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Polychain Monsters— Telegram AMA — August 16

On Friday, August 13, we had the pleasure to welcome to our Telegram chat:

Lennart Brandt, CMO.

We asked him questions about the development of Polychain Monsters.

Some sentences have been slightly edited for readability but the meaning has been conserved.


Polychain Monsters aims to create a digital collectibles and gaming ecosystem with mainstream appeal. Polychain Monsters offers animated NFTs, which can be unpacked from digital booster packs using PMON on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain.

Polychain has introduced Polychain Islands which calls for players to team up and protect the islands from an encroaching threat. Gamers need to collect new monsters, train them and ward off the unnamed threat. On top of battling Polymon, players will be able to farm resources, start companies, and construct buildings.

Polychain users can stake PMON tokens to earn staking rewards based on the number of booster packs opened and their share of the total staking pool. In addition, staking participants are part of a weekly draw for special-edition Polychain Monsters.

The $PMON token adds unmatched liquidity to the project by providing a two-way swapping mechanism between the NFT and $PMON. Each swap & reverse swap burns $PMON, ensuring a continued increase in scarcity of your NFTs.


Q — Ayeley from GAINS: What did you do before crypto and did you have any other previous venture in crypto? What is your role at Polychain Monsters?

A — Lennart from Polychain Monsters: I’m Lennart, the Chief Marketing Officer & Co-Founder of Polychain Monsters (formerly Polkamon).

Before co-founding Polychain Monsters and joining crypto, I worked in various fields as a Product Manager, UX & UI Designer, and even a Software Developer. Seems like I’m keen on learning!

That’s how I came to run a health & fitness App subscription Startup on my own, doing “all the things” like Design, App Development, Marketing, Product Development, and Customer Support.

I’ve been in crypto since 2017 when I was hunting for altcoins & quick gains. The crash shortly after was a life lesson, after which I began to get involved because of the technology and with the desire to create something sustainable. Shortly after, I joined Tixl, a 100% interoperable & scalable high-performance network to connect all blockchains, as a UX & UI Designer on the side.

At the beginning of this year, Leif (CEO of Polychain Monsters) told me about the idea of digital booster packs & NFT monsters. I was immediately hooked! My whole childhood consisted of watching anime & playing video games, so I’ve been collecting monsters for over 25 years. Of course, I didn’t think twice about joining the team!

I’m running all things social now: From planning all the content we release each week, to writing & designing various announcements and managing Twitter. I also happen to negotiate partnerships (we have a lot!). In the beginning, I also developed our App and designed our website. But we’ve grown the team significantly, thankfully!

About Polychain Monsters

Q — Ayeley from GAINS: What is the project about in a few simple sentences? For how long have you been working on the project? And how many people are on the team?

A — Lennart from Polychain Monsters: With Polychain Monsters, we aim to create a digital collectible and gaming ecosystem with mainstream appeal. We offer animated NFTs, which can be unpacked from digital booster packs using our platform’s native token ($PMON) on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain.

Each booster pack includes 3 Polymon (as our community names them) with randomly selected traits such as type, color, horn, and a glitter effect. Each attribute differs in rarity, which makes some combinations extraordinarily scarce and desirable.

Our NFTs are already being traded on secondary marketplaces such as OpenSea for up to $50,000. Our collection gets expanded by special-edition drops alongside partnerships with projects like ChainLink, Elrond, and Polygon each week. In addition, these NFTs will play an integral part in the on-chain and off-chain games we recently announced.

I think development started at the end of 2020. I joined the team full-time In February this year. We launched our product, together with our IDO, on March 31st, 2021.

Starting with a team of 3, we’ve grown to over 15 people, mostly through family and friends. But some amazing people from within our community joined full-time recently!

Q — Telegram user Amina Peter: Your project was formerly known as Polkamon before being rebranded to Polychain Monsters. Can you tell me how your brand name has reflected the reality of the products and ecosystem you are building? How has the new brand opened more doors for you?

A — Lennart from Polychain Monsters: The new brand accurately reflects our drive toward cross-chain interoperability. Furthermore, changing the name removes any ambiguity about chain focus. Before that, people thought we’d be a Polkadot Project only 🙂

Q — Ayeley from GAINS: What are some milestones achieved by Polychain Monsters so far that you’d like to highlight?

A — Lennart from Polychain Monsters: There are a lot! We deliver exciting announcements 3–7 times per week through Twitter, Medium & Telegram. Here’s our blog, but let me highlight my favorites from the past 4 weeks (including Collector Staking!)

1 — We just released our unique approach to NFT Staking: Collector Staking. People get $PMON as a reward for having huge Polymon Collections and solving challenges. All transparent through a public leaderboard.

2 — We were part of the biggest NFT event this year: Binance NFT Marketplace Mystery Boxes. We sold 25,000 Mystery Boxes with cute Baby Polymon within a second after launch.

3 — We got listed on our first CEX: Kucoin. This listing means a lot to me personally. When I entered crypto in 2017, KuCoin was the first exchange I felt comfortable trading on. 4 years later, I’m part of this fantastic project that got listed on my favorite exchange!

4 — We launched a marketing program designed to promote high-quality projects pre-TGE (Token Generating Event). Through Booster Incubations, we give our community the chance to win all-new & potentially life-changing Polymon, as these NFTs act as a ticket for the partnering project’s Initial Dex Offering (IDO). These NFTs are part of our booster packs for 48–96 hours! As we speak, our first Booster Incubation with Moonie NFT has nearly ended.

