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B-Cube— Telegram AMA — May 10

On Monday, May 10, we had the pleasure to welcome to our Telegram chat:

Guruprasad Venkatesha, Co-Founder & CEO.

We asked him questions about the development of B-Cube.

Some sentences have been slightly edited for readability but the meaning has been conserved.

Summary is the all-in-one AI-driven platform for crypto traders. The quantitative and machine learning-based models generate signals that are then executed on the clients’ connected exchange account.

B-Cube allows users to build their own AI/ML bots on top of B-Cube’s layer of already working strategies. That makes it easy to create profitable bots without any programming knowledge and share them on the marketplace.

An audited Smart Contract for transparent profit-sharing has been developed to allow B-Cube to launch a first-of-its-kind DEX Trading bot, providing complete transparency and automation.

The BCUBE is an ERC-20 utility token that will work on the Ethereum blockchain. The token is going to be the currency of payments, referral rewards, and also, B-Cube’s unique staking program.


Q — Alex from GAINS: What’s your background and experience?

A — Guru from B-Cube: So my name is Guruprasad, but you can call me “Guru”, I am the CEO & Co-Founder of

My background is from Stock markets when I built my startup from the scratch and sold it even before finishing my engineering. I studied Industrial Engineering & Management. Worked at Morgan Stanley as Investment Analyst & Trader. Then I was looking for an adventure when I found BTC. Initially, I thought it to be a scam but took some time to understand Blockchain technology but it was in 2016 when I along with my family and friends lost 120K Euros in a scam ICO then we thought of creating an efficient financial product for Crypto trading. My friend whom I met in Paris in a yoga workshop became my co-founder who is an expert in AI and the rest is history.

Q — Twitter user @DERRYN82: The B-cube concept was born in Q2 2018 and there’s a clear road map until Q3 2023. How did you stay motivated and on a straight path for such a long time?

A — Guru from B-Cube: Our company is led by people who had past business experience. I built my first company at the age of 16 and exited it even before completing my engineering education. You can find the media coverage of it on my Linkedin or in the whitepaper. My first startup was in automating the trades in stock markets via mobile phones where someone could execute trades just by a single button on their mobile phone. My co-founder also had a consulting company in software building websites, cloud infrastructure, AI technology implementation, etc. This has helped us not only to meet the deadlines but also to beat them many times since 2018. We will continue to do it as some of the products that we have in the roadmap for 2021 Q4 are almost ready now and we are working hard to bring new products, features that we have mentioned in the whitepaper to people as soon as possible. We do not work this as a project but more like a mission to give efficient financial products for as many people as possible. So I would say this mission-driven attitude helps us to do everything possible.

About B-Cube

Q — Alex from GAINS: What’s BCUBE?

A — Guru from B-Cube: B-CUBE.AI is a “The Ultimate All-in-one AI-driven Platform for Crypto Traders”

We offer crypto trading bots for CEX and the DEX trading bot is ready, smart contracts are audited but undergoing tests for now and they will be launched very soon.

We will also come up with innovative bots for DEX for arbitrage trading, flash loans, etc.

We will be allowing people to build their own bots “on top of our existing AI/ML models” which will simplify their work and also will yield more returns than themselves making one from scratch like how it is there in the market currently.

We will not just stop at this point but we have a big roadmap to do like how Binance started as an exchange and today they are in everything. That is the same vision we have for $BCUBE.

Q — Alex from GAINS: The first obvious question is: what are the returns of these bots? 🤑, and please tell us a bit how backtested they are, for how long you’ve been running strategies, do they also work in a bear market, etc.

A — Guru from B-Cube: We currently have 5 bots on our platform. It varies between 11% to 55.7% per month in terms of BTC, not USDT. People can choose if they want to grow their USDT or BTC. Both are possible!

All out strategies are backtested since 2018, BTC & ETH are backtested since 2016–17. We cannot make one for every coin as they were either not available in PERP Contracts those times or not enough data to make quantitative models.

They have worked in Bull markets and in bear markets too. Except for one bot, all others can go both short and long. So we are prepared for all types of market volatility.

Trust me, even a backtest means nothing. All that matters is how it performs in real trading and it is performing well in our case.

Q — Twitter user @Fortune41114: Every investor will want to see the latest information on a project. What about your project, do you provide a website or application so we can see the latest information about your project?

A — Guru from B-Cube: I think probably I am the only CEO who is myself actively managing the “clients only” community group on telegram. Everybody speaks to me personally there and always replies to their DMs. I am doing this only because I care about my people and community so much. I share news almost every day like what we do, the new strategies that we are developing, sharing backtesting results with them, sharing my own ideas. So I am constantly in touch with people. If this is not enough then there is a weekly webinar that I conduct on Saturday afternoons at 15:00 every week on Zoom where I will discuss the market, give them some tools for trading on their own, educating about cryptos, etc. Besides this, we actively tweet the latest developments, share them on the telegram ICO announcement channel, Discord, Linkedin FB, and Instagram. I am a regular contributor to Bitcoin Bazis Journal in Hungary & also sometimes contribute to Forbes Hungary. So I always keep everyone updated about everything. If you need any information then just DM us and if the question is relevant then we will reply to you.

Q — Telegram user Kaulxp: What products are included in your project? And which is the main focus of you and the team at this time for project development?

A — Guru from B-Cube: CEX & DEX trading bots are ready, new bots are ready, Strategy factor will be ready in another few months, social copy trading and mobile apps are pending.

Q — Telegram user Keymer: Could you really tell us how these bots will work? Do I really have to do any advanced programming on them, or simply pay a certain fee to activate them and that’s it?

