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Breach — Telegram AMA — January 05

On Wednesday, January 05, we had the pleasure to welcome to our Telegram chat:

Ehab Abaideen, CMO

We asked him questions about the development of Breach.

Some sentences have been slightly edited for readability but the meaning has been conserved.


Breach is a GameFi Social Platform which in itself is a native NFT card game making gamers online identity into a Metaverse Avatar. A medium for connecting gamers with the world in a unique and rewarding way, discovering games and gamers, forming native guilds, matching with new players that are best fit for them, and enjoying every minute.

Breach GameFi Ecosystem is gamers’ haven providing gamers with:
Metaverse Profile that levels up based on your stats and activity;
A native NFT card game (Breach Arena); an arena to duel and earn crypto and NFTs;
A medium to connect, communicate, form guilds, and earn;
Game news space and launchpad;
Cross-chain metaverse gaming;
NFT marketplace;
Convenient matchmaking for traditional online video games and blockchain games

Breach includes the social aspects of media (Breach Social) that enable them to build a network or a guild and connect with friends and other gamers on a new level while owning every asset they put effort into getting.
A one platform uniting gamers under one roof and provides them with the best tools to earn from their time. Breach will host third-party on-chain games (Breach Multiverse) wherein gamers can also play these games and keep on earning more $BRGG and NFTs.

Breach will provide a sophisticated matchmaking system that ends their misery when matching with people who either aren’t as good as they are or aren’t a good fit overall. When they link Steam, Origin and other gaming platforms with Breach, they will be able to match with anyone on these linked platforms but using their sophisticated technology and narrow down their search.


Q— Ayeley from GAINS: Please introduce yourself. What did you do before crypto and did you have any other previous venture in crypto?

A — Ehab from Breach: My name is Ehab and I am Breach CMO, meaning, I oversee all Breach marketing-related activities and help the team with the increasing exposure of Breach and build the community in addition to other marketing details. About 5 years ago, I was offered a role in a cryptocurrency brokerage, SpectroCoin, and that’s how I entered the new exciting industry. I have worked in several crypto and Blockchain startups since then and in overall been employed for over 8 years doing different jobs and running a family business.

Q — Telegram user Jonathan tross: I want to know about the background of your team and please tell us about your partners ? and also share their experience in the blockchain field?

A — Ehab from Breach: Our founder and CEO is a gamer and he is not shy of hiding that. He enjoys gaming and had also founded his own computer retail store selling gaming PCs and accessories. For over 3 years and until now, he runs a great business.

That’s when he connected with the gaming community and heard their stories and struggles. He then had the idea to start Breach and here we are.

Our management team has all been working in their areas for over 5 and 8 years and all contributed to building great products that succeeded in the market. The rest of the team are fantastic people and they all believe in the future of Crypto and Blockchain and have extensive experience in the areas they work in.

About Breach

Q — Ayeley from GAINS: Tell us about the Breach project in a few simple sentences?

A — Ehab from Breach: Breach is a GameFi ecosystem designed by gamers to provide new innovative solutions to all gamers, traditional gamers, and blockchain gamers. It’s a gamified social platform that makes gamers profiles into Metaverse Avatars and mints them into NFT cards that can be leveled up from doing various things on the platform and outside the platform too to socialize, connect, and duel and earn BRGG and NFTs.

Q — Twitter user @LadyAnitax: While researching I noticed that you highlight your gaming platform as a perfect construct for both crypto and traditional players. So, can you explain how your ecosystem and gaming platform offers the best opportunities for both types of players?

A — Ehab from Breach: Yes, the name Breach came from our Founder and CEO who is a gamer, that is to breach the boundaries of what’s possible. For traditional gamers, they will be able to use it as a social media platform to create gaming content, connect with gamers from both traditional and blockchain sides, use our matchmaking engine to match with gamers to play on Steam, Origin, or other popular games, and also find content from different sources all in Breach. For crypto gamers, they will get all the above and also play our P2E game, and play on Breach Multiverse so they use their avatar to play different blockchain games while earning in one place. Less money spent and more earned.

Q — Telegram user Shera: Does Breach provide any type of tutorial videos for new users?

A — Ehab from Breach: Not yet, but because we are targeting both traditional and blockchain gamers, you know that we will do a lot of work to explain how everything works. Also, as we are a gamified social platform, the platform will be very familiar to everyone and easy to use

Q — Telegram user Irfane: Why have you chosen Terra Luna Chain over other blockchains? Are there any reasons?

A — Ehab from Breach: Terra Luna is a booming chain. The fact we will be the first gaming ecosystem on the chain helps us be the hub for more games that will come to Luna, so we will have more potential game partners. Additionally, it has a lot of social features that make it easier for us to implement the social side of Breach. They have a lot more features that benefit the community as well, including spending stablecoins instead of BRGG tokens. Note: We will launch on Luna but the platform and avatars will be multi-chain, so not restricted only to Luna.

