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2022 looks promising already👀. Strap yourself in for an exhilarating ride!


GAINS had quite a head start in this new year. We partnered with H3RO3S, the world’s first real-life play-to-earn game. This partnership is an auspicious one and we are excited about it.

We also announced our strategic partnership with Ferrum Network, a service DeFi network that specializes in adding deflationary token utility and advisory services to projects. GAINS is now the newest member of Ferrum Network’s Iron Alliance which is a network of blockchain companies across a wide array of sectors within the blockchain industry.

In January, GAINS invested in Fight of the Ages (FOTA), Fabled, Kaira Network, Nakamoto Digital Lands, Colexion, and Chainport. These deals were open for all tiers. We also invested in Deliq Finance and NuLink which were whale 🐳 exclusive deals. Want to get access to these deals? Become a member of our tiered systems today. What are you waiting for?


Our team hosted a number of AMAs featuring promising projects namely Breach, Cheesus DeFi, Metarun, Metastrike, Froyo Games, Monsterra, Cyber Galz, Atlas DEX, Farastarter, Nulink, Burnt Finance, Deliq Finance, Monstropoly, GemUni, NASDEX, GEMS, and Ancient Kingdom. GAINS also hosted our first metaverse AMA in These sessions were highly interactive as usual. Detailed recaps of these sessions are available on our Medium page. Do check them out.


We had two interviews this month which were hosted by our CEO, Alexandre Raffin. Ehab Abaiden, the CMO of Breach, a gamified social platform for gamers was the first on the list for this month. This interview was pretty insightful. They covered what Breach is about, rare NFTs, staking, and many more.

We also hosted Darren Olney-Fraser, the CTO of Earn Guild, and discussed Earn Guild’s revenue model, adoption, investors, and many more.

Both videos are available on our YouTube channel.


A couple of projects we invested in launched this month. Here are a number of them.

Ancient Kingdom — 14th January on PancakeSwap and Infinity Pad (ATH: $0.020)

Ghostmarket — 18th January on PancakeSwap and Flamingo (ATH: $0.534)

Beamswap — 18th January on Moonbeam (ATH: $0.012)

GemUni — 20th January on Pancake swap (ATH: $0.202)

Metastrike — 20th January Kucoin and (ATH: $0.773)


Now to some more exciting news. We had some giveaways this month. A big congratulations to all our lucky winners🥳🤩

To celebrate the news of our partnership with Ferrum network, we launched a giveaway. The price at stake was $1000 cash price ($500 worth of $GAINS and $500 worth of $FRM). That’s a lot of cash!

We also organized meme contests in collaboration with Cross the Ages and also the 2Crazy NFT community. The winners received 200 USDT and 100 USDC respectively. Easy cash!

That’s not all. There was another giveaway in partnership with CyberTrade. There were 10 Polkastarter whitelist spots with 500 dollars $CCASH up for grabs.

Considering the fact that this is just the first month of the year, we can safely conclude that GAINS is in for a super exciting year. Get ready for what the year has for us. It’s going to be an interesting ride🚀

GAINS Associates is the World’s First Decentralized VC. With over 3 years of experience and several ultra-high return deals, we are removing the barriers of entry to investing and changing the world, one deal at a time.
In addition, we provide daily news, articles, video interviews as well as fun & educational events.

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