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Monstropoly — Telegram AMA — January 03

On Monday, January 3, we had the pleasure to welcome to our Telegram chat:

Mark Diego, Marketing Specialist

We asked him questions about the development of Monstropoly.

Some sentences have been slightly edited for readability but the meaning has been conserved.


Monstropoly’s addicting gameplay is powered by significant social focus and virtual reality (VR) web app capabilities to display monsters, interact with your team and other players, and participate in a growing range of community activities. The game’s atmospheric monster story combines the best aspects of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and metaverse worlds, offering players a unique fantasy world that is adorable. The universe is still in the early stages of development but is already filled with magical aspects.

The goal of players is simple: to continuously improve their game results in order to earn more prizes. Players achieve this by mastering the gameplay to upgrade weapons and collect items as they progress. Inventory items can also be exchanged for tokens and used to participate in project management, vote on the course of the project and experience decentralized financial services companies (DeFi) as the project grows. Monstropoly’s unique Metaverse website client allows players to connect on a deeper level, develop their own tools for others, create mini-games that incorporate the users’ NFT, and support additional global activities to truly create a build a dedicated community.

Meet and fight monsters from players from all over the world, watch or play in competitive multiplayer tournaments and enjoy interactive gameplay with your uniquely modified weapons in duels. With PvE and PvP modes (solo and workforce deathmatch), Monstropoly offers exciting playability as a mobile and PC shooter. Players are rewarded for regular play by completing daily quests, unlocking achievements, and keeping leaderboards — all with great rewards for the players. Monstropoly’s GameFi NFT platform is powered by the comprehensive Elixir engine, which enables users to do stakeout and productive farming. This also provides a vibrant market for trading in-game items and broader crypto and NFT stocks.

MPOLY is used by players to purchase NFTs and MPGLD game tokens and participate in decision-making processes as the Monstropoly team welcomes its valuable community to help shape the project.
MPGLD is used by gamers to purchase in-game products and earn prizes for playing the game.


Q — Ayeley from GAINS: Please tell us about yourself, and your crypto journey so far

A — Mark from Monstropoly: I’m Mark Diego, part of the marketing team. I joined Satoshi’s Games 1 year ago coming from the traditional gaming industry. We created gaming titles like Light Nite and a platform for crypto games called Elixir.

This year we won first place in the startup competition in bitcoin adoption at the Bitcoin 2021 Conference. Now we are trying to build an awesome community in Monstropoly! 😁

Q — Ayeley from GAINS: How did you end up with Monstropoly

A — Mark from Monstropoly: I ended up in Monstropoly because I think that playing to earn games is the future of gaming and also I think bitcoin will change everything financially.

Q — Telegram user Shera: I Found that you have +3 years of experience creating unique rewarding games and creators of Light Nite, the crypto version of Fortnite. Can you please tell me more about your highly experienced team members and how their Experiences is helping to build this Platform?

A — Mark from Monstropoly: Our founder & CEO, Carlos Roldan is the creator of the first Lightning application to gaming, winner of 5 international hackathons on bitcoin-related infrastructure or applications. Alfredo Bárcena our CMO. Former founder and CEO of IDC Games, one of the largest game publishers in Europe. Business and Marketing specialist in Gaming with 20+ years experience in the sector and an extraordinary 360º view of the whole gaming ecosystem and key players.

Me, Mark Diego, I’m a game marketing specialist, millennial, gamer, and eSports lover with 5+ years of experience in the gaming industry. We have awesome game developers with many years of experience as well. We are currently working on the project with over 10 people but we are trying to find the right people to increase the team.

About Monstropoly

Q — Ayeley from GAINS: Congratulations on the win. I’m sure Monstropoly will also be one to achieve great exploits. But first, tell us about the project, in a few simple sentences

A — Mark from Monstropoly:

Monstropoly is a high-quality play2earn game designed with MOBA esports mechanics & VR social spaces (what the cool kids call metaverse). Collect monsters and upgrade them with different weapons to create unique combinations to enter the battlefield. PvE and PvP game modes are available to match eSport competition dynamics and boost play and economic interaction between players.

Q — Twitter user @MmgvsTodos: The Monstropoly core team is familiar with creating unique gaming experiences and focusing on quality so I would like to know what plans you have to create a unified model for play2earn games? What is your long-term vision for Monstropoly?

