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METARUN — Telegram AMA — January 06

On Thursday, January 06, we had the pleasure to welcome to our Telegram chat:

Noman Rasheed COO and Co-Founder, and
Matija Rosovic CEO and Co-Founder

We asked them questions about the development of METARUN.

Some sentences have been slightly edited for readability but the meaning has been conserved.


The Metarun mobile runner game combines traditional elements like aesthetics and gameplay mechanics with non-custodial smart-contracts-powered technologies like NFT, DeFi, and Blockchain. We are dedicated to offering cutting-edge gaming while employing classic UI/UX in a trustless environment and removing centralised entities from every part of a typical gamer’s experience.

By integrating NFTs and Blockchain in its native mobile game anchored by an assets-powered economy, Metarun amplifies the gaming experience by emancipating gamers from a lack of control over in-game assets, such as character skins and the financial economy. These assets are one-of-a-kind and tamper-proof items that players may buy or acquire, use in the game, or sell in various rarities on the GoFungibles marketplace to generate passive money. This technique, often known as a play-to-earn mechanism, is frequently used in Blockchain gaming.

The Metarun game is a feature-rich endless runner with solo and multiplayer modes. Players may earn in-game cash that can be used to purchase skills, powers, weapons, speed, and shields, among other things.
The setting is rich in detail and interactive elements. Each game level has been meticulously designed to provide distinctive visual styles that are attractive to the sight. Furthermore, each group contains a variety of obstacles that the characters must leap over, slide under, or dodge to live.

Players can gather a variety of artefacts throughout the game stages. These can then be merged to create a one-of-a-kind NFT. Each NFT will have its personality; some will be wearables, such as upgradeable skins (which may also be purchased in the Marketplace), while others will provide limited-time benefits.


Q — Ayeley from GAINS: Please introduce yourselves. What did you do before crypto and did you have any other previous venture in crypto?

A — Matija from Metarun: Sure, my name is Matija Rosovic and I am the CEO of GoFugibles. I have worked in the real commodity trading and financial world for the past 11 years. Graduated from law school, building my thesis on commercial law and finance instruments.

I have been involved and invested in the crypto market for the past 4 years now. I have been more involved in the Crypto markets since 2018 when I caught the Market drop at 4000. Being a trader myself I was looking to enter the crypto markets but was too late during the 2017 Hype. Since joining in 2018, I have been a regular trader, investor and cryptocurrency, and blockchain enthusiast since then.I turned my focus to NFTs, and DeFi in the last couple of years as, in my opinion, the underlying technology is the future of finance, trade, and gaming.

A — Noman from Metarun: I am Noman, Co-founder, and COO at METARUN (previously GoFungibles). Co-founder, advisor, and board member of multiple DeFi and GameFi projects. Gaming Enthusiast, passionate, and extremely curious about Blockchain and NFT technology. I have been an entrepreneur and cryptocurrency investor since 2013 and involved in crypto gaming, fintech, and DeFi space since 2017.


Q — Ayeley from GAINS: What is the Metarun project about in a few simple sentences?

A — Noman from Metarun: The METARUN Project(Previously Gofungibles) is building a sustainable multi-chain environment for gaming and non-gaming individuals to enjoy a part of the crypto ecosystem with NFT assets and its native ERC-20 token $GFTS. It has a simple recipe integrating a casual but addictive endless runner mobile game model with a play to earn mechanism.

Here’s a Gameplay video from Our prototype :)

Q — Twitter user @antonio50221026: Metarun used to have the name GoFungibles but I would like to know the reasons why they decided to change the name of the project? What does the name Metarun mean now?

A — Matija from Metarun: As you can tell that our project is Play to earn game, so we realized METARUN would be best suited to represent the project than just GoFungibles. We are moving in the direction of a Metaverse and our game is the runner game, hence the name META + RUN.

We have recently rebranded and the new website will be live soon. This is the reason we delayed our IDO so the community can adapt to the change.

