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NDN Link — Telegram QUIZ & AMA — May 28

On Thursday, May 28, we had the pleasure to welcome to our Telegram chat:

Mark Nezvisky, CMO of NDN Link.

We asked him questions about the development of NDN Link, ranked on Coingecko.

Some sentences have been slightly edited for readability but the meaning has been conserved.


In this AMA, Mark Nezvisky, CMO of NDN Link, joined the GAINS community to tell us about his project.

NDN Link is a protocol that allows your connected devices to fetch data over the Internet by NAME instead of the IP address, making it simpler, quicker and more secure.

Unlike the TCP/IP protocol, NDN is immune to nuisances such as DDOS attacks because on their network the data is host-independent (it can be located anywhere) and is encrypted on a blockchain.

NDN just finished their IEO and already partnered with Huawei, Panasonic, Intel, Cisco. They have a long term vision and have locked team tokens for 6 years.


Q — Alexandre R from GAINS: Mark, Can you tell us what you did before crypto, how you got into crypto, and if you’ve had any other venture in crypto previous to being involved with NDN Link?

A — Mark Nezvisky from NDN Link: Before crypto, I was doing marketing and recruiting for different companies, some of which are:,,

Prior to NDN Link, I was running a YouTube channel for Crypto Daily Official: (6.5k subs).

Mark Nezvisky, CMO of NDN Link.

Q — Alexandre R from GAINS: Can you tell us what your role is at NDN Link and what the project is about in a few simple sentences?

A — Mark Nezvisky from NDN Link: NDN Link is a blockchain and Named Data Networking.

Named Data Networking (NDN) is a protocol that allows your devices (computers, laptops, phones, etc.) to fetch data over the Internet by NAME instead of the IP address.

So NDN replaces IP with NDN to make the Internet simpler, quicker, and more secure.

I’m the CMO of NDN Link, I do things like talking to you guys, filming videos for our YouTube channel:

Writing blogs for our medium:

NDN’s Medium page

Interacting with the members of our group:

Managing our social media: and other cool stuff!


Q — Twitter user @Porteo60152919: DDoS attacks are one of the most frequent threat methods. What solutions does NDN have to mitigate DDOS attacks?

A — Mark Nezvisky from NDN Link: Yeah, a very widespread issue.

Very briefly: DDOS is basically flooding the host (server). But in NDN’s network, the data is independent of the host.

It may reside anywhere on the network, so even if you flood the host, the data will remain intact.

It will remain intact because:

a) it doesn’t reside in one place.

b) you cannot alter it, it’s immutable because of the cryptographic signature of each data packet.

With TCP/IP, it’s easier to perform DDOs attacks, because everything is host-dependent. Right now 99% of blockchain projects still use TCP/IP at the Network Layer.

Even with all of the cryptography, the blockchain has in place, DDos still occurs, because the Network Layer is not secure.

In TCP/IP, the data is raw, unencrypted.

Q — Telegram user Q T: How can NDN LINK ensure the security of user data if not on a central server?

A — Mark Nezvisky from NDN Link: Central servers partly ensure the security of data, if they did completely we wouldn’t have so many hacks.

Because once you hack a central server now, you get unencrypted data just handed to you with no protection, no seal whatsoever.

Same thing when you visit a website and click on the certificates it provides, how do you know they were not forged?

I mean if the server was hacked, you may end up getting harmful data from a trusted source!

What we do, is apply cryptography to data that sits on the server, travels through the network, and appears on your device.

So if at any of those points there’s spoofing or tampering, no problem, the data can be only extracted if you have the necessary keys.

Public keys will be automated, private keys will be for specific cases when you need the data to be private.

Q — Telegram user Bambang: What are the main differences between NDN and TCP/IP, what are the advantages of using NDN over TCP/IP, and how will NDN change the modern Internet? Why does NDN Link need a token?

A — Mark Nezvisky from NDN Link: ONE of the MAIN differences is that NDN fetches the data by NAME and TCP/IP by the IP address.

For example, cafes nearby.

That’s the name of the data that you want. that’s an IP address of a server where the data resides.

TCP/IP takes “cafes nearby” and with the help of DNS translates that into to find where the data is, on which server.

NDN takes “cafes nearby” and searches for relevant data packets on the network that correspond to that query.

As simple as that, and it searches through hierarchical prefixes, what I mean by that is “”.

Meaning just like the URL you have in your browser.

The names of the data will be standardized to the local and global networks so that we only navigate unique data.

Q — Telegram user Wira Cool: Most current Internet users don’t even find any fault in it. How can you explain to them the need for NDN Link?

Web 3.0 also wants to solve problems on the Internet. Will this be a threat or barrier to NDN Link when it eventually starts?

A — Mark Nezvisky from NDN Link: I get this question on each AMA, and while I get that we got used to hangs, freezes, interruptions, bad coverage, etc. It doesn’t mean that it should be this way.

I’m 100% positive that every Internet user got pissed with their online experience at some point.

So instead of convincing people with numbers, we decided to convince the businesses with numbers so that they would create better products with NDN Link and you guys would feel the difference!

Q — Telegram user Kadek Yanto: I know quite a good project that was doing well until they had a low IEO sale, that was their end. Are you scared of dying also? How will you prevent such failure from happening to NDN Link?

A — Mark Nezvisky from NDN Link: I think everyone is scared of dying, well at least a bit.

