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Hoppy — Telegram AMA — May 29

On Saturday, May 29, we had the pleasure to welcome to our Telegram chat:


We asked them questions about the development of Hoppy.

Some sentences have been slightly edited for readability but the meaning has been conserved.


HOPPY Meme wants to leverage its potential and help build a better, sustainable, and greener future. HOPPY Meme will contribute towards the projects and campaigns meant for a sustainable future and give back to society.

The HOPPY games are built with a dual purpose, one is to give the platform an eventful narrative, and the second is to raise awareness about the need to build a sustainable and greener future.

HOPPY also gives direct donations to charitable organizations and foundations working on projects and programs to support the environment. With this, the users of Hoppy Meme will become an integral part of building a better future as a fixed percentage of every transaction will be donated.

Out of every transaction, 5% of the same will be deducted in the form of a tax rate. This transaction cut is divided into three parts — donations, liquidity, and holders. 1% of the transaction will be donated towards the programs that support and run environment-friendly projects. 2% of the same will be added to the liquidity pool, and 2% will redistribute to every HOPPY holder.


Q — Ayeley from GAINS: What did you do before crypto and did you have any other previous venture in crypto? What is your role at HOPPY?

A — Tsuyu from HOPPY: Before crypto, I was a full-time Product owner in the tech industry and a part-time master's student in an entrepreneurship program. Throughout the master's program, social entrepreneurship caught my attention and to do something not only for money but also to bring impact to society and the environment. Hence, I partnered up with Greenie, Windx, and Navean to build a HOPPY project.

My role in HOPPY is CEO and I have 10 years of experience in tech sectors as a project lead for over 50 people. Why I am interested in the green initiative's project is because I am inspired by Muhammad Yunus and with the solution that he brought and contributed to the society

Besides HOPPY, I have another startup in preparation in another industry and planning to launch at the end of 2021.

A — Greenie from HOPPY: Hi everyone. I am Greenie. Marketing lead at HOPPY and I have more than 5 years of experience in managing events and establishing strong relationship management with clients.

Currently, our core team consist of 4 team members and few team members working with us along the way depends on the product development.

Even though Naveen and Windx are not here today, here you can find background info of them here.


Q — Ayeley from GAINS: What is the project about in a few simple sentences? And for how long have you been working on the HOPPY project?

A — Tsuyu from HOPPY:

HOPPY would like to leverage the power of community in the blockchain space and the current market demand for memes. HOPPY believes that the time to give back to the environment is now. HOPPY wants to develop sustainability and climate-change awareness + make impactful actions.

Our tagline is For a Greener Future, one HOP at a time!

We have been working on HOPPY for several months and HOPPY just launched on May 23rd. HOPPY is a 5 days old project in the crypto world. Within these 5 days, HOPPY made good progress and achievement- 6k members in Twitter and Telegram, ~5.5 k holders, got the partnership with Evan Luthram and Gains Associates 😉

Q — Telegram user JEHA: Logo and name preferences used by some projects are actually sufficient to summarize the whole project. Why did you choose the name “HOPPY” and what messages did you intend to give about your project with this name?

A — Greenie from HOPPY: When we came out with this project, we were thinking which species is kind of cute and green can be used for our projects and we want to bring HOPE on sustainability topics. Then we thought about HOPPY. HOPPY brings Happiness and Hope to you.


Q — Ayeley from GAINS: Hoppy wants to develop sustainability and climate change awareness and make impactful actions. How will the HOP token be used to achieve this, and how does it capture the value of the ecosystem you’re building?

A — Tsuyu from HOPPY: Each HOP transaction will incur a 5% transaction fee, 1% goes to donation, 2% liquidity, and 2% is redistributed to all HOPPY holders.

Here’s how we plan to achieve that. We have Four key features which focus on Awareness and Action.

Meme centric and Give HOPPY a Green home are the features to build sustainability and climate change awareness

Meme-centric: We also organized meme contests in our community

This is one of the memes created by our community.

Give HOPPY a Green Home- this is a gamification platform where we will interconnect quizzes, rewards, and NFT to capture the value of the ecosystem

HOPPY Jumpstart and HOPPY Gives back are the features to take action on sustainability and climate change

HOPPY Jumpstart: to support young entrepreneurs with green initiatives focus on fundraising. If the amount is within the budget, we could fund it from HOPPY. If they have a good and big idea, we could do an IDO.

HOPPY Gives back: Donations to charities- 1% transaction fee goes to donation wallet and we are looking for crypto and green energy/ climate change associations for partnerships.

Q — Telegram user Callista Ella: How do we buy $ HOP and where? What are the advantages if I have the $ HOP token? And do you have any plans to list $HOP token on major exchanges like Binance and Coinbase?

A — Tsuyu from HOPPY: At the moment, HOPPY is launched on BSC. You can buy $HOP in Pancake swap.