The reason for rebranding is the community feedback and the VCs advice to shift our focus on gaming but still give a hub where everyone will have so much stuff to do than only gaming. It is our goal to set the guidelines of the future expansion of our METAVERSE in a MULTIVERSE of different projects under one umbrella😁

Q — Telegram user Xperia: There are 4 different Gems for collection in Metarun as Sapphire, Diamond, Ruby, and Opal. Can you please tell what are the use cases and differences of all these 4 gems and how can we get them?

A — Noman from Metarun: Players will be able to collect gemstones just by playing the single-player mode, these gemstones will act as in-game currency. Gemstones can also be used to upgrade/customize your NFT characters.

Q — Twitter user @5Loscar: There is a multiplayer mode on your roadmap that has a strange name and I do not know what it is related to the style of the game, it is called “Multiplayer PvP Mode”. How does this new multiplayer PVP mode work and how does this name relate to the style of the game?

A — Noman from Metarun: Multiplayer PVP mode means “Player vs Player” mode. Initially, players will have to lock up our token as initial match fees. A reward pool will be created for each match. players will have to clear the level faster than other players or eliminate them to win the match. The winner of the match will get to keep the most percentage from that reward pool and the loser of the match will get something back from their initial lockup.

Q — Telegram user Pedri: “METARUN was born out of a need for a real playable mobile game with a gameplay-to-win mechanism and an existing gap within the NFT ecosystem, P2E.” Why do you consider that this gap did not exist before and what functions of METARUN make this gap possible?

A — Noman from Metarun: We have thoroughly surveyed the current market landscape and existing (partial) competitors. METARUN was born out of a legitimate need for an actual playable mobile game with a play-to-earn mechanism and an existing gap within the NFT, P2E ecosystem. Unlike most of the current crypto games that are either auto-battlers or pc focused with high entry barriers, METARUN is poised to tap into mobile gaming with an innovative yet straightforward play-to-earn economy, addictive and competitive gameplay, high graphics, and guild systems.

Q — Telegram user Rimjhim: How affordable is the cost of items & NFTs on your platform?

A — Matija from Metarun: This one is a well-thought process although the game requires the initial purchase of the NFT character. The fee will be really low and affordable but by playing and upgrading, you will quickly realize the initial value will skyrocket.


Q — Ayeley from GAINS: What role will the token play in the Metarun ecosystem?

A — Matija from Metarun: Our token will be used for various purposes, from upgrading your characters to taking part in Multiplayer mode. There will be a discount on in-game items and on the NFT marketplace if our token is used as the payment method. This image explains the utility in detail

Q — Telegram user Semester 6: How can we have Tokens in your project? Can we already buy it on some exchanges?

A — Noman from Metarun: We will announce IDO dates soon, token will be listed on DEX and CEX. Please make sure to follow our official channels to avoid scams


Q — Ayeley from GAINS: Did you raise funds so far? If so, how did you handle them? And are you planning to do any future raises?

A — Noman from Metarun: Yes, we have successfully raised $4million. We are spending the funds on development and marketing. We are not planning to do any future raises as the amount raised would be sufficient to achieve our goal of METARUN.

Q — Telegram user ble: Can you please talk more about the fundraising round and who the key investors are?

A — Noman from Metarun: Here are some of our backers !!

Competitive Advantage

Q — Telegram user Shiva: Why should I play this new game, as I have so many Choices?

A — Matija from Metarun: This one is easy Metarun is an exciting game where players will be able to earn based on skill in a competitive multiplayer environment. The game will change the current META of space explorers and auto battlers and set a new standard in the gaming experience

Business Development

Q — Ayeley from GAINS: How far along are you with your roadmap and what should we expect in the next weeks and months?

A — Noman from Metarun:

This is our current roadmap :)

Thank you, Noman and Matija, for coming into our community, and taking the time to answer our questions. I’m sure there are quite a lot of gamers here who are itching to get started on the game when it goes live. Do you have any final words for us? Where can we follow you to stay updated? — Ayeley Commodore-Mensah from GAINS Associates 🐋

Thank You so much, everyone! It was a wonderful experience to be here, and I look forward to seeing you join our project. You can read more information about the project on our Website. Still, if you guys have any questions, you can join our groups and ask anything that you want to know.

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Thank You again for having me here today. — Matija Rosovic from METARUN

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