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AnRKey — Telegram QUIZ & AMA — November 29

On Sunday, November 29, we had the pleasure to welcome to our Telegram chat:

J.D. Salbego, CEO, Founder, and Art Director.

We asked him questions about the development of the AnRKey.

Some sentences have been slightly edited for readability but the meaning has been conserved.


AnRKey X™ combines DeFi and eSports gaming for users to compete, purchase, and stake unique NFTs and win valuable rewards.

The AnRKey project is built and created by industry experts with proven track records.

AnRKey has partnered with PlasmaPay to bring DeFi closer to the masses!

AnRKey has teams across many Asian countries and is localized with translation in China and Japan.


Q — Alex Raffin from GAINS: What did you do before crypto, how did you get into crypto, and did you have any other venture in crypto previous to being involved with AnRKey?

A — J.D. Salbego from AnRKey: My name is J.D. Salbego. I’m the CEO, Founder, and Art Director of AnRKey X. I run the company as the CEO, but also as the Chief Art Director leading product, game, and NFT design. You can learn more about my background on my official site.

AnRKey X™ combines DeFi and eSports gaming for users to compete, purchase, and stake unique NFTs and win valuable rewards.

I’ve been an artist, creative designer, and musician since I was a kid. I have a very big mural still up in Los Angeles where I’m from when I was 17 years old.

Before crypto, I was in the music and entertainment industry in Hollywood for 17 years working with global celebrities in business, producing TV/Film, and creating digital content.

I’ve been in crypto and DeFi for 5+ years and have become a global leader in DeFi and crypto, market influencer, speaker, published author, and internationally-recognized subject matter expert. I’m a featured contributor on Cointelegraph and regularly speak at leading conferences around the world like World Economic Forum, Blockshow, and many more. My work has been featured in Forbes, Business Insider, Yahoo Finance, etc., including being linked to boosting Japan’s economy with blockchain. I’m also a featured contributor at Cointelegraph. This article I wrote that trended is why I got into DeFi and blockchain! Read it! It will all make sense!


Q — Alex Raffin from GAINS: Can you tell us what AnRKey is about, more precisely than combining DeFi, eSports, and NFTs?

A — J.D. Salbego from AnRKey: Much of what we are undertaking is a new approach and enhanced system to bringing mass-consumer adoption and awareness to the DeFi industry, bridging the gap between DeFi based liquidity mining, farming, and lending tools, engaging team-based eSports gaming, and leveraging the currently unrealized power and value of NFTs. By targeting our demographic with nostalgic imagery and branding, we are tapping into the niche in a unique way that has not been effectively executed prior, while also utilizing new methods of protecting users from fraud, rug pool scammers, and whale behaviors that frequently lead to the downfall of competitive DeFi products. Interest in our product portfolio has been higher than anticipated, with engagement globally exceeding market performance.

Here’s a teaser of some four NFTs! We’ve had almost 3500 claps in a few days and a lot of industry support!

All our NFTs are pretty, but they are functional boosted economical products utilized for gamification in our platform.

First of a kind power APY boosted NFTs! Here’s how you play! We do have a whole collectible line. We are releasing the lookbook this week!

Q — Alex Raffin from GAINS: Since you have a long artistic background, did you also take care of building a story and coherent ecosystem with the characters used for the NFTs?

A — J.D. Salbego from AnRKey: These are the most amazing NFTs in the industry right now. Everything you see, I designed or led my teams from scratch to design.

Q — Alex Raffin from GAINS: What is the token use case? How did you make sure it captures the value of the ecosystem you’re building?

A — J.D. Salbego from AnRKey: First, let me say this! We are a real company with a very long-term vision and have a real use case! Many projects don’t and just slap blockchain in it to make a token and that’s it.

Our native arcade coin “$ANRX” has 12 medium of exchange utility functions, and works just like an arcade coin used at a physical video arcade.

The more you utilize its multiple functions to purchase, play, stake, sell, and compete, the more you earn $ANRX within the gaming system. Our utility mechanisms and True Derived NFT Base Value enable a vibrant and robust economic ecosystem that stimulates high growth and usage.


  • Purchasing upgrades Armaments for Golden Chalices
  • Purchasing Sacred Relic NFT Packs
  • Purchasing Arms Boosts
  • Purchasing After-Market Game Winner Limited NFTs
  • Purchasing Battle Wave NFTs
  • Purchasing AnRKey X™ Universe Side-Chain Collectables NFTs

Q — Twitter user @AlbayHaluk: How can I take advantage of holding your token? Is there a form of passive income for token holders such as a share of the fees on the game, staking, or reduced fees?