A — Mark from Monstropoly: We plan to learn from others to earn games and apply the best things to our game. Our long-term vision for Monstropoly is to be one of the leaders of play-to-earn games. With our previous work and knowledge in the gaming & crypto industry, we believe that we can do it.

Q — Telegram user Anastasia Vector: I read that Before GameFi, You have already Published 7 Play to earn Games, What experience did you have in these times? How does this GameFi era differ from previous years?

A — Mark from Monstropoly: We learned that the ROI of the players is one the most important things and also that we can be one of the best because of our gameplay. I think the difference from previous years is that some devs are already focusing on improving gameplay and graphics for the gamers.


Q — Ayeley from GAINS: I can guess from the name that the game is about monsters. Can you walk us through the gameplay and tell us the utility of the token play in the Monstropoly ecosystem?

A — Mark from Monstropoly:

In Monstropoly you will have PvP & PvE modalities and a juicy portfolio of cosmetic skins and rich gameplay. Play a deathmatch game solo or with your team to earn rewards, combine different weapons with monsters to enrich your gameplay skillset and teamwork. Players can use ranged or melee weapons of their choice. Melee weapons inflict much more damage, but you need to get closer to the enemy! The ultimate goal for you as the player is constantly improving your game results to get more rewards.

There are two utility tokens involved in Monstropoly: $MPOLY is the core utility token, while $MPGLD is an in-game token. $MPOLY will be used to purchase NFTs and game tokens $MPGLD and participate in relevant game decision-making processes. $MPGLD will be used to buy in-game items and receive rewards for gaming.

The total circulating supply of $MPOLY is 500,000,000 and $MPGLD will be unlimited. You can find more info here.

We also have a forecast of our token.


Q — Ayeley from GAINS: Cool. Did you raise funds so far? If so, how did you handle them? And are you planning to do any future raises?

A — Mark from Monstropoly: Yes we did. We already did private sales. Most of it will be used for marketing and to develop the game. We plan to do the public IDO soon but here you can see the distribution of the $MPOLY token.

Competitive Advantage

Q — Ayeley from GAINS: What sets Monstropoly apart from the other P2E games in crypto at the moment?

A — Mark from Monstropoly: We saw 2 problems in the play to earn games industry:

— Problem: Poor gaming quality
- Solution: We are not newcomers to blockchain games, we have +3 years of experience creating unique rewarding games. As creators of Light Nite, a crypto version of Fortnite. We have enough experience to create the best gaming quality & balanced rewarding experience to make a unique game. See how our previous game looks.

— Problem: Poor social engagement
- Solution: Create a VR WebClient (AKA metaverse) that connects the whole participants to this gaming experience. Inside of this metaverse, create tools for guilds to have more visibility, create minigames that involve the users NFTs, create universal experiences to have the community more engaged & close to each other

Business Development

Q — Ayeley from GAINS: How far along are you with your roadmap and what should we expect in the next weeks and months?

A — Mark from Monstropoly: You can see our roadmap by scrolling down our website. Some important events that we are focused on is the public IDO in the 1st-2nd week of January (we hope we can make the announcement soon) and the Monstropoly first Closed Beta Test is in January too.

Q — Twitter user @p2eBitcoin: If you manage to organize a Monstropoly World Cup in the future, where would you like to be the venue?

A — Mark from Monstropoly:

We would like to make it somewhere in Asia, where the best gamers and leaders of play-to-earn games are right now. Maybe the Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, India, Vietnam, Taiwan…

Q — Telegram user suzuki: You have written in your Roadmap that you will list Monstropoly at CEX. So what’s the progress? And where can we buy/sell Monstropoly tokens?

A — Mark from Monstropoly: DEX will be Pancake Swap. CEX will be announced very soon. We want to manage the expectations strategically to avoid pump-dumps. Our main focus is to create an amazing play2earn game, not just a simple attractive token. (I hope we can announce this soon because we are really excited).

Mark, thanks for coming into our community, and taking the time to answer our questions. Do you have any final words for us? How can we stay in the loop with any updates? — Ayeley Commodore-Mensah from GAINS

Thank you so much guys for your interest in Monstropoly! Make sure to join our Discord. We value our community a lot and we want to reward our early supporters. Check out our video teaser.
Our main focus is to create an amazing play2earn game, not just a simple attractive token. Peace AND JOIN OUR WHITELIST!

You can follow Monstropoly and not miss the IDO here: Discord | Telegram | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Medium — Mark Diego from Monstropoly

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