Q — Twitter user @AnuMajumdeR7: Please elaborate on the benefits of Breach’s NFTs in your platform? Is it intended for them to be held as simple collectors, or will they provide additional benefits? Do you then offer your own marketplace where people can sell and acquire Breach NFTs?

A — Ehab from Breach: Breach NFTs are not just collectibles, they offer a utility as

1) They have different rarities — starting from common and up to legendary
2) Equip the NFTs to your avatar to make your profile stronger
3) Use them cross-chain
4) Merge same rarity NFTs to make a stronger one

We will also have a marketplace for gaming NFTs to list our own NFTs and other on-chain games’ NFTs

Q — Telegram user 🌿Salto Angel🌿: You point out that our account will be minted on an NFT card, but does it really refer only to the NFT character? Or really in that simple card will be the information of all our assets, accessories, characters, territories, friends, and more?

A — Ehab from Breach: Not really just a card. We say NFT card because it’s simpler to understand.

We are designing AWESOME 3D Meta-humans to be customized for each gamer based on their previous gaming history and interests and levels as well.

You can also buy or win NFT cards that are like cards but also contain 3D objects like a sword, ax, or armor to equip your avatar and make it more unique and powerful

Q — Telegram user Troy: In order to play Breach Arena, do we need to buy Breach NFTs first? Do these NFTs have a limited supply?

A — Ehab from Breach: No. You enter Breach for Free and get your first Avatar ready. You can buy NFTs and stake BRGG tokens to grow stronger, but you can also enter for free and earn, then use your earnings to make yourself stronger and buy NFTs and earn more :). Breach is based on the Freemium model.


Q — Ayeley from GAINS: What role does the token play in the Breach ecosystem?

A — Ehab from Breach: Our native token, BRGG, is essential for joining our ecosystem.

1. Upgrading/minting the NFT cards of gamers will be done with $BRGG.
2. Winning battles in Breach Arena rewards users with BRGG tokens and special in-game NFTs.
3. Joining tournaments hosted by Breach or hosting their own tournaments, users will be used BRGG to enter and win in BRGG.
4. Playing cross-chain games will reward the users with BRGG.
5. Buying/trading Breach and other on-chain games’ NFTs will be done through BRGG.
6. Betting on events is done with BRGG.
7. Matchmaking for traditional online games or on-chain games is free but with a paid plan, which will require payments in BRGG. 8. Staking allows gamers to level up faster

In short, the token is the core of the platform


Q — Telegram user Rinku Singh: Trust and security is the main concern for investors so, will you please tell me How breach platform gives high security to the assets of investors?

A — Ehab from Breach: We are talking to auditing partners. As of now, we have not had any audits, but soon we will have external audits done on our code and tokens. We are additionally talking to partners including Lossless to help us secure the tokens further. We will announce everything on our channels


Q — Ayeley from GAINS: Did you raise funds so far? If so, how did you handle them? And are you planning to do any future raises?

A — Ehab from Breach: We just finished our Seed/Private Round with VCs. The team worked day and night connecting with the best VCs and raising the funds. We are planning a Public Round for private investors and that will be done as an IDO on DAOmaker and Terraformer — end of January, early February. The public round price starts at the same price as the seed round so it’s fair for our community.

Competitive Advantage

Q — Ayeley from GAINS: Each passing day there are new gaming projects launched. What makes Breach stand out in the crowd

A — Ehab from Breach: Yes, Breach is not a P2E game, so in comparison to other P2E games, we provide a complete ecosystem that has social media features, forming guilds, using our matchmaking engine to match with gamers for both traditional games and blockchain games, and more. We also give our gamers the ability to use their profile to duel other people in a PvP fashion to earn BRGG and NFTs.

This infographic helps me highlight our coming features more

Business Development

Q — Ayeley from GAINS: What should we expect in the next weeks and months? How far along are you with your roadmap?

A — Ehab from Breach: After our IDO, we will drop an exclusive NFT drop to our early supporters and community. We will showcase our game in a demo during February Alpha version of the project (MVP) will go live by the end of March. We are just starting and the road is filled with exciting features to be added. You can learn about our roadmap here.

Q — Telegram user Anitax: I was reading Breach’s website and I couldn’t read anything about community involvement in its governance. So, can you explain how important the community is to Breach? Will you develop a DAO for all your members? Do you currently listen to feedback from your community?

A — Ehab from Breach: DAO governance is still in the planning stage and our team is internally discussing how it will work. We welcome community feedback now as well so be sure to tell us your suggestions in our community group :) We generally see it as giving the community a voice and chance to make decisions that are best for the entire community, not just a small majority

Thanks, Ehab for coming into our community, and taking the time to answer our questions. Do you have any final words for us? Where can we follow you to stay updated? — Ayeley Commodore-Mensah from GAINS Associates 🐋

Thank you for your time and for having me here! I loved your community and will keep an eye here :)

I would just say I hope everyone learned something today. And we have a never-ending AMA in our community group, so always ask me there more questions :) Stay tuned for all our upcoming special events and news: Telegram Community | Twitter | Medium | Discord | — Ehab Abaideen from Breach

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