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GemUni — Telegram AMA — February 16

On Wednesday, February 16, we had the pleasure to welcome to our Telegram chat:

Cassie Nguyen

We asked her questions about the development of GemUni.

Some sentences have been slightly edited for readability but the meaning has been conserved.


Q — Ayeley from GAINS: Can you introduce yourself and your project? Just a quick recap for the new ones amongst us

A — Cassie from GemUni: I’m Cassie — CEO & Co-founder at GemUni — a decentralized NFTs & Gaming Platform.

I have had 9-year experience in the fields of AI, Big Data, Gaming Software tech startups, and enterprises. I am also a frequent crypto trader and a supporter of global crypto projects.

It is my honor to be here to update on GemUni — a promising project that my team and I are passionately working on, and having been supported by global backers including the “Mighty Eagle” of Rovio (the famous Angry Birds games)!

About GemUni

Q — Ayeley from GAINS: Can you tell us about GemUni’s achievements so far?

A — Cassie from GemUni: GemUni is building a Decentralized NFTs Gaming Platform for Play To Earn for everyone around the world to engage in Fun, Easy, and Play to Earn Games. Users can enjoy diverse addictive Casual Games & Signature Games while monetizing their experiences with gaming platform rewards and NFTs transactions.

GemUni comprises two ecosystems, GENI token and Reward tokens with Casual Gaming Platform (1000+ casual games) and Signature Gaming Platform. Discover more at our new website

Since the official project launch in Oct 2021, we have reached all the milestones and achieved some remarkable success. First, GemUni successfully completed the IDO on January 19, 2022, on three different launchpads: Red Kite, GameFi, KrystalGO, with $400k total raise. Regarding our IDO Whitelist Campaign, there are many impressive numbers: 2,373,044 total entries | 85,096 unique participants | 84,595 retweets | 4,624 winners.

After that, GENI was listed on PancakeSwap (20/01) and our Farming Pool was launched on KyberSwap (22/01). In the meantime, the Beta test Gaming site has been extended until Feb 20 for whitelisted users (GENI Pass holders) to experience more games and full Play2Earn mechanics.

Our social & community channels have also seen a steady increase in the number of members and followers interested in the project. Telegram Community members have reached over 250,000 members. Twitter: 172,073 followers | Discord: 56,264 members | Facebook: 31,392 followers | Medium: 15,581 followers | YouTube: 8,130 subscribers 🔥🔥🔥

Q — Ayeley from GAINS: GemUni is supposed to be having a double launch on February 22. Can you give us additional information?

A — Cassie from GemUni: Yes, on 22/02/2022, GemUni will have a Double Launch — NFT Marketplace & Casual Gaming Platform (400+ games).

1. NFT Marketplace

Users will have a chance to experience buying and selling GENI Passes (Stone, Topaz, Citrine, Ruby, Diamond) directly in our marketplace. They can also refer to friends through their customized reference links. Later, we will launch NFTs Farming & Staking and Leasing, so stay tuned to our updates!

2. Casual Gaming Platform

After owning a Pass, users will join our Casual Gaming Platform to play and earn from 400+ fun & easy casual games of 8 popular categories: Puzzle/Trivia, Arcade & Action, Simulation, Lifestyle, Racing, Sports, Party & Music, Idle Clicker.

Currently, there are two Play2Earn mechanics: EXP Earning and GENIX Earning. The more users play, the more EXP & GENIX they earn. Players can also earn EXP in the GENIX Earning mode, with the scores corresponding to the total amount of their earned GENIX (in-game currency) in each match.

Users can choose among these gameplay modes: PvE (High Score and Leaderboard) and PvP (1 vs 1, Team vs Team, and Battle Royale) to play and earn a lot. (Leaderboard mode is not available in EXP Earning). To maximize scores and earnings, they can buy single in-game tools (Revive Life, x2 Score, Speed Up) or in combos to use.

