeley Commodore-Mensah from GAINS: For someone new to NFTs, how will this person interact with the platform? Are there any special skills needed?

A — Rob from Alien Worlds: We really have built this with easy onboarding in mind

You just need to sign up for a wax cloud wallet ( which is a 2 click process and then go to

We give you a free avatar and a free shovel to get going — many of our community members also help new people with free items.

A — Morty from Alien Worlds: As Rob mentioned, Alien Worlds has a very low entry barrier and this has been our focus right from the beginning. Someone new to the NFT space or even to blockchain space will find themselves right at home if they had some exposure to mobile games/pc games. The blockchain layer for the players is almost non-existent.

Q — Twitter user @RosemaryT08: I already started playing Alien Worlds and I got so many NFTs. but 80% of them still don’t function as the NFT hero, weapon, and minion character. Could you explain how it actually works? What’s so special about “SHINE”?

A — Rob from Alien Worlds: Weapons and minions will be utilized as soon as the Thunderdome opens — they will also be utilized in quests. Things are still very early in Alien Worlds but all NFTs have a purpose in the grand plan and everything will fit together. Shine effectively means upgrade and some people may well want a rarer and higher stat item

A — Morty from Alien Worlds: The MVP version of the game offers mining, staking, and shining, setting land commission for landowners. These features only make use of the Avatar, Tools, and Land type NFTs. With the release of the fighting game The Thunderdome, you will be able to equip your minions with weapons and send them to battle with other minions in a Battle Royale style game, where only 1 minion comes out victorious.

This post details how the Thunderdome battles will function.

Q — Twitter user @Cristubista: I think it is an excellent approach for your game. However I would like to know, how deep is this integration of the blockchain in your game? Does it only work for NFT trading or does the entire metaverse in general work via blockchain?

A — Morty from Alien Worlds: Every aspect of Alien Worlds is on-chain. Using WAX blockchain as our L2 solution allows us to have near-instant and fee-less transactions which make it possible to have all actions on-chain, NFTs, and game logic included.

A — Rob from Alien Worlds: Currently just about everything is on-chain (unlike most blockchain games). Due to this, we have over a million transactions going through a day. This makes just about everything transparent and opens up all sorts of great 3rd party data sites. Going forward most actions will be on-chain but there is some more advanced logic that will not be on-chain (e.g, fighting simulations) and which will be handled through deterministic random seeds.

Q — Telegram user Amina Peter: Alien Worlds combines NFTs, Defi, and DAOs into one. What is your main aim for this combination? As a landowner in Alien Worlds, in what ways can I make my land very attractive to miners who mined TLM and NFTs?

A — Morty from Alien Worlds: Alien Worlds offers mining (farming), staking for rewards and governance, (upon Planet’s custodian decision when we release planetary governance soon). These have been the most common characteristics and grassroots of any Defi projects that are out there.

As a landowner, you can make your land attractive by offering a competitive commission rate and external NFTs or maybe some of your own creations. A community member offers a service called AW Buttler, allowing landowners to drop external NFTs on people mining on their lands. This resource is a great start.

Q — Telegram user ꧁ ᒍᑌᗩᑎ ᔕᗩᑎᗪOᐯᗩᒪ ꧂: Are there any unowned land left, and how much land does the team own? By switching to DAO, won’t it turn out that the person who owns the land has no right to vote at all? Now there are accounts with more than 30 lands. The minimum price of land on the market is $ 250. I am willing to pay it, but for that, I must be sure that in the end, the whales will not eat me.

A — Rob from Alien Worlds: The team account owns 95 lands out of the 3343 Lands and team members own up to 50 lands. Currently, there are still over 500 lands unopened. The Landowners actually have some veto rights over planetary elements that affect them, but there will be many interesting dynamics at that level. The land is a key feature of alien worlds and it will probably always be a barrier to entry to that side of the game but there is a lot of gamification around land coming which may make some people concentrate on smaller land holdings with greater attention rather than largely neglected landholdings.

Q — Telegram user aliando mustofa: Are you a global project? Can anybody use your services from anywhere?

Rob Allen: Yes, but for the time being a lot of content is only in English — we plan to make it more internationalized with a UI redesign.

Q — Telegram user Femi Oyinloye: How was Alien World able to become the biggest blockchain in the market, how does this happen, can you share it with us?

A — Rob from Alien Worlds: We have a strong focus on easy onboarding and making free-to-play a reality. Our community focus also helps to get people to enjoy the experience. There are also many many levels so a player can just mine or all the way to aspiring to run a planet.


Q — Ayeley Commodore-Mensah from GAINS: What will be the token use case and how will it capture the value of the ecosystem you’re building?

A — Morty from Alien Worlds: The major uses of TLM are/will be

a) staking for the governance of planets and possible rewards
b) upgrading items (through shining etc..),
c) entry into quests/battles,
d) healing weapons/minions/other items,
e) terraforming and land improvement,
f) internal incentivization of other activities.

Q — Telegram user 💐💗 NDee 💗💐: What is the minimum amount of TLM to be staked to become a member of a planet?

