Step-by-Step Guide — How to Join the GAINS Private Groups

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2 min readApr 14, 2021


📹 Watch the video tutorial:

I) Introduction

The long-awaited moment has finally arrived and we are happy to present our different tier groups that will give you access to exclusive opportunities & much more!
Here is a quick reminder including the different names of these groups, the corresponding tiers, and the number of tokens needed to access them:

Tier 1: GAINS Blue Whales 🐋— 200,000 GAINS required
Tier 2: GAINS Baby Sharks 🦈— 100,000 GAINS required
Tier 3: GAINS Sleek Dolphins 🐬— 30,000 GAINS required
Tier 4: GAINS Silver Fishes 🐟— 10,000 GAINS required

Make sure to read the tutorial below to find out how to join the discussion groups once you have staked your tokens! 👇

II) Telegram registration (60 seconds)

Click on “Join Investors”
Connect your Telegram account
That’s it! Welcome aboard! 🥳

Sign up on the GAINS Investment platform and connect your wallet.

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GAINS stands for Group Action Is Never Small, embodying the collaborative spirit that is the essence of blockchain and decentralization.

In addition, GAINS provides daily news, articles, video interviews as well as fun & educational events.

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GAINS Associates
GAINS Associates

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