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March has been an interesting month with partnerships, AMAs, interviews, everything!

Here’s a recap.


We hit the ground running in March with our partnership with SEOR, a Web3-supported network that offers a customizable low-code development Oracle data platform for Link Reality.

During the month, we invested in ArtFi, a unique project that is on a mission to make art investments accessible to all by offering small investors access to the world’s largest asset class. We published an informative article on ArtFi on our Medium page.

We partnered with Fluid Finance, an ultra-low latency CeDeFi liquidity aggregator providing AI quant-based models to tackle fragmented liquidity in virtual asset markets.

We invested in Metawear, a project providing wholesale services on fashion products, collection virtualization as well as transformation services to textile industry giants. An article was published on our Medium page which highlighted Metawear’s operation, aims and how they plan to achieve them. Check it out here.

We also invested in AVATA, a DeFi project that combines launchpad and lending protocol.

We partnered with Gravis Finance, a project that makes access to DeFi easy by allowing you to have all your DeFi apps in one place. Read our article on Gravis Finance.

Other promising projects we invested in this month are Drunk robots, Nested Finance, Astrid DAO and Gamestar+.

Become a member of our tiers to gain access to these “gainful” investment opportunities💰.


We hosted a couple of AMAs featuring outstanding projects on our Telegram channel namely, Razor Network, IndiGG, TribeOne, Itheum, ChainPort, PlotX, Souni, SatoshiCity, Tartarus, Nested Finance, STAGE, Cheesus, Interlock.

The background, features, aims, and roadmaps of these projects were discussed accordingly. View comprehensive recaps of these AMA sessions on our Medium page. Do follow and subscribe to our page for more updates.


We had the opportunity to interview William De’Ath, Chief Compliance Officer and Ilya Filinykh COO at GBC.AI, a project that incorporates AI into all blockchains in a transformative way. In this interview, GBC.AI explained how to implement their proprietary AI with distributed ledger technology leading to optimization and improvements.

This interview was hosted by the CEO of GAINS, Alexandre Raffin. Watch this interview on our Youtube channel to find out more and don’t forget to subscribe for more crypto content.


GAINS-backed Immortal Game is joining the Winter 2022 batch of CoinList Seed projects 🚀. Proud partner moment💪.

Some projects we invested in launched this month. Here are some of them;

Satoshi City — 23rd March on Zeroswap and MEXC

Galaxy Blitz — 30th March on, PancakeSwap and Ascendx


We announced that GAINS will be hosting the first-ever edition of the DeFi Friends Show which will take place on our Twitter account on the 5th of April 2022. The participants of this first edition are Bancor, InsurAce, Paladin and Jarvis Network. 2022 is indeed a year of big moves. 🚀💪
We are super-excited about this news and if you are a DeFi enthusiast we bet you'll be more excited.👏

We posted detailed tutorials on how to become a GAINS hodler and get the chance to invest in multiple projects with the biggest return deals. These tutorials have been simplified and you should definitely check them out. Head to our YouTube channel and our Medium page to view them😉.

We published a very interesting and informative recap on how GAINS fared in the year 2021. Well, this article is not just limited to how GAINS fared in 2021, it also encapsulates how the crypto world as a whole fared and some interesting news on crypto in 2021. Nostalgic😅.

We also posted a whole lot of interesting crypto news on our telegram channels. Here are a few of them;

— Luna overtakes Ethereum in terms of total value staked with $30 billion😮.

— Dubai passed virtual asset regulation law to become a global destination for the virtual asset industry.

— Bored Ape Yacht Club released a new token ApeCoin which will be tied to the NFT community.

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This is how the month of March went for GAINS💪🚀. Anticipate more exploits in April!

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