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GAINS Associates is elated to announce our strategic partnership with STAGE, a music 3.0 global label and social network with a TikTok-like experience owned by fans and artists.

Over the past 4 years, GAINS has built a track record of backing the most propitious projects out of the innumerable projects on the market and STAGE is no exception!

“I believe Stage will be TikTok on steroids. Imagine the fun and viral music competitions that anyone in the world can enter, given they have the talent, of course. It’s going to give the spotlight to so many artists; create careers and stars, for our dear enjoyment. The team is already executing extremely well and there are top-tier partners on board. I’m excited about the future and to see musicians on STAGE!”

Alexandre Raffin — CEO of GAINS Associates


STAGE is a unique and interesting project that seeks to solve a number of issues in the music sector. For the longest time, music has been dominated by record company oligarchy. Major record labels have the power to decide who becomes the next star, middlemen take most of the profits, and many other issues all of which are unfavorable to the artist and might even make them give up on their dreams. Talents are being wasted!

STAGE aims to
– Help artists make a living from their talent without intermediaries
– Bring the power back to the fans
– Give fans the opportunity to share artist success as they become famous

How do they intend to do this?

🎤Always on competitions
STAGE is an always-on music competition platform aimed at 15–25-year-olds. There’s always a contest for any music taste or genre meaning more people are going to be engaged! While your favorite artists compete, you vote for them through ‘stages’. The artist winning the competition gets 2% of all voted tokens.

🎤TikTok-like experience
STAGE uses a TikTok-like experience based on music competitions and inspired by The Voice. Fans with linked crypto wallets may vote with $STAGE tokens while those without it will vote with virtual tokens purchased through traditional in-app payment systems. See? STAGE is created with everyone in mind!

🎤Rare Stage Cards (NFTs)
Any vote cast earns the voter a unique collectible card (NFT) that is composed of
– The artists’ performance/ music
– Metadata about fans vote
– The artist rank from the competition
– Rarity of the card

This card is minted by fans on Polygon at the end of the contest. As artists get famous the value of the card increases and this is exactly how they can achieve their aim of fans sharing artist success. Amazing right?😦

Is that all?

Well, there’s more, besides these amazing features, STAGE has big plans in the pipeline. STAGE will later introduce an in-app NFT marketplace to allow artists to issue their own social tokens for fans to buy, tied to their off-chain revenue.


We believe in the vision of STAGE and we are enthusiastic about leveraging our network, expertise, and experience to support this huge vision!

STAGE is a music 3.0 owned by fans and artists. It is a TikTok-like experience based around music competitors and inspired by TheVoice.

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