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Project Overview: Gravis Finance — Gamified DeFi Ecosystem

Hey GAINS fam, we present to you our latest partners, Gravis Finance, a unique ecosystem of Evervoid (formally Astronomy Mining) free-to-play P2E strategy, Gmart NFT marketplace for game assets, and Gswap multi-chain DEX with 1-click liquidity migration and ERC20 & NFT bridge. Here’s an overview of the project.

Gravis Finance makes access to DeFi easy by allowing you to have all your DeFi apps in one place; Evervoid + Gswap+ Gmart. Evervoid is a free to play, play to earn NFT based game inspired by deep space and sci-fi and has never-before-seen advanced graphics and 3D designs. It allows you to develop your asteroid base, construct buildings and units, complete research and venture on all kinds of exciting missions. This game is quite fascinating. Why?

— It consists of a time management strategy, each building or research takes real-time to complete

— Every player gets a piece of land to build on, land can later be converted to NFT with all its progress and sold on Gmart.

— Ships and equipment can be crafted, found in loot boxes and upgraded.

— Players can form clans and earn ranks.

What’s more spectacular is that it is community-driven and players or users can vote for adding new features or changing the existing mechanics.

Gmart is the NFT ecosystem of Gravis Finance focused solely on in-game assets and has built-in smart analytics for the NFT portfolio. It is the prime spot for trading Evervoid NFTs. Only whitelisted assets are found on Gmart, all partners pass KYC meaning all assets are verified and can be trusted. It serves as a launchpad and provides instant access to a secondary market for new games.

Gswap is a top-notch DEX. It is a multi-chain AMM DEX with cross-chain ERC 20 and NFT bridge with high yield farming and a yield aggregator (auto compounded). With Gswap, there is a swap fee reduction for staking GRVS, the native token of Gravis Finance. It allows unstaking from farming pool fee reduction for staking GRVS. It allows 1-click migration: move liquidity from other DEXes.


$GRVS IDO is going live from 21st March 2022–30 March 2022 ON BNB Smart Chain.

  • Metaverse Lab — 21st March 2022
  • Synapse Network — 22nd March 2022
  • Matic launchpad — 23rd March 2022
  • TrustFi — 24th March 2022
  • AXLToken — 25th March 2022
  • DaoStarter — 26th March 2022
  • Helmet Insure — 27th March 2022
  • WeStarter — 28th March 2022


Public Round INO will take place from 1st-10th of April 2022.

Public Round INO Pools and Conditions: The maximum amount of participation per wallet is limited to 5000 USDT. The minimum amount is 100 USDT.

INO unlocking conditions: 5% unlocked at TGE, then lock for 1 month, then linear unlock for 6 months.


GRVS is the ecosystem’s utility token,
In Evervoid, it is used for;
👉 buying loot boxes
👉 required to participate in new missions
👉 shipping and drone mission reward

In Gswap, it is used as;
👉 a bridge token
👉 payment of NFT bridge fees
👉 rewards for staking, farming and auto farming

THE GRVS total supply will be 150,000,000 on BSC Chain after the TGE launch on Polygon.

Gravis Finance has big plans underway🚀.

— Gravis Finance mobile wallet which will be available on App Store and Google Play.

— Gmart is set to have its app downloadable on the App Store and Google Play which will have all GameFi NFTs in one place, enable portfolio tracking and quick purchase as well as smart recommendations and push notifications. Anticipate! Check out their roadmap.

We are excited to welcome Gravis Finance to the family. We foresee a mutually beneficial partnership that will be a tremendously fruitful venture. Check out their social media pages below and do give them a follow! 😉

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