Read more about us

Q — Twitter user @DERRYN82 GAINS: Can you tell us the main difference between casual games and signature games, and how GemUni selected the games which were released within the ecosystem? What are their basic criteria?

A — Cassie from GemUni: Interesting question! The main difference between Casual Games and Signature Games:

In the Casual Gaming Platform, users can enjoy hundreds of fun and easy casual games (thousands in the near future). In the Signature Gaming Platform, games are built separately with unique features and in small numbers.

How GemUni selects games: To be published on GemUni, all games are hand-picked by our team and must meet strict requirements such as compatibility, track record, technical checkpoints, etc. We also have Game Moderators to regularly evaluate games and remove those so easy to play and less attractive from the platform.

Q — Telegram user Samuel kenny: When should we be expecting your Signature Games out or are they out already?

A — Cassie from GemUni: Signature Games are expected to open Beta Test, INO, and IGO on GemUni launchpad in Q1 2022 & Q2 2022. Please follow GemUni’s official channels for exact dates update there:)

CyberRace, Moon 2050, MetaTransformer, and ZodiBoom are the ones scheduled for introduction soon

Q — Twitter user @Jenykim1111: I read that GemUni will focus on two game modes: Free to Play and Play to earn. So, can access to the game be totally free for those who want it, or really the benefits without limitations will be obtained by the players who invest in $GENIX?

A — Cassie from GemUni: Yes, you will be able to play games for free without a GENI Pass.

When joining in GemUni’s Casual Gaming Platform, each will be gifted an Avatar as a Free Pass (it is not an NFT) to earn EXP (cannot earn GENIX for now, but it’s under development for the future so you can Free to earn GENIX in the near future as well) and participate in certain tournaments to earn the rewards.

If you want to earn GENIX, you need to own at least one of five powerful GENI Pass NFTs: Stone, Topaz, Citrine, Ruby, and Diamond. The higher Pass levels, the higher-earning rates.

More about our game modes.

Q — Telegram user Nico: At GemUni, they have developed five levels of passes, which are: Stone, Citrine, Ruby, Topaz, and Diamond. So, could you give an update on the capabilities and attributes that these passes currently have? What are the benefits that characterize the rarity of each pass?

A — Cassie from GemUni: This is a good question as I haven’t shared much about GENI Pass NFTs in our AMA today! GENI Pass NFTs are GemUni signature NFTS which act live as a membership card to give access to our Casual Gaming Site.

Each Pass will generate a different number of game tickets per day for users to engage in different gameplay modes. The higher Pass levels, the higher-earning rates.

Stone Pass is given gaming tickets to play and earn in all modes, at a very affordable price. Those who owned our Stone Passes for free will definitely benefit from it.

Topaz, Citrine & Ruby Passes are higher-level passes than Stone, thereby more game tickets to play and better chances to earn in EXP & GENIX Earning modes.

Diamond Pass is the most powerful Pass in GemUni’s Casual Gaming Platform, which grants access to maximum returns. Though players do not have unlimited PvP tickets anymore (because they do not have to deposit GENIX to the Battling Pool), they will have better chances to earn higher rates in every single mode with the new model.

Read more about our Passes.


Q — Ayeley from GAINS: At the moment where can we get access to these GENI Pass NFTs?, and the $GENI token as well

A — Cassie from GemUni: GENI token:

▪️ Pancakeswap

▪️ Trading pair: BUSD-GENI

GemUni official contract address: 0xc04a23149efdF9A63697f3Eb60705147e9f07FfD

GENI Passes can be bought from Babylons now, or wait for our official launch of NFT Marketplace on Feb 22

Q — Telegram user Tila Tequila | Marketing: Can you describe what the use of your token is in GemUni Ecosystem?

A — Cassie from GemUni: GemUni comprises two ecosystems, GENI token and Reward tokens (GENIX for Casual Gaming Platform, and other Reward tokens for Signature Games).