A — J.D. Salbego from AnRKey: Staking and holding $ANRX users and investors receive 25% of our platform’s transaction fees.

Our project is built and created by industry experts with proven track records. We are solving inherent problems in DeFi and NFTs with innovative solutions. Our ANRX arcade coin token economy and buy pressure strategy is incredible. All our games, NFTs, and token prices are all tied together and completely connected and needed. We have real use cases!

$ANRX is the primary, native, secured utility token (our Arcade Coin) within the AnRKey X™ ecosystem. It is a transferable representative of attributed functions specified in the code of the smart contracts governing the AnRKey X™ ecosystem. As such, $ANRX is a medium of exchange between the participants in the AnRKey X™ ecosystem, used primarily for the following functions:

  • Rewards distribution for Yield Farming
  • Rewards distribution for the weekly game actions, NFTs, and prizes
  • Rewards distribution for staking $ANRX
  • Payment and settlement for purchases of APY boosted in-game items, highly rare and APY boosted NFTs, upgrading NFT with APY boosts, and collectible NFTs

Q — Alex Raffin from GAINS: We know that in DeFi, there are advantages to having a lot of capital. Since this is going to be about providing liquidity, users/players will need capital. How did you make this a fair playground?

A — J.D. Salbego from AnRKey: We built our deflationary and inflationary models, timelines based logos models, and randomizations in our platform to protect the users. Since this is a game, the more money you have, the more you can win APY and price NFTs. We had to build our very intricate logic models in our smart contracts.

You can watch videos of me speaking around the world on my YouTube channel!

Q — Telegram user Le June: I’m very interested in the NFT TEAM. Do youhave a plan to make a prepaid card like VISA and others?

A — J.D. Salbego from AnRKey: No VISA as that’s a payment method. Our NFT game cards are based upon our game mechanics and derived base values that our game's total APY, users AYS, token pieces, and winning APY scores are created from.

Q — Telegram user Emi 💌: Will AnRKey games be available only for computers or do you plan to launch a mobile version in the future?

A — J.D. Salbego from AnRKey: We are realizing web dApps first played on your computer and web browser similar to games like Candy Crush, Mafia Wars, and Farmville.

Q — Telegram user Kayode Ayobami: Does your token project include burning or token buyback?

A — J.D. Salbego from AnRKey: Buybacks and a very unique method similar to burning but it’s a recycling method for future games as we store our tokens instead of burning them and using them later when new games are released.

Q — Telegram user Chinthaka93|BintexFutures: Community is a very important part of a crypto project like ANRX. Do you have local communities in non-English countries?

A — J.D. Salbego from AnRKey: We have teams across many Asian countries and are localized with translation in China and Japan already. We are expanding west into Europe next year.

Q — Telegram user John 🇫🇮: The solution of gDEX is solely built by the AnRKey X team. Could you please tell us how this solution differs from a traditional DEX and what are its advantages?

A — J.D. Salbego from AnRKey: Key Benefits of our gDEX Protocol:

  • Enhanced NFT Model — Solved Scalability & Mass Adoption Problems
  • A True Derived NFT Base Value-Driven Protocol
  • Community Driven Protocol
  • Socially Competitive Like eSports Gaming
  • Rare Collectables
  • Inherent Economic Supply and Demand Value System
  • Simplified Intuitive and Easy to Use Platform
  • High Ecosystem Coin Utility Functionalities — 12 Total
  • Fair and Balanced P2P Economic Ecosystem — Whale Protection


Q — Alex Raffin from GAINS: How many people are on the team? For how long have you been working on AnRKey?

A — J.D. Salbego from AnRKey: We have been working on AnRKey X since July. We spent 3 months just in research and development before even starting the actual architecture and platform development and then launching publicly.

The internal team is made up of 10 CSuite level and senior management executives and advisors. Our marketing, social media, PR, and community team which is part of our team but outside of our company is 12 in total. Our technical team which myself and my VP of Operations oversee are our partners are best in class blockchain and game companies and include 17+ senior project managers, developers, game designers, across to 2 teams working on both backend and frontend simultaneously.

We have 10 departments across AnRKey X. I manage and lead all of them daily. They include:

  • Game design and development
  • Back-end development
  • NFT designed art studio
  • Tokenomics, farming, and technical architecture
  • Marketing and content
  • Publicity and community
  • Operations
  • Business development and partnerships
  • Legal and Compliance
  • Accounting and Finance

I’m also the art director so my days are heavily involved with game and product front and back end design including visual FX and animation, UI design, and 3d graphics, then we have the NFT design department as well.


