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Project SEED — Telegram AMA — June 04

On Friday, June 04, we had the pleasure to welcome to our Telegram chat:

Liko Subakti, CEO, and
Dinh Thi Thao Trang, CMO.

We asked him questions about the development of Project SEED.

Some sentences have been slightly edited for readability but the meaning has been conserved.


Project SEED is an on-chain A-RPG game app designed to bring players a DAO virtual world. The game features an action-based battle system with cooperative multiplayer mode and uses NFT & DeFi monetization.

$SHILL is the native utility token and is used for all in-game transactions, staking to receive various benefits and governance votes to determine the project development.

Project SEED uses a decentralized autonomous organization to give players voting power for what they want on the platform. It is an unprecedented breakthrough in a centralized gaming system.

Project SEED is powered by Solana due to scalability with processing capabilities of 50,000+ transactions per second at sub-second finality and average transaction costs of only $0.00001.


Q — Ayeley from GAINS: Please introduce yourself and your founding team.

A — Liko from Project SEED: I am Liko Subakti, CEO, with over a decade of experience as a traditional entrepreneur and business development, turning a small company into a company worth millions in net income. Worked at Binance as Community Manager and SEA Angel Manager before moving to as Country Manager for Indonesia. Angel Investor who invests in more than a dozen crypto gems.

A — Trang from Project SEED: I’m Trang CMO of Project SEED. I started as a financial journalist and then became SEA PR Manager at Binance and PR Head for Binance Charity Foundation. Let me introduce 3 other guys in our founding team.

Baskoro Hadi is our Chief Studio Officier. He worked at Savage Entertainment in Los Angeles for 6 years as a 3D and SFX artist for games such as Transformers®, Scooby Doo®, and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2®. Then continue working at Vriday Studio in Indonesia as the Creative Director and 3D artist and manage a team of programmers and artists to develop applications and games.

Alex Setiawan is Project SEED CTO. He is a seasoned technologist and leader with experience in multiple industries with over 2 decades of experience building software at Boeing, TripAdvisor, and Lexus.

Mohammed Elelu-Bashir is Project SEED COO. He is a creative director of APCL’s projects team that built Concost, Upuzzle, and other noteworthy software. He also served as an advisor to Abitnetwork with a direct growth impact on the user base by 800k and sourcing of $1.2m capital investment. Notable experience at Binance and a community manager at

About Project SEED

Q — Ayeley from GAINS: You have a team well experienced in crypto, having already worked with well-established companies in the space. What is the project about in a few simple sentences? For how long have you been working on Project SEED? How many people are on the team?

A — Trang from Project SEED: In short, we are the first blockchain game ecosystem powered by Solana with triple layers NFT marketplace and Game Studio, as well as DEX and Wallet Although we are in the early stages of BUIDLING. We and our founding team started gathering from Q4 2020. We have received lots of support and encouragement on the very first days. At the time of speaking, we are a team of 25 people and we are hiring more. If you’re a game enthusiast and wanna bring blockchain games to millions of users, come and join us.

Q — Ayeley from GAINS: Why did you opt for Solana as compared to other blockchains?

A — Trang from Project SEED: As our vision to serve millions of players on our platform, Solana becomes a seasoned choice for scalability with processing capabilities of 50,000+ transactions per second at sub-second finality and average transaction costs of only $0.00001.

You know ETH is quite expensive. We can’t scale to millions of users with a high gas fee. It’s impossible to do mass adoption

A — Liko from Project SEED: To be honest, Solana is the best possible option for us to build our game and ecosystem ETH is too expensive DOT and ADA still unsure of the launch, and NFT support BSC still have many problems in my honest opinion.

But we’re building our game on 2 different factors Solana for the Blockchain side Unity for the Game Engine both selected to offer our users the best possible experience in gaming and also in the quality and gameplay

Q — Twitter user @alessa199625: You allow players to create their own dungeons within the game's functionalities, where they can benefit monetarily from other players who participate in it. What are the level requirements and other aspects that a character must have to create a dungeon?

A — Trang from Project SEED: Firstly, they have to be mastered in making Dungeon and understand players. We will base on the number of SHILL players hold to determine whether they become Dungeon Masters. So basically they have to be SHILLERs (SHILL holders). The larger your dungeon, the better benefits you’ll get.

A — Liko from Project SEED: For the staking levels of the dungeon creator are not yet public we will publish game documents before the launch for the community and players to be prepared for what is to come.