Q — Twitter user @AMA4eper: As projects which bring environmental issues, does Hoppy have partnered and bond in contract with environment organizations?

A — Tsuyu from HOPPY: HOPPY wants to develop sustainability and climate-change awareness + make impactful actions. HOPPY focuses on Sustainable Development Goal 13- climate action in which we believe requires attention and action by all of us. In Q3 2021, we are looking for a partnership with an environmental association for donation and help in bringing awareness of their initiatives to the crypto world via HOPPY as well.


Q — Ayeley from GAINS: Did you raise funds so far? If so, how did you handle them? Are you planning to do any future raises?

A — Tsuyu from HOPPY:

Yes. is our partner who helped us with fundraising and kick-started the HOPPY project. Has been a great collaboration with Oxbull so far. Regular exchange on ideas and experience with the founder- Ushi till now. We raised $120k. We have a plan on how to use these funds. 😉 From marketing, ecosystem, development, etc.

So far no planning to do any future fundraising for HOPPY.

Business Development

Q — Ayeley from GAINS: Let’s talk about the roadmap. What stage is the project at and what should we look forward to in the next few months?

A — Tsuyu from HOPPY: Currently, we are still in the beginning (“Seed phase”) and our focus is to build a strong community.

We have started and are making progress in the gamification platform. Love to share the progress with the community here. This is the sneak peek of the NFT and gamification storyline.

Moving forward, we are going to launch a gamification platform so that we can increase the loyalty of HOP holders and attract new $HOP holders. At the same time, we are trying to build sustainability and climate change on our platform.

We are going to bring green initiative companies and advertise their products/ services/ content on our platform as well.

In Q4, we will collaborate with startups/students to help by providing advice or monetary support/fundraising to kick start their green projects. The HOPPY team is ready to take the challenge and build the HOPPY community together with all of you.

Q — Twitter user @MaxiVV05: In order to be a crypto MEME project, what are the most common problems you have to face to win people’s trust? and how do you solve it?

A — Tsuyu from HOPPY: Most common problems that we face due to meme tokens are
1) 1000x or 100x expectation from investors- Many investors expect meme tokens to gain 100x in a few days or not during the first-day launch. HOPPY is not a meme token only but we have a strong purpose and mission to accomplish — For a greener future, one HOP at a time.

2) Gain trust and confidence from investors- The HOPPY team stays active on Twitter, Telegram and addresses questions/ concerns 24/7. HOPPY’s dev team stays committed to working on the product as planned.

Q — Twitter user @ashes204bd: What are the strategies & techniques which you expect to launch in the future to attract more green companies towards HOPPY Meme?

A — Greenie from HOPPY:

1. Gamification platform — This will be the most attractive program for our holders and also new holders to join us. If HOP holders can answer the questions related to sustainability, they will be rewarded. Besides, they will see their HOPPY in the games growing up, climate action content, and marketing ads.

2. Fundraising support for University Students — We are supporting any University students that have good ideas but no monetary support OR any young entrepreneur with green initiatives. Here is a platform to let you show your potential.

3. Get attention from publicity via Twitter and TG — The power of the community is significant at the beginning of HOPPY, not only getting attention from new holders but also influencers. We got the partnership with Evan Luthra and also Gains Associates. And now we are still looking for more influencers.

Q — Telegram user Boylut: I’m interested in your Fundraising support for University Students/startups, can you tell us how we can apply as students? Are we to write and support proposals about our idea? And what’s the maximum amount a student could receive as funding? Perhaps hundreds of thousands of dollars?

A — Tsuyu from HOPPY: If you are a young entrepreneur/ university student, have an idea to contribute to support sustainability. Prepare and describe your project similar but not limited to our white paper, so that we can evaluate the readiness and feasibility of your project, and see what and how HOPPY can support you.

Q — Telegram user Demvrick: In its rapid growth phase, it is said that HOPPY Meme creates safe advertising space for green companies. What strategies & techniques do you hope to launch in the future to attract more green companies to HOPPY Meme?

A — Tsuyu from HOPPY: Once the gamification platform has more HOP holders and traffic, we intend to bring/ advertise green initiatives products/ services/ content in our platform to increase awareness about sustainability and climate change. More HOP holders, reward system, and partnerships with green companies.

It was a pleasure having you in our group today, and taking the time to answer all our questions. Anything else you’d like to say? Where can we follow you to stay updated? — Ayeley Commodore-Mensah from GAINS Associates

It has been an exciting AMA for HOPPY to be here and share the project vision and roadmap ahead of us. HOPPY wants to develop sustainability and climate-change awareness + make impactful actions. We are here for long term to increase our impact and value to investors.

Please join and follow us here: Telegram | Telegram Announcement | Website | Main Twitter | Tiktok. You can buy on Pancake swap. Thanks everyone! — Tsuyu from HOPPY

Thanks so much for having us in Gains Associates today! For those who are interested to our project, you may join our TG official group — Greenie from HOPPY

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