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Step-by-Step Guide — How to Join the GAINS Private Groups

I) Introduction

The long-awaited moment has finally arrived and we are happy to present our different tier groups that will give you access to exclusive opportunities & much more!
Here is a quick reminder including the different names of these groups, the corresponding tiers, and the number of tokens needed to access them:

Tier 1: GAINS Blue Whales — 200,000 GAINS required
Tier 2: GAINS Baby Sharks — 100,000 GAINS required
Tier 3: GAINS Sleek Dolphins — 30,000 GAINS required
Tier 4: GAINS Silver Fishes — 10,000 GAINS required

Make sure to read the tutorial below to find out how to join the discussion groups once you have staked your tokens! 👇

II) Telegram registration (2 minutes)

Step 1: Access your account
Step 2: Go to your settings
Step 3: Click on the Telegram icon
Step 4: A Telegram popup will open, enter your phone number
Step 5: The Telegram notifications service will send you an access request, accept it by clicking on “Confirm”
Congratulations, you’ve done it! 🥳

Once connected, send /invites to and you will be automatically added to the tiered groups corresponding to your number of tokens. You can now chat with other community members and have access to high-quality discussions about the ecosystem as well as the life-changing opportunities we offer.

Join us now! Enjoy quality articles, daily curated news, insightful infographics, and enter a vibrant, fun, and knowledgeable community!

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GAINS Associates provides you with the latest news and research in blockchain and crypto. It’s a community for everyone to learn and grow together.

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