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GAINS Supports ArtFi — The Next Masterworks?

We are excited to announce our latest partnership.🥳 GAINS has partnered with yet another extraordinary project, ArtFi. ArtFi is a unique project that allows you to find, collect and experience blue-chip artworks through NFT and Blockchain.

For as long as anyone can remember, collecting art has been a tradition of the elite. With the introduction of blockchain, there has been the decentralization of traditional practices of art collection, ownership and enjoyment which will slowly put an end to the tradition of collecting art being a privilege of a select few. What if you had the golden chance to be part of this elite world of art without even spending millions of dollars?🤔 Stick with us. ArtFi is riding on this blockchain innovation to build a platform that is accessible to anyone and everyone. ArtFi is a unique opportunity for art collectors, investors and NFT collectors to diversify their portfolio with blue chips as NFTs.

ArtFi seeks to
— Break the heavy entry barrier surrounding art investment
— Curb the issue of no royalties
— Put an end to the norm of art collection requiring a huge investment
— Drastically reduce the risk to lose

How does ArtFi work?

🚀 ArtFi selects artists using their best experts and research teams. This is to ensure that they select the best and only the best on the market.

🚀 They acquire the best work at the best price.

🚀 ArtFi fractionalizes the art into limited edition NFTs allowing anyone to buy using their digital wallet. NFTs represent an investment in iconic blue-chip artworks of the world’s most famous artists.

🚀 NFTs can be openly traded on the ArtFi marketplace as well as other secondary marketplaces.


ArtFi has astounding benefits to offer. Who doesn’t love a few perks? Below is a list of the outstanding ones:

Art connoisseur
With ArtFi, you can become a patron of arts within the NFT space. You can play a critical part to nurture the fine arts community.

ArtFi gives a method to artists/collectors to accomplish and participate in the upside of their art. This is meant to redefine the model of ownership.

Owning a masterpiece
ArtFi makes fine art accessible for the crypto audience, allowing them to use their digital wallet to invest in the world’s largest asset.

Indeed, ArtFi is exceptional. ArtFi plans to place physical works of art in the ArtFi foundation, a non-profit public trust and physical museum whose purpose is to maintain and display the collection on behalf of the ArtFi community. The ArtFi Foundation will operate as a public trust but for the enjoyment of the ArtFi community. The Foundation will also develop a museum in the Metaverse where the collection will be always accessible. That’s quite ingenious.


Unquestionably, ArtFi is on the right path to success. We just can’t keep calm about this new partnership, and more so as we perceive the growth of this wonderful initiative. We are confident that this partnership will make colourful exploits.



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