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We are proud to announce our latest partnership with Wealthy Teds, an NFT that is changing the dimensions of the NFT sector and will offer its holders the opportunity to become part of one of the most exclusive clubs in the NFT space.

I guess you’ve never heard of an NFT that acts as an identity card and allows owners to be part of a community where they can learn how to grow their wealth and live experiences reserved for the world’s wealthiest individuals🤔. Well, that’s exactly what Wealthy Teds is.

Wealthy Teds gives you access to a privileged network and offers you access to knowledge and the opportunity to receive luxury tokens and top-notch experiences on a regular basis. Isn’t that incredible? These activities or benefits include;

Private Club

Owning a Wealthy Teds NFT makes you a member of their Private Club which gives you free access to their Discord Channel where knowledge and investment tips will be shared or discussed. Travel tips and hacks, training courses, technical analysis, stock market strategy, crypto alerts and NFTs are a few of the discussions that will be held.

Space Travel

Wealthy Teds has collaborated with one of the only companies organizing trips to space to give their members the rare or once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to go to outer space, literally!

Luxury Experiences

With Wealthy Teds, you will enjoy a range of exclusive experiences such as luxury trips, yacht stays or rentals in extraordinary locations, private jet trips to your destination of choices, dining at some of the world’s most luxurious restaurants, VIP tickets or entry to exclusive events all depending on your Wealthy Teds tier.

Digital assets

5 Golden Wealthy Teds are within the collection, these Teds amount to an extra $500 in ETH recurrent monthly earnings over a period of years! The Wealthy Teds community, at the end of each year, will raffle a Bored Ape NFT

Charity Work

The numerous benefits of Wealthy Teds are not only enjoyed by the members alone. They extend these benefits to others around the world. They aim to create a positive impact in the lives of the less privileged.

Tangible Assets

Wealthy Teds has a number of goodies such as luxury watches, gold and silver bars, real estate in Ibiza, and rare artworks among many other valuable assets on their portfolio up for grabs through raffle depending on your Ted tier.

Wealthy Teds Tiers

There are 4 Wealthy Teds tiers namely;

Lazy Teds — 1x Wealthy Teds
Chubby Teds — 3x Wealthy Teds
Hangry Teds — 5x Wealthy Teds
Naughty Teds — 10x Wealthy Teds

There are other interesting features such as Legendary Wealthy Teds. Owning a legendary Wealthy Ted can multiply your investment exponentially.


Wealthy Teds has a solid marketing strategy that is worth sharing;

Wealthy Teds will work with advisors who include recognized music stars to exclusively promote the collection. They also have Evan Luthra, the most followed crypto guru on board.

Wealthy Teds plans to work with Instagram and Twitter influencers. They have a list of more than 50 influencers in the crypto and NFT world. Notable among them is Ish Milly, a Bored Ape NFT consultant.

Wealthy Teds will also work with YouTubers, the press and media and use social networks to boost their presence on the market.

We are positive that this partnership will be a fruitful one💪. Visit their social media pages for more😉.

Wealthy Teds is an NFT that is changing the dimensions of the NFT sector and will offer its holders the opportunity to become part of one of the most exclusive clubs in the NFT space.

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