5 — We announced our first play-to-earn blockchain game Polychain Islands. This on-chain game will enable you to collect ultra-rare digital monsters and produce resources to participate in a thriving economy through engaging gameplay mechanics.
6 — We announced our 2nd play-to-earn game Polymon World, a 100% community-driven 3D multiplayer RPG set in the Polyverse. Players will work to improve their Polymon through battle and by teaching them unique attacks. As players improve their team, they will gain access to new zones depending on the level of their selected Polymon team.

Q — Telegram user 🙋🏻‍♂️ Kevin | NEW HIGH 📊: On your website you mention that each Polychain Monster is backed by a truly unique NFT and can be unzipped with $PMON tokens, I found this interesting But what will the price of each one depend on to know how many $PMON it will be equivalent to? Will your price be fixed in $PMON?

A — Lennart from Polychain Monsters: Right one, one booster pack can be opened with 1 $PMON. In the near future, we might fix the price to 10 $USDT for example. But this isn’t set in stone yet. We also want to discuss this with our community 🙂

Q — Telegram user Najwaa: After staking ends, will I lose my Colchian dragon?

A — Lennart from Polychain Monsters: Yes, once you harvest all your $PMON and unstake, the Colchain Unidragon will be burned.

Q — Telegram user R. Alberto: I read that your NFTs are already sold in secondary markets like OpenSea for up to $ 50,000, does this mean that there are NFTs of your game that cost more than $ 2000? Do you have the prices of some NFTs?

A — Lennart from Polychain Monsters: The price depends on the rarity of the monster. For example, this 50,000 $ sale was about an NFT that gave access to our IDO (Allocation of 500$ in $PMON at a 0.35$ Price). Recently, a Tixl Unibranch sold for 9,9 ETH (32k$). It was the only one with the rare attributes Glitter & Diamond Horn. In addition, it was a special-edition Polychain Monster which was only in booster packs for 7 days. These special editions have a high value for the NFT Collector Staking. So demand is high here! 😉 Other than that, you can get a lot of cheaper ones on OpenSea (Ethereum) and SCV Finance (Binance Smart Chain) too 🙂

Competitive Advantage

Q — Ayeley from GAINS: What sets Polychain Monsters apart from other NFT projects?

A — Lennart from Polychain Monsters: First, Polychain Monsters differs from other NFT projects by randomly creating digital collectibles with high-quality 3D art instead of the 2D pixel art of some other crypto collectibles. These artworks are designed by a creative team well-known for their work in international multi-million dollar movie productions.

I don’t know any other project that created digital booster packs before.

Second, next to being an NFT and gaming product, Polychain Monsters borrows well-established features from traditional decentralized finance (DeFi) projects, including ERC-20 and BEP-20 PMON staking, as well as our just-released Collector (NFT) Staking.

Third, Polychain Monsters is a Multi- & Cross-Chain product. We initially started development on Ethereum. However, as gas fees on Ethereum began to climb, a growing number of community members were priced out of the project. To address this, we started our cross-chain journey — beginning with Binance Smart Chain (BSC) integration.

In Short: Nostalgic High-Quality NFTs + Play-To-Earn + DeFi

Business Development

Q — Ayeley from GAINS: What is the future like for Polychain Monsters? And what should we expect in the next weeks and months?

A — Lennart from Polychain Monsters: We’re all absolutely hyped and see this as a once-in-a-lifetime chance to create something bigger! 🚀

So first, we will primarily focus on gaming and bringing utility to everyone’s Polychain Monsters collection. I’m hoping to play both Polychain Islands and Polymon World Alpha versions this year!

We will also implement a reverse-swapping mechanism, so people will be able to burn unwanted (common) Poylmon for new booster packs & $PMON.

In addition, we’re going to expand our cross-chain journey and launch our product on additional networks like Polygon (in addition to the current Ethereum & Binance Smart Chain integrations).

I’m sure we will also incubate new projects through our Booster Incubation in the next few weeks!

So make sure to follow us on Twitter and feel free to join our community on Telegram.

Q — Telegram user Ngọc Diệp: What are your short-term objectives? What are you focusing on right now?

A — Lennart from Polychain Monsters: Right now, we want to bring utility to all of our community’s huge collections. Primarily, we’re focusing on gaming right now. Releasing play-to-earn on-chain games is our primary goal this year!

Q — Twitter user @KoyesUddin01: When will Polymon worlds be released?

A — Lennart from Polychain Monsters: I can’t wait for it to be released! Fighting with my own Polymon in an open 3D world is a childhood dream coming true! I heard the team is going to release the first public available alpha version this year already!

Q — Telegram user Đăng Đức: This game is fully run on Binance Smart Chain or do you plan to use your own system to lower the costs of playing (fees)?

A — Lennart from Polychain Monsters: Running the game on BSC could be an option. But just recently, we partnered with Polygon. They also just announced Polygon Studios, Polygon’s brand new arm for Blockchain Gaming & NFT ecosystem. So this might be a very good opportunity to join forces once again 😉

Lennart, thanks for coming into our community, and taking the time to answer our questions. Anything else you’d like to say? Where can we follow you to stay updated? — Ayeley Commodore-Mensah from GAINS Associates 🐋

I had a lot of fun with all of you here today! I’m super active with our official Polychain Monsters account on Twitter. All updates are posted there! 🙂And don’t forget to join our community. — Lennart Brandt from Polychain Monsters

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