1. GENI token is the main project cryptocurrency (GENI ecosystem), used primarily to access gaming networks and purchase NFT assets, use in Farming & Staking…

2. GENIX token is used as in-game currency to buy game tickets, purchase in-game tools, and reward users on GemUni’s Casual Gaming Platform (Reward ecosystem). Users can earn it by having good game results & winning in battles.

Business Development

Q — Ayeley from GAINS: In your introduction, you mentioned GemUni’s plan to become a fully Decentralized NFTs Gaming platform. Can you tell us what your plans are over the next 2–3 years?

A — Cassie from GemUni: We have outlined a clear development path and aim to achieve every milestone in our roadmap.

In Q1/2022:

Our Global Ambassador Program will be announced today (16/02) on all social & community channels. On Feb 22, we will have Double Launching — NFT Marketplace & Casual Gaming Platform (400+ games).

On Feb 28, NFTs Farming & Staking will be released. Later, GENIX will be listed on PancakeSwap. We will also launch Free to Play, Free to Earn mode for users to experience our platform without having to own a Pass.

In March, we will launch NFTs Leasing mechanics (including features for Game Guilds) (07/03) and Tournament Tools (09/03). Also in this month is our Signature Games INO & Beta Test: Moon 2050, CyberRace, ZodiBoom.

In Q2/2022:

GemUni will focus on expanding partnerships with Gaming Partners, Studios, Platforms to build a strong gaming ecosystem. 800+ Casual Games for Play2Earn will be published on the platform along with Signature Games' full launch like Moon 2050, CyberRace, ZodiBoom.

We will kick off multiple Global Tournaments in 2022. Terms and Conditions of the first Tournament will be announced in Q1/2022.

In this quarter, we also develop a Launchpad for IGO, INO of Signature Games, and other GameFi agency services for Partners to create a complete ecosystem for GameFi projects to thrive.

In 2023–2024:

Our target is to list GENI on Tier 1 Centralized Exchanges.

To become a fully Decentralized NFTs Gaming Platform, we will launch DAO Treasury and Social Gaming Platform (Read to earn, Write to earn, Vote to earn, and Watch to earn), and upgrade our platform to become a true Metaverse for gamefi & socialfi.

Stay tuned to our updates!

Q — Telegram user ble: Is the beta version of the game available to play currently? When can we expect it?

A — Cassie from GemUni: GemUni open Beta Test for GENI Pass Holders from Dec 15, 2021, until Feb 20, 2022 (when we will close the beta preparing for the official launch of Casual Gaming Site on Feb 22, 2022)

Q — Twitter user @TheShadowJK_1: I read that you will be announcing their new ambassador program for GemUni this week. What will be the ambassador system that the platform will develop and what requirements will I need to meet to become one of them?

A — Cassie from GemUni: Yes, the Ambassador program will be launched this month. Our official announcement will be released today 16/02 on all official channels.

To become GemUni’s Global Ambassadors, you can be Games Guild, Social Gaming Platforms, NFT/crypto/trading communities, gaming reviewers, influencers, KOLs, or enthusiasts, etc. As long as you have a passion for crypto gaming, for casual games, and are looking for a way to diversify crypto earning, then our program is for you.

You will collaborate with us to grow together, receive attractive income, and have the opportunity to access our future Signature Games testing and NFTs.

First, we want to create a very simple commission scheme. You will earn up to 15% commission (and even more bonus) based on the number of monthly GENI Pass NFTs sold through your referral link.

In the near future, we will create a more complex commission scheme, in which you can tweet, review, post, or share information about us and receive attractive income.

We encourage enthusiasts to contribute to the project and become our Ambassadors to earn lucrative income while contributing to building up a global NFT games play-to-earn ecosystem 🙂

Cassie, thanks for coming into our community, and taking the time to answer our questions. Where can we follow you to stay updated? Any final words? — Ayeley from GAINS

Thank you all for your questions! They are all GREAT ones ❤️

Please follow GemUni’s official channels here:
Telegram | Twitter | Discord | Medium | Website | Tiktok | Youtube — Cassie from GemUni

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