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Colexion — Telegram AMA — February 17

On Thursday, February 17, we had the pleasure to welcome to our Telegram chat:

Abhay Aggarwal, CEO

We asked him questions about the development of Colexion.

Some sentences have been slightly edited for readability but the meaning has been conserved.


Q — Ayeley from GAINS: Please tell us about yourself and your involvement with the Colexion project

A — Abhay from Colexion: I’m a CEO and Founder of Colexion and I come from a Mining Industrial background. I also invested in a couple of startups and I’m active in the tech space. I developed my interest in the Crypto space in late December 2020 and since then there has been no looking back. At Colexion, we aim to make NFTs accessible to all.

About Colexion

Q — Ayeley from GAINS: NFT is a growing industry. Still, there is a notion that goes around “Are NFTs a fad?” or “What’s the future of NFT? Where is it going to be, say in the next 5–10 years?” What do you want to say on that, to clear this doubt? And what role will Colexion play in clearing this doubt?

A — Abhay from Colexion: Colexion is launching a new-age Fantasy Sports platform that brings the much-needed evolution in the segment by creating the utility of NFTs and CLXN Tokens.

I would say that the crypto space has endless possibilities. In recent years, interest and usage have increased to the point where certain crypto such as Bitcoin and Ether can be considered digital alternatives to currencies issued by state governments. In its initial days, it was considered a fad. NFTs are going to be the next big thing.

In simple terms, there are more than 60+ celebrities associated with our platform. They have chosen us above others. We want people to believe that their favorite celebrities have entrusted Colexion and are now part of the NFT industry. We want people to know that their favorite celebrities are here, so they must be here.

Celebrities are our flag bearers, they are like brand ambassadors not just for our NFT platform Colexion, but for NFT as an industry. If they have put their trust in NFTs, then any speculations that may arise have already been answered. They already have a brand value and with that brand

Q — Twitter user @dead_evild: Can NFTs that are displayed on the museum gallery be bought or are they just like real-world artworks that could only be admired. Secondly, do we users need to have CLXN before we could view the gallery at all or is it open to the general public?

A — Abhay from Colexion: Yes, they can be bought. Whenever the drop happens for a particular celebrity, we will showcase the NFT that can be bought as well. But mainly, the museum will contain artworks and historic moments to make you acquainted with your favorite star. Secondly, you definitely need to have a CLXN token if you wish to enjoy access to the museum. The general public can also have access if they buy a CLXN token.

Q — Twitter user @KevinSalom1: I read that Colexion will launch virtual games based on Metaverse and NFT that will give users the opportunity to use trump cards, what is the main purpose and function of these trump cards? What is their usefulness in the game? How can I get one of these cards?

A — Abhay from Colexion: The trump cards can be used to leverage benefits while playing virtual games or fantasy sports. We will also be dropping more NFTS that will be used in the games. The purpose of the Trump cards in the game will be disclosed once we officially launch our play-to-earn game. Besides that the trump card holds the following utilities:

1. Play and win games (mega rewards for people holding trump card first edition)
2. Interactive NFTs with voice and sound
3. Chance to meet the superstar in person
4. Chance to win signed merchandise like t-shirts, cricket bat, pads, gloves, helmets from the celebrities themselves

But one thing is for sure. You will definitely get some advantage if you already possess one. You can buy the Trump Cards through our official website. Till then, stay tuned for more updates.

Q — Ayeley from GAINS: When can we finally see Colexion Marketplace and what will it be all about?

A — Abhay from Colexion: Colexion is all set to launch its premium licensed NFT marketplace, where users can access their favorite NFTs on the platform. There will be sections for all the different categories we have on our platform. The marketplace is the heart of the platform and is crafted in a way that anyone can easily purchase NFTs directly from here. Users will buy these NFTs using CLXN tokens. However, the option of using FIAT will also be available to all of them. But our first focus will be on NFT Fantasy Game.


Q — Telegram user Ulusoy: At Colexion, whenever a user wants to buy NFT but does not own cryptocurrency, then they can use CLXN and their national currency (INR, USD) to buy the same. Please explain how to buy CLXN tokens? Are you also planning to add another currency to the purchase?

A — Abhay from Colexion: Users can buy these NFTs using $CLXN tokens. However, the option of using FIAT will also be available to all of them. And we are going to launch your IDO and have partnered with various IDO Launchpads.