Q — Alex Raffin from GAINS: Did you raise funds so far? If so, how did you handle them? Are you planning to do any future raises?

A — J.D. Salbego from AnRKey: We raised almost all our private sales overnight! Had great support from the community! 15 of the top DeFi influencers invested in our project as well as a few top DeFi funds. All our funds are held in USDT stablecoin.

We have our public sale on 12/7! Stay tuned for the major announcement in a few days of who our public sale launch partner is! We also set aside a small remaining $50k allocation of our private 2 sales for our community building up to our Public Sale on 12/7.

Q — Telegram user Aleksandr: Are your games created only by the team behind the project or could anyone technically participate in the game-making, considering the decentralized nature?

A — J.D. Salbego from AnRKey: Our community can build games on our platform too!


Q — Telegram user Jesus Freites: AnRKeyX recently partnered with PlasmaPay. What advantages will this new partnership bring to the platform and users?

A — J.D. Salbego from AnRKey: Partnering with PlasmaPay for their fiat to crypto gateway brings our vision of making DeFi for the masses even closer!

Business Development

Q — Alex Raffin from GAINS: What stage is the project/product at? When do you plan to launch?

A — J.D. Salbego from AnRKey: We just launched publicly less than 2 months ago and we are moving fast! Here’s what stage we are at and we have going on for the next 4 months or so.:

Q4 2020:

  • Launch of $ANRX Arcade Coin
  • Integrate Fiat Payment Gateway on gDEX — PlasmaPay Partnership
  • Public Sale 12/7
  • First AnRKey X™ Universe Side-Chain Collectable Line Drop- The x0.GenSys Pack
  • Security Audit
  • TGE & DEX Listing
  • CEX Listing
  • Battle Wave 2323™ (Web Dapp) Beta v1.37.➰0x.Human//[TestNet]//MainNet Launch

Q1 2021

  • Battle Wave 2323™ (Web Dapp) Launch — Beta v2.0.➰0x.MainNet Launch
  • Enhanced Purchase Features of 48hr Flash Sale AfterMarket & In-game Items Marketplaces on gDEX
  • Launch of AnRKey X™ NFT Designers Ecosystem Collab Integration
  • Updated Virtual Team Features and Enhanced Discord Integration
  • Launch of AnRKey X™ Universe Side-Chain Collectable Line Marketplace on gDEX
  • Launch of Ecosystem Partnerships Gamified Staking Dashboard

Find out more here.

Q — Telegram user Sonic 💪: What are the plans to educate and raise awareness and adoption among the community to make more people understand the project easily?

A — J.D. Salbego from AnRKey: We have an interactive game instructions site ready to launch. We will soon have FAQs, full ZenDesk integration with customer support, and our governance community section.

Q — Telegram user El Padre: How can the community be more involved in the creation of games? Are there any plans for a Game AnRKey X Design where the community would create the rules for the new AnRKeyX game?

A — J.D. Salbego from AnRKey: We are a community-driven protocol where the community votes on new proposed pools and game characters. We are building APIs and SDKs for community devs to easily be able to build m$ports games on our platform which the community also votes on those games too.

Q — Twitter user @KartikaDifaa: Do you have Influencers and AMAs lined up to keep the momentum for you once listed on Uniswap? What can we expect in the coming days/weeks? Is there a visual roadmap?

A — J.D. Salbego from AnRKey: We’ve been in 10 AMAs plus 4 interviews back to back all week and more of this for the upcoming week too!

Check out our lightpaper to learn more about our roadmap and our gDEX (Decentralized Finance Gaming Platform Exchange) protocol!

Our first beta v1.37 is a Human Testnet//Mainnet launch. We are getting along with all the influencers that invested in us and love us and giving it to the first to test. We will do interactive Zoom videos and show them and walk them through everything while they play.

That way, we can work out any potential pain points. That may happen and then do any necessary fixes before launching to the public beginning of January 2021. Plus it will be a huge marketing campaign behind it PR and everything and all the influencers showcasing their testing!

Thanks for coming over JD. I enjoyed how passionate you are. Anything else you’d like to share with us? Where can we follow you? — Alex Raffin from GAINS

This was so much fun guys!!! Thank you for having me!!!! I hope you’re ready to PRESS START. You can find more information on AnRKey X™, our $ANRX public sale, and the rest of our platform at Medium, Website, Twitter, Facebook, Discord, Telegram, Telegram News and LinkedIn. Learn more about J.D. Salbego the CEO, Founder, and Art Director Visionary of AnRKey X™: Official Website and LinkedIn. We have tons of community activities happening now so join our channels! — J.D. Salbego from AnRKey

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