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GAINS AMA with UniFarm — September 21

On Wednesday, September 21, we had the pleasure to welcome to our Telegram chat:

I am Sarthak Joshi, community head at UniFarm

We asked him questions about the development of UniFarm.

Some sentences have been slightly edited for readability but the meaning has been conserved.


Q — Ayeley from GAINS: Tell us a bit about yourself and the UniFarm team

A — Saarthak from UniFarm: I am Sarthak Joshi. I head community at UniFarm. I have completed my Masters in Finance. I was the Co-Owner of Broadways Gaming Club, a leading online gaming community earlier. I am an active investor and trader in Cryptos as well as Stocks since 2017 and love to explore passive income sources.

About the team. There is Tarusha, our Co-Founder. Tarusha is the visionary force behind UniFarm — a collaborative wealth creation platform that is creating a Web 3 ecosystem for projects to ease their sell pressure while increasing their utility and at the same time gain holders by providing high returns

And Mohit Madan, Founder, and CEO: Mohit Madan is a seasoned professional with 10+ years of experience in Software Development, Enterprise Architecture, and Cloud Computing. He is the brainchild behind UniFarm.

About UniFarm

Q — Ayeley from GAINS: What is the Unifarm project about in a few simple sentences?

A — Saarthak from UniFarm: UniFarm is basically a staking platform where users stake one token and get multiple tokens as staking rewards.

So this also helps in diversifying one portfolio even without purchasing the other tokens.

Staking through Yield farms and Liquidity farms is our core currently. We came up with Thunder Farms this season to gather 15 projects and create yield as well as liquidity farms.

AMA, Bridge (SETU) along with Group staking of crypto’s and NFT and a lot more stuff that can be found in DeFi Space.

UniLaunch is our IDO platform, where users can invest before listing in hand-picked projects.

Q — Ayeley from GAINS: What do I need as a crypto user to get started with UniLaunch? Just some tokens or there are some rigorous KYC protocols to go through?

A — Saarthak from UniFarm: Staking in yield or liquidity farms can make you eligible for the IDOs. So here users need not stake their own token but they can stake any token that is present in that pool.

And No KYC, We strongly believe in decentralization and anonymity.

Q — Ayeley from GAINS: Tell us about Thunder Farms and how it works

A — Saarthak from UniFarm: Thunder Farms are basically small pools with high returns. 15 projects club together and form a pool of marketing activities to benefit users.

Users can earn min 60% and up to 400% APY if they boost their staking!

There is a reward pool of $10000 for mega events

Every staker gets a gold NFT and community round winners get Silver NFT.

These NFTs are passes to mega-events.

Each Farm lasts for 60 days. By the way, we are live with our Gains Thunder Farm

Do stake Gains here.

Get a min APY of 60% and max up to 400% by buying Booster Packs

Q — Ayeley from GAINS: With the current state of the market, 60%-400% is a bit on the high side. How do you keep things sustainable?

A — Saarthak from UniFarm: Yes this question definitely makes sense!

We collect rewards for these farms from the projects earlier itself, We have these rewards in the smart contract and users need not worry if we will distribute them timely or not.

Why would these projects pay early? We have created a mechanism where both parties benefit. The user earns high APY and the participating projects gain more users.

In this market users are cautious of impermanent loss that’s why we have kept these farms unlocked, thereby giving users the right to unstake anytime.

Q — Telegram user Elly ♂️: What is most exciting about the ThunderFarm Yield Farming 3?

A — Saarthak from UniFarm: Well Thunder Farms have

1. More APY up to 400%
2. $10000 worth of Events
3. Unlocked Pools (User can unstake anytime)

Q — Telegram user Tavasya: UniFarm V1 retires today. What new and exciting updates can users see in V2?

A — Saarthak from UniFarm: Why is UniFarm V1 Retiring?

UniFarm as a product believes in constantly monitoring and improving its services. We received a lot of constructive feedback and possible features which could elevate the standard of V1. However, it was not possible to accommodate these features in V1. Some of the areas that needed improvement were:

  • The reward distribution structure required a lot of patience from the users.
  • Users had to wait for weeks to finally begin farming all the tokens in the pool.
  • The users could not claim their rewards while continuing their stakes.
  • The users had to search for the pools manually in order to stake their existing tokens.
  • There was no provision of boosting the returns.
  • The users couldn’t show off their staking positions in any way. Such a bummer!


Q — Ayeley from GAINS: How do you choose the projects to participate in the ThunderFarm? Can any project just apply or do they have to meet some very strict requirements?

A — Saarthak from UniFarm: Our Partnership and Due Diligence team are on their toes to keep good projects.

We strictly analyze the smart contract, utilities, holders, team, investors, etc of the project and then onboard them.

Also, here is the link to Audit Report.

Business Development

Q — Ayeley from GAINS: Are there any other exciting updates we should look forward to?

A — Saarthak from UniFarm: Yes a lot!

Setu our bridge is in audit, it will be live soon!

Our AMM will be announced by the end of this quarter!

Most importantly participating in Gains Yield and Liquidity Farms at the earliest and not only earning high APY but participating in community activities to get entry in Mega events like Poker, Hackathon, and Art Fest is what I would recommend.

Q — Telegram user Dino Vasishtha: There are some top events going on within the Unifarm Ecosystem. Can You Please tell us about these Events?

A — Saarthak from UniFarm: We are engaging these 15 projects and communities in cross-community activities and events.

Few events that are live now are AMAs, Spaces, Quests, Meme Carnival, Sticker Competition, Puzzle Competition

Upcoming events are Hackathon, Poker Tourney, Art Fest

Q — Telegram user William: How does Unifarm retain users and ensure user loyalty? What benefits will users get when using Unifarm in the long term?

A — Saarthak from UniFarm: We have constant user support on TG and we offer Google meet calls to users to share their screens and solve their issues.

We also offer one on one meet calls to get feedback and co-create with users.

Thank you Saarthak. We enjoyed having you in our community, and taking the time to answer our questions about UniFarm today.

Do you have any final words for us? Where can we follow you to stay updated? — Ayeley from GAINS

Thank you for hosting this wonderful AMA!

Well Final words would be


Earn APY on your Gains Tokens while holding them.

Please visit and follow us on

UniFarm | Telegram | Twitter

We are always there to help you. — Saarthak Joshi from UniFarm

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