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Hey GAINS fam, we bring you a detailed recap of a very power-packed and electrifying month.⚡️ If you’ve been paying attention, I’m quite sure you’ve noticed that April was an exceptional one, out of the ordinary.👏 Stay tuned to find out why.👀 Anyway, here’s a recap of April

April brought with it a slew of fantastic investment deals which is quite typical of GAINS.🤑

This month began with an investment in Wealthy Teds NFT🐻, a project that acts as an identity card and allows users to be part of a community where they can learn how to grow their wealth and live experiences reserved for the world’s wealthiest individuals. Check out this article on Wealthy Teds.

We also invested in Shush Club, a premium online content creator platform that is incubated by Blokpad, Bloktopia’s launchpad, one of our best deals to date, which reached a 1000x ROI.📈🤩

We partnered with PlanetMojo, a project that will allow users to compete with their NFT-owned customized teams in the suite of PvP, P2E games and tournaments.🎮 PlanetMojo is a very solid project. Animoca Brands, Republic, Alameda Research, Sfermion and Merit Circle are a few of the investors in this project. The team has veterans from Activision, EA and LucasArts, which was bought by Disney in 2021.💪

In addition, we invested Libera, a retail supply chain development-focused project as well as Shardeum, the world’s first dynamically sharded, scalable, truly decentralized smart contract platform which is founded by the CEO of WazirX, the biggest exchange in India.👀

H2O from Ocean Protocol, KOLnet, RIO-X and T.E.A.M DAO were next on the list of investments for this month.

These partnerships and investments mark the start of an exciting new journey. We are optimistic about the successes of these projects and we hope to forge stronger brand ties with these projects.🤝

We had a couple of AMA sessions that were quite intriguing and educative. Projects on board were Cheesus, Interlock, Bold Point, Avata Network, HORD App, BreederDAO, GamePad and SuperBonds and as usual, there were monetary prices up for grabs for those who answered questions.💰

Check out our Medium page for extensive recaps of the various sessions. 📝

Our CEO, Alexandre Raffin, hosted Isla Rose and Chris Martin, co-founders of SATOR on our YouTube channel. Sator aims to democratize the typical television paradigm where users generate the value of a show, yet only centralized entities receive a payout. 📺 🎙

The project’s aims and objectives were discussed. We are sure this one might pique your interest.😉 Watch the video here and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more fascinating content including interviews, tutorials and more.💪

A few projects we invested in launched this month🥳
These are;

Uponly ($UPO) — 7th April 2022 on Kucoin

H2O ($PSDN) — 27th April 2022 through Uniswap V3 pools

Also, we informed our community of GAINS-backed World’s First real-life P2E, H3RO3S’s video game launch in May. GAINS partners are steadily making exploits and we are here for all of that! 🚀

In April, we introduced “PROJECT SPOTLIGHT”, a brand new initiative 🌟. Told ya this month was different! Project spotlight will throw light on some remarkable projects that GAINS previously invested in. So far,, Quant, Avalanche, Jigstack, H3RO3S and Bloktopia, one of our best deals have been featured.💡 Don’t miss more of these exciting updates, do join the GAINS channel to access more of these.

In collaboration with Animalia, we organized a gleam competition or giveaway. The price at stake was 30 whitelist spots for ‘Arcana Genesis NFT: The stonekeeper of Animalia Kingdom’

We brought back the General Crypto Quiz! 👏If you are a huge crypto enthusiast, you sure will love this🤩
This is a friendly competition to test your knowledge of crypto. GAMEFi was the theme of the quiz and it took place on Kahoot. Keep an eye out for more of this. 👁

Not only did this month come with good deals, but it also came with tons of exciting news.🥳
$GAINS token hit 1 year on the 6th of April! 🎂 We are super excited about this.

The GAINS team arrived in Dubai and is working extremely hard, the results are looking very good.👏🏙 We’ve seen mind-blowing additions and improvements. 🤯

We launched the super-fast, fun and innovative GAINS Private v2🎉. This makes crypto more accessible to our holders. The GAINS private V2 interface is available on mobile and desktop for a completely immersive experience.📱 The platform enabled interoperability between ETH and BNB. Convenience for our holders!

This easy-to-use interface currently includes the all-new Distribution Calendar which gives access to the number of tokens to receive and the network on which these tokens will be distributed. 📆 This is the first of its kind, let it go down in history!

This month, a greater familiarity between the GAINS team and the GAINS family was established. 🤝

Our CEO addressed the community on various happenings and news including the likelihood of a Twitter token, our exploits in Dubai and other interesting facts through videos and we are loving it! 🎥

GAINS got featured in articles on two top-notch websites. The first article was published by the NASDAQ stock market on their website. The focus of this piece was on the GAINS private platform. It highlighted GAINS as a solution to an ever-present issue of biased funding in the DeFi space. Read the article here.

We also got featured on Benziga, an innovative finance media outlet with unique content that is coveted by Wall Street’s top traders. This article also covered the GAINS Private platform. You can read the article here.

We introduced the “MEMBER SPOTLIGHT”, a new series of posts to learn more about our holders! Watch out, it could be you in this spotlight soon🌟

We welcomed a new member to the GAINS team! Towqueer Gilkar, the CEO of the esteemed Emchain is now one of our board of advisors!🗣

We hit 1k subscribers on our YouTube channel and we hosted the first-ever DeFi friends show on Twitter spaces. 🚀

Whew! It’s a wrap for this power-packed month! 💥
We are pretty sure you weren’t ready for these, now fasten your seatbelts cos there is more to come.🎢
Are you ready?

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