Q — Twitter user @antonio50221026: Can you explain if the game will be free for the community or paid? And if it is paid, can you explain how affordable it will be for players?

A — Trang from Project SEED: Certainly, we are play2earn. We together with other block games will end the era of pay2win soon.

A — Liko from Project SEED: To add, we are creating this game with 3 F in mind Fun FREE Friendly is going to be the best F words we can say publicly.

QTwitter user @AugustK95: Many NFT gaming platforms have their MarketPlace and even their own Wallet similar to SEED, but I have not really read that any of them incorporate any “Game Studio”, so really, could you explain what this application will be about? Will this train users about the crypto world?

A — Trang from Project SEED: Firstly, we have our own game studio department to build Project SEED games, which is led by Baskoro — decades of Game Development experience. We also bring opportunities to other game developers to build their own Dungeon and earn $$$ — that never happened on other blockchain games.

QTelegram user Antonio González: Many games have support in several languages so that their users are not limited. Can you give details of the languages that the game will be in to have a larger and more diverse community?

A — Trang from Project SEED: We are now having several communities: India, Korea, China, Indonesia, Vietnam. We certainly do localization for those languages and more to come

QTelegram user JA: Can I create or personalize my own ZED or even lend them to earn just in case I’m not playing?

A — Trang from Project SEED: Certainly. We have a rental marketplace where you can lend your Zeds as NFT to earn $$$

A — Liko from Project SEED: Stay tuned in our community for more information regarding this, more exciting announcements to come regarding the design and storyline.


Q — Ayeley from GAINS: What is the token use case and how does it capture the value of the ecosystem you’re building?

A — Trang from Project SEED: So basically SHILL is the only currency in the Project SEED platform. Players use SHILL to

1. Buy/sell equipment, armour, and game items as NFTs on the NFT marketplace.
2. Stake/farm to receive APR, eligible for Governance proposal, AND CREATING A DUNGEON (juicy rewards and can make our users tons of $$$)
3. Propose and actively participate in our world development

There is no blockchain game where you can create DUNGEON and earn $$$ from that. So SHILL is the condition to become DUNGEON MASTER on our Project SEED ecosystem.

A — Liko from Project SEED: Our stakers will receive a lot of benefits and we hope to see 80% of the circulating tokens being staked, this is because for the dungeon creator, the larger your stake, the larger your dungeon, and bigger dungeons meaning better loots, and for the dungeon master meaning better rewards.

QTelegram user 🇻🇳 Phuong Nguyen 🇻🇳: What role does the $SHILL token play in the SEED NFT market? And what value does SEED bring to the crypto market? Because a project that wants to grow for the long term needs “Values”, not things that float on the surface.

A — Liko from Project SEED: Every settlement that happens in the game and marketplace will use $SHILL as the currency, this means you BUY/SELL NFT with $SHILL, you pay the rent using $SHILL, and you advertise your NFT using $SHILL this is also part of the use cases of the token aside from the governance, staking, etc


Q — Ayeley from GAINS: Did you raise funds so far? If so, how did you handle them? Are you planning to do any future raises?

A — Trang from Project SEED: We are in a private round of fundraising. To be honest, things come naturally. Our founding team of ex Binance and has rich experience and network in cryptocurrency. When we talk to some friends they very support us, so things go smoothly

A — Liko from Project SEED: VC for are Moonwhale, Black Mamba, Exnetwork Capital, Blackdragon, Gains Associates, J8 Ventures, DCI, OIG, 1CAP, Panda Ventures, Kangaroo Capital And still negotiating with some more.

For future raise, we will be having a public sale soon (can’t disclose when) and we will be opening up for further raise (non-token) for expansion purposes to include the bigger players in the space (traditional and crypto) but this will be down the road when we need more funding to build further the ecosystem.

Business Development

QTwitter user @derryn82: Solana has powerful resources as a dynamic community, ecosystem, and best tech. Being offered 50K TPS and cost transaction $0,00001, what really makes Project SEED conveniently built at Solana chain. Are there plans for other chains in the future?

A — Trang from Project SEED: For now we don’t have a specific name yet. But we will become multichain for the sake of the user’s convenience.

QTelegram user Dayo: What are your plans for multi-chain integration later in the future to increase adoption? For your future partnerships, what area are you looking at the most? ( Areas such as NFT, Gaming, Defi, etc)

A — Liko from Project SEED: Mass adoption that we are referring to is more into tapping into the traditional market starting from the crypto community, but our real audience will be the gamers that are not yet into blockchain for this we are in contact