A — Rob from Alien Worlds: You can stake to a planet with as little as 0.01 TLM, to run as a planetary councilor you will need 5000 of that planets tokens — currently 1 planet token = 1 TLM

Q — Telegram user Chu Linh: Earning tokens is easy, but is it really hard to make this token valuable? What can you do to make your token more valuable? Do you have any Coin Burn / BuyBack system or any #Aline burn plan to increase the value of Token and attract Investors?

A — Morty from Alien Worlds: You are correct about that. Earning tokens is easy.

Alien World’s game life cycle is envisioned to be anywhere around 10–15 years or even more. Our token release schedule shows tokens going out until 2050. In games as long as there are more sinks than faucets there will always be demand for the tokens. Our goals will always be to create more sinks in the game i.e. more utility for the tokens and with an expansive Metaverse like Alien Worlds we are confident that we can create a lot of use cases for the token for it to be in demand.

Any TLM collected from the shining goes to the treasury and then the community decides what to do to those tokens. For now, we’ve burned some TLM obtained through shining. I don’t know the exact number atm, but you can check back with me in our telegram channel later for the number.

Competitive Advantage

Q — Twitter user @hasanbd89: Could you list some of your most advanced features that we have not seen on the market before? What kind of additional input does Your project have to already-existing solutions on the market?

A — Rob from Alien Worlds: The whole ecosystem is much more diverse than has been attempted in blockchain before. The competitive autonomous on-chain DAO structures are something that I have not seen in any project

We have a very unusual POW system linked to NFTs for mining which is also a first as far as I am aware. This helps reduce botting.

A — Morty from Alien Worlds: Our NFTs have gameplay characteristics built into their attributes. So some land and tools (which are both NFTs) yield more Trilium when you mine it, some produce more NFTs, some can be mined more frequently. In earlier generations of NFTs, they mainly had collectible value — think CryptoPunks which is really cool if are a collector — but now NFTs have attributes recognized by the gaming smart contracts

Some of our NFTs also have mutable attributes for instance the land commission, charge in a health potion, etc. There are very few projects that have exploited this property of NFTs. This gives us a lot of freedom for designing fun game mechanics and we are eager to see what kind of dynamics our players will come up with these mechanics.


Q — Ayeley Commodore-Mensah from GAINS: Did you raise funds so far? If so, how did you handle them? Are you planning to do any future raises?

A — Rob from Alien Worlds: Everything on Alien Worlds was bootstrapped by the founders up to this point. We have a raise in progress but I cannot share details at this time. We will have some news about this in the next 2 weeks.

These are exciting times.

A — Morty from Alien Worlds: This and we did 3 successful pack sales. All our pack sales including the Land Pack sale, our flagship sale, was a total sell-out, which kept us going. We raised over 250k through NFT sales.

Business Development

Q — Ayeley Commodore-Mensah from GAINS: What should we look forward to in the coming months?

A — Rob from Alien Worlds: In the course of the next month we have
1) registration and voting on planetary councils,
2) Shining of weapons and minions,
3) Featured crossover and art drops and
4) A community content competition with great prizes.

Following that we will start rolling out Land upgrades and some initial quests — then we will move onto the Thunderdome. A new UI is in the works as well. We have a load of things in our plans so Alien Worlds should be fresh whenever you drop in. Our star route on the website gives a lot of info as does our land roadmap

A — Morty from Alien Worlds: We also have a very solid land roadmap which includes:

The land Rating system,
Windows and services, where landowners can offer additional services to the explorers.

You can read more about the land road map on this detailed Medium post

Q — Telegram user 🔥Jumur🌾 Qwn🇦🇮: Southeast Asia is a very vibrant school and there are a lot of development projects here, so do you have any plans to grow in Southeast Asia?

A — Rob from Alien Worlds: While a lot of our initial base is in North America, Europe, and India, We have a lot of people interested from Asian countries and we will announce some high-profile key influencers from Asian countries soon.

Q — Telegram user ∆~•••••••••••••••LittleSoul•••••••••••~∆: The popularity of NFT continues to grow and many are hoping that 2021 will be the year of NFT. Do you have any plans to add services that will attract NFT enthusiasts to #AliensWorld?

A — Rob from Alien Worlds: Final one for me — Alien Worlds is already one of the most traded NFT projects — e.g. — we have a lot of things coming which I think will excite NFT collectors. We also have far more utility in our NFTs than other strictly collectible NFTs and I believe people will start to move towards NFTs with utility very quickly.

Thank you for joining us today, Rob and Morty. Anything else you’d like to say? Where can we follow you to stay updated? — Ayeley Commodore-Mensah from GAINS

Thanks so much for having us and the great questions / quiz interaction — it’s been great.

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Find Communities in the Metaverse. Visit our website and Follow us on Medium and Twitter and Instagram. You can also join us on Discord and Telegram and subscribe to our Announcement channel for more updates. — Rob Allen from Alien Worlds

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It was great pleasure talking to you all and answering so many interesting questions. — Morty from Alien Worlds

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