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Follow GAINS — De:days in Palma de Mallorca — Sept 2019

Hey, this is Alexandre Raffin. I flew from Paris to Palma de Mallorca on September 24–25 2019 for De:central Days, a conference about IoT, AI, the Future of Mobility, Augmented & Virtual Reality and… Blockchain and Crypto!

I will tell you about the trip, the cool people I met and the projects that stood out! None of the projects mentioned in this article sponsored it :)

One of the first people I met was Peter Cheek. Peter has been an FX broker, ambassador and advisor for multiple companies in the blokchain space.

He told me about Minima: they want to create the largest blockchain network by leveraging the billions of smartphones in the world. The protocol is lightweight and a phone can run a full node!

The Minima vision: blockchain in phones with big TelCo partnerships

They want to partner with big Telecom companies and create tokenized systems for data, voice and SMS. It’s a long shot but if they do manage to close any partnership with a big TelCo, it can be big.

Healthcare is a field that comes up a lot in blockchain. We have cool projects like Solve.Care or Embleema for example. That day, I met Issame Outaleb and Patrick McCullough from PharmaTrace.

PharmaTrace is yet another platform that wants to bring many players of the healthcare ecosystem together and facilitate exchanges thanks to the blockchain. After a few years in the crypto & blockchain space, it doesn’t feel like a revolutionary idea anymore but it could make a real difference by speeding up processes and bringing costs down which would be good for our society as a whole.

During a break, I had the pleasure to bump into Didi Taihuttu, the famous Dutch, early Bitcoin miner and advocate! A very cool and approchable guy.

Alexandre Raffin and Didi Taihuttu in Palma!

Didi gave a talk, telling his story, how he sold everything he owned: his house and every possession, organizing a giant sale… to go all in on Bitcoin! Thus taking an incredible leap of faith. He started buying Bitcoin in February 2017 when it was worth $1,000 and continued buying up to $9,000.

Didi, the only speaker wearing a short and flip flops! :D

Didi now travels the world with his family and only pays in Bitcoin! He felt like someone who was genuine and this was a very refreshing encounter.

The t-shirt speaks for itself…

Didi is also an advisor for Cresio. He was there with Daniel Pons Ayala who founded it.

Daniel was telling me quite proudly they were the first legal ICO in Spain. Cresio aggregates data from multiple exchanges on their platform, allowing the user to switch very easily from one to another. This would be a good tool to get real time info on the markets, reducing the number of open tabs needed for traders.

I met Evan Luthra, the main sponsor of the event, right before he was about to get on stage. We chatted about our respective investments and I learned he liked Hedera Hashgraph as well ;)

Later on, he gave a $50,000 check to the winner of the startup contest!

He was with a friend: Gagandeep Singh. We exchanged investment ideas and who knows, we might present the best ones to the community ;)

There was Azhos, reprensented by Tony Oehm. Azhos is the world’s first autonomous supply-chain ecosystem according to them, and the value of goods operated by their system in 2019 would be above $48B, which is quite insane.

The extent of their operations was quite a surprise to me, and a good surprise! It shows there’s already a lot of blockchain out there in the world, quite silently helping move items worth billions and billions of dollars.

I met Florian Krueger, CEO of Craft Coin.


You can use their coins to buy beers but the vision is much more encompassing: they want to help create and distribute quality sustainable products. Everyone was piling up at their stand during the party ahah ;)

I met many other cool people but I’ll mention only 4 to finish:

Grégory Saive who works with the NEM Foundation, we had a nice chat since he was a fellow Frenchman. NEM is quite a powerhouse with many people supporting the project.

Erik Zorn who’s advisor to a huge network of family offices and helps organize big events with investors. We almost went to the one in Dubai, maybe next year.

Joel Kovshoff, a good friend, who’s been helping many people learn about all sides of crypto. It was great finally meeting you in person Joel!

And finally, Reinhold Lang, who was the main organizer of the event and did an amazing job!

I present to you the bullish moon in green

They had a corridor full of moon paintings 😂. Fit for the crypto moon boys?

The classic moons
The scary, reverse moon: the bear moon :o

Hope you liked this little tour of the event.

This was actually the first year of the conference and for a first time, it was very well organized! I’m looking forward to going back next year :)

I didn’t forget to enjoy the sun and visit the beautiful island of Palma :D

Thanks to everyone who came!

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