But seriously, good question and the answer is: the market is the market. If we are good enough to bring value and succeed then we will. And that’s what we are intending to do, develop the product and bring value and hopefully, this will resonate with many.

Q — Telegram user S.P.A.D.E: How will the NDN Link wallet be different from any other cryptocurrency wallet?

A — Mark Nezvisky from NDN Link: We haven’t considered building a wallet yet, our focus is creating an infrastructure based on which companies would be able to develop new products or enhance existing ones by addressing issues with the TCP/IP protocol.

TCP/IP protocol model that NDN plans to replace with their improved tech

Q — Telegram user Kai @23: What are the advantages of running IPFS using the NDN Protocol rather than IPFS running on the IP Protocol?

IPFS is a distributed system for storing and accessing files, websites, applications, and data.

A — Mark Nezvisky from NDN Link: Please consider this article that I’ve written, or if you prefer to watch, then you can do so by this link:



Q — Twitter user @eljovan: Many investors focus on the price of the token in the short term instead of the real value of the project. Can you tell us the motivation and benefits for investors in the long term?

A — Mark Nezvisky from NDN Link: Got it from here:

This screenshot and link are one of the ways to assure our community and investors that we are in this for the long term. That’s why we have token distribution for the team 6 years from now.

Also, building an infrastructure that we are building takes at least a couple of years, it’s not something you can do short-term even with a large team. It requires a thorough approach with lots of tests.

NDN’s Tokenomics

Q — Telegram user 𝔞𝔪₿𝔢𝔯: Ethereum presents the issue of scalability, are you planning to have your own native tokens and mainnet to address this issue? If yes, any specific time frame to launch your mainnet?

What products has NDN link built to increase the utility of NDN and keep it in demand?

A — Mark Nezvisky from NDN Link: Consensus algorithm should be launched this year together with the testnet, and then hopefully next year we’ll have the mainnet, which is part of our second phase GAEA

Once the mainnet is launched we’ll do a swap for our native tokens.

Business developments

Q — Twitter user @Alekseevaed: In Russia, we often have disputes about the pros and cons of 5G. What do you personally think about implementing 5G in General? And what might change for NDN with the transition to 5G?

A — Mark Nezvisky from NDN Link: One of the biggest benefits of having 5G service is the dramatic increase in bandwidth, but there’s also a downside.

Unlike 3G and 4G that had the capability of reaching larger areas, 5G’s reach will be much shorter. smaller reach would mean that more towers will be needed to maintain connectivity.

This will of course have an impact on the cost of the service.

With NDN we are using a different approach instead of expanding the infrastructure, investing more into towers, operations, maintenance, we simplify/optimize the data delivery process.

I’m referring to the Internet component 5G, not the telephone network.

Current 5G Internet would still utilize TCP/IP protocol to transfer data, if we replace it with NDN we will be able to achieve better speed and stability because of the in-network caching properties of NDN Link, more on that later.

Q — Telegram user U Fig: To research and develop many products, surely the cost you pay is not small. So where do you get all the profits from?

A — Mark Nezvisky from NDN Link: Sure, we have investors that also believe in the project. For example, our private sale of NDN token for businesses in April raised around $7.3 million.

Q — Telegram user Komang Halus: NDN Link is having a lot of big rivals like Google, iCloud, OneDrive. So in the future, does NDN Link have a plan to replace or cooperate with them? I think it will be a huge turning point for NDN Link.

A — Mark Nezvisky from NDN Link: Yes, that would be awesome, and that is our intent, to partner up with companies of that caliber as well so that NDN would have mass adoption and consequently the NDN token.

Plus if that is successful, this will also have a positive impact on the whole crypto industry in terms of recognition and adoption.

I mean if the end-user would be hooked on NDN-based products, where they come from Cisco or Google or whoever, then all the tech giants will start switching and adopting the protocol.

Q — Alexandre R from GAINS: How did you manage to come up with such revolutionary tech while these big giants didn’t?

Do you think they’ll try to buy the company?

A — Mark Nezvisky from NDN Link: Good question, a point of clarity is needed.

We’re not the only ones, NDN has been developed since 2010 by computer scientists of the UCLA university.

Some of which actually took part in the adoption of the TCP/IP protocol 40 years ago!

And now they are working on adopting NDN

They are open-source and any company or individual is welcome to take their code and either contribute to the project or wrap it into a product.

That’s what Cisco, Huawei, and others are doing:

So it’s like with Linux when it was created the intention was open-source and everyone could create their own versions(flavors) and so that’s what people did.

Now NDN Link is different in that it combines it with blockchain, AND we are focusing on video content distribution, so we position ourselves on the market differently from Cisco, Intel, Huawei, or anyone who’s developing the NDN protocol for that matter.

Partnerships of NDN Link: Huawei, Panasonic, Intel, Cisco and more

It was an interesting event. Certainly a project that can have a big impact since it’s positioned at such a low level in the technical stack.

Mark, thank you for coming to our group today to tell us about NDN Link. A better (safer, faster, and more secure) internet is needed and will be the foundation to build even greater. I’m curious to see how things will go for NDN Link. Keep us updated!

Is there anything else you’d like to say? Where can we follow you?

Alexandre R from GAINS

Thank you, Alexandre, for having me today and everyone, thank you for your great questions!

Feel free to check us out by any of the links below, whatever works for you!







Mark Nezvisky from NDN Link

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