A — Guru from B-Cube: Sign up on the platform, Select a bot and pay for it, Connect your API keys, Ask the 24/7 customer care executive the settings which are one minute work, then Autopilot!! Congrats!!

Q — Telegram user Antonio Gonzále: The project has a smart profit-sharing contract, which allows the client to pay only when they win. Could you give more details on how this mechanism would work? How beneficial is it for the users of the platform?

A — Guru from B-Cube: Yes exactly, we will not take any entrance fee or management or any such thing here. Just pay only if you make profits. We will use our AI models to predict coins on positional or intraday trading so once the trading is finished then if there is profit, 80% goes to you and 20% goes to BCUBE.


Q — Alex from GAINS: What’s the use case of the token? Do you need it to get access to these bots?

A — Guru from B-Cube: Imagine you have 25000 BCUBE tokens in our staking contract then you can select any one bot for FREE!! It is like stake and “get the bots for free”. Higher the staking, the greater the benefits. At the current price, the cost of that many tokens is too high so we will be bringing it down to around $1000 worth of BCUBE Tokens post listing to offer this one bot for free for those who invest in BCUBE Tokens.

They can also pay for other bots where they will get discounts, they will get access to free educational materials, live webinars, live seminars, Priority access to some private bots & discounts on third-party crypto bots.

Competitive Advantage

Q — Telegram user Femi Oyinloye: Among many other BOT providers, what does B-CUBE.AI have that makes it far better and who are the people behind this project?

A — Guru from B-Cube: B-CUBE.AI bots are AI-driven which will be always forever ahead of the industry standard. We are the first ones who started this approach so no matter what, we will always remain ahead of the curve. Our commitment to the community is like nowhere so we are empowering people along with providing quality bots at a very affordable cost.


Q — Telegram user John: You have such notable partners, How were you able to achieve this and how will they help in achieving your set goals?

A — Guru from B-Cube: They loved our story honestly it was not difficult to impress them. We have a product that has been in the market for a long time, we have clients, traction, revenues so why would someone not invest in a project like ours? There are very few in the blockchain space who make any money. Our business model, the value proposition is awesome so they were more than happy to invest. We have carefully selected our partners as they will be adding value in their own way.


Q — Alex from GAINS: How much did you raise and when’s the token launch? Will the bots be available on day 1?

A — Guru from B-Cube: We raised $475k in the seed round from our own community. We finished a $1 Million private sale round yesterday. We are now conducting a small Private sale for $200k for our own community on the 14th of May and then $950k will be offered during the public sale for everyone. $250k on the same day will be offered on Mantra DAO launchpad and finally, the last phase of 1 Million tokens will be auctioned off. The TGE will be on 30th May 2021. Free bots will be available from Mid-July as the staking contract should be tested.

Business Development

Q — Alex from GAINS: Will there be a marketplace of bots with copy trading? Lots of projects offer that, albeit maybe more with copying human traders. What’s your edge?

A — Guru from B-Cube: All those copy trading platforms offer essentially the same but we have cutting-edge technology as compared to them. Our execution mechanism of orders is much faster than others with low latency, we have built our own AI models which are battle-tested so we clearly have technological superiority.

Q — Twitter user @Cleitoclo: On your website, it says that you will offer educational courses and webinars, what requirements must users meet to enter these seminars and what must they pay to be educated at B-Cube?

A — Guru from B-Cube: We are already doing those webinars and seminars for our clients now. Clients are those who are using our bots or signals. So we will be expanding these benefits to token holders of $BCUBE. It is properly defined in the whitepaper about different tiers that give them different benefits. There are simple courses, intermediate courses, and advanced courses also. My short term vision is to empower people to know what is a scam project or a real project, how to research on projects, how to find gems for the long term, how not to trade etc but in the long run, we believe that this education should go beyond trading and towards Blockchain, so we will even train people in Solidity, the language used to code on ETH Blockchain and also to bring some eminent experts in the field of Blockchain and Crypto!!

Q — Telegram user Hoa Vinh l Ambassador: NFT is a very hot trend right now. Will you catch up with this trend or are you still pursuing and focusing on your original roadmap?

A — Guru from B-Cube: Crypto itself is a trend. Isn’t it? Sometimes Blockchain, sometimes DeFi, and sometimes NFT. My focus is on creating new revenue streams for the company which increases the value of the tokens. So it doesn’t matter, if we have to pivot then we will. I will do anything and everything which is in the best interest of my company.

Q — Telegram user JAT: How will you optimize your marketing campaign? Any plan of being listed on a big exchange?

A — Guru from B-Cube: We did not make any marketing until now as we had enough people to invest in our Token sale. Mantra DAO itself is enough for now but we will start marketing after the token sale is finished on Friday as we lead up to the TGE on 30th May and even more intensify its post listing to get maximum exposure to “pump” the tokens. One of our investors has offered us 20 YouTubers so we will be coming on almost every single YouTube channel. Tomorrow there is one with a well-known YouTuber so this is our marketing strategy.

We are not thinking of big exchanges for now but they will be forced to list us sooner or later. Wait and watch 😉

Q — Telegram user Cryptoflower: When will the bots be ready?

A — Guru from B-Cube: The new bots will be ready in another 2 months. We are watching them as of now as every bot should first be backtested then paper traded then comes trading with founders money and finally, it will be available for the public. We will not make you eat anything that we don’t serve for our children. So wait until our tests are finished

It’s been great getting to know more about B-CUBE. Can you let us know where to go to see the latest updates? — Alexandre Raffin from GAINS

You can join our chat community to get all the latest happenings.— Guruprasad Venkatesha from B-Cube

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