Stay Tuned on our Telegram for IDO Dates.

Q — Telegram user 💐🌷Crypto Flower🌷💐: I recently read that you were raffling off $5000 $CLXN as a Telegram 2.0 XP Reward. Can you tell us what are the requirements to be eligible for the rewards, on what days can we participate?

A — Abhay from Colexion: Yes you just have to be an active member of our telegram group to get rewarded. The event started on 16 Feb and will continue till 18 March. Here are the complete details.

Q — Ayeley from GAINS: When are you going to launch your CLXN Token?

A — Abhay from Colexion: We are soon going to launch our CLXN token in the upcoming months and have partnered with various IDO Launchpads, Some of them are RedKite, FireStarter, etc. It will accelerate the growth of the platform and where users will be open to discounts and features while performing transactions.

Competitive Advantage

Q — Ayeley from GAINS: NFT Marketplaces are becoming so competitive. Big companies like Opensea and others are already established in this market. So It’s becoming so difficult to stand out. How does Colexion aim to stand out in this competitive market?

A — Abhay from Colexion: There are a lot of huge players, and we are good friends with a lot of them. We are not planning to become their direct competitors, rather we are going to occupy our own niche — exclusive drops of Sports stars, art, influencers, and celebrities and we have already dropped the Trump Card Combo Pack of 30+ Celebrities and Yuvraj Singh Warrior NFT. We are working on a business model that will help in building the utility of our NFTs through Play to Earn Games, Fantasy Sport, Virtual Museum, and much more. This differentiates Our NFTs from the rest of the platform. Our NFTs are backed by major players in the world. The main principle on which we build our work is that we are not for quantity, but for quality.

Q — Telegram user 2000$ / Month is my salary: With so many Play-to-Earn games on the market, what makes you feel confident about your project survival in the near future? Do you take community feedback and requests into account when developing the features of Colexion?

A — Abhay from Colexion: We are extremely excited to be the global first platform within the Web3 Fantasy Cricket industry, providing opportunities to the users to get high returns on investment. Our growing list of 30+ International Cricket players will provide us with a strong barrier to entry for the competition and ensure higher user retention as compared to conventional fantasy platforms.

Business Development

Q — Ayeley from GAINS: On your website, I see that you are preparing to launch a museum and a game. Please tell us about the upcoming museum and game?

A — Abhay from Colexion: Colexion will be launching Metaverse and NFT based virtual games that will give you the chance to use the trump cards to gain power and stay ahead of your competitors in the game. We also plan to introduce several other one-of-its-kind games that will enable a play-to-earn model for the users. Play-to-earn is a whole new paradigm, based on creating real-world value out of in-game items and other forms of digital goods using non-fungible tokens, cryptocurrency, and blockchain technology.

With Colexion, gamers and digital artists will have endless opportunities to collect, battle, and earn rewards while playing. Metaverse gaming offers users an opportunity to coexist in a virtual world where they can monetize their gaming experience, interact and own realistic assets.

Q — Ayeley from GAINS: The crypto industry is a fast-paced industry, how flexible is your project to change quickly and keep pace with trends in technology? Ultimately, what is your long-term vision or forecast for the industry in which Colexion operates?

A — Abhay from Colexion: Thanks for bringing up this topic! Indeed our industry moves at a pace not seen in other industries. We like to say our tech is “future proof”, meaning we don’t only address the challenges and demands of current projects but in fact, we are massively adapting to the user demand in the crypto industry for instance we’re not just coming with an NFT marketplace we are actually launching a complete NFT ecosystem consisting of the first-ever virtual NFT Museum and Play to Earn NFT games. Talking about the scalability and security of the tech, we are based on Polygon blockchain which in itself is improving the user experience day by day. In the long run, NFTs are going to be much different than what we see today and we are on the right track towards being the Amazon of NFTs.

Q — Ayeley from GAINS: Are there any restrictions to accessing the Colexion platform?

A — Abhay from Colexion: No there is no such restriction in accessing the Colexion Marketplace but you definitely need to have a CLXN token if you wish to enjoy access to the Virtual Museum.

Q — Ayeley from GAINS: Abhay, thanks for coming into our community, and taking the time to answer our questions. Where can we follow you to stay updated? Do you have any final words for us?

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