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This month was packed with a whole lot of activities. Here’s an update.


In the early part of the month, GAINS invested in Witly, a project that aims to bring all metaverse real estate to a single platform to list, browse and bid virtual real estate.

💬 “The idea of a listing platform for digital land parcels is both simple and brilliant which is why I believe in it a lot. It will be needed. Add to that the significant experience in traditional real estate of the leadership team and you got an explosive recipe for disruption.” — Alexandre Raffin, GAINS Associates CEO.

We also partnered with Unique Things MetaMarket, the first marketplace where all real products will be backed by NFT Digital proof of ownership and authenticity. We are excited about this as well🥳

Additionally, we invested in MetagamZ, a ‘Metaverse of Games’ that provides Game Publishers with a fully customizable VR Environment to play their games and generate revenues through Gaming & GameFi. 🎮 Interesting🤩

GAINS Associates also partnered with GOinfluencer, an influencer marketing platform that is set to become the crypto influencer hub that is still missing in the market.

Whew this month came with a lot of investments

We invested in STAGE as well. STAGE is a music 3.0 owned by fans and artists. Check out this article on STAGE.

These partnerships mark the beginning of an exciting new venture and we hope to build strong brand alliances with these projects.

Other projects invested in this month are Avalon, ZyenaLABS, SEOR, and ArtFi.

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We had some interesting AMA sessions with Bullieverse, Harmony Launcher, The Fabled, GemUni, Colexion, Gravis Finance, Fight of the Ages (FOTA),, MetagamZ, Outer Ring, and Ancient Kingdom. Visit our medium page to check them out.


We had two insightful interviews this month which were hosted by our CEO, Alexandre Raffin. The first was with the founder of FAITH TRIBE, Wahid Chammas. This session was on how to empower independent fashion creators.

Jonathan Moraly, founder of MetagamZ was also hosted. He discussed their VR ecosystem for Gaming and its impact.

Check out both videos on our YouTube channel and don’t forget to subscribe.😉


A couple of projects we invested in launched this month. Here are a number of them.

Earn Guild — 22nd February on PancakeSwap (ATH: $0.257)

MetagamZ — 28th February on (ATH:$0.006)

IX swap, one of our partners, mooned to about 250% this month. This is exciting news for all investors 👏.


We know you love giveaways so we organized a load of them this month. We had a $2000 total airdrop event in collaboration with Deliq Finance, a project that aims to revolutionize finance for the Avalanche ecosystem.

We launched a 1000 $GAINS giveaway on Twitter. 100 lucky winners received 10 tokens🤩.

Also, we organized a $2000 giveaway in partnership with NAGAX.

To celebrate our partnership with GOinfluencer, we organized a staking pool. Stake $GOIN and earn $GAINS. Exciting, isn’t it?

Additionally, we had a Gleam giveaway with a prize pool of 150 USDT in partnership with GEMS.

We also launched a Gleam competition in partnership with Cross the Ages. 500 whitelist spots for their NFT cards were up for grabs.


Evan Luthra, an eminent personality in the crypto world recently published an article that featured GAINS.

Evan mentioned GAINS as an outstanding example of a DAO use case. He also touched on our aims, goals, and objectives as a VC. This is the beginning of bigger things to come🥳 . Here’s a link to the article.

We also updated our website🥳. GAINS Associates is now available in 24 languages. This shows how much we cherish and prioritize our community. This update makes our website available to billions of people! 🚀🔥. We are GAINS! We are a big family whose mission is to make crypto mainstream. What are you waiting for? Join us!

And it’s a wrap for February. Get ready for March because it’s going to be a more electrifying ride.🚀

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GAINS Associates is the World’s First Decentralized VC. With over 3 years of experience and several ultra-high return deals, we are removing the barriers of entry to investing and changing the world, one deal at a time.
In addition, we provide daily news, articles, video interviews as well as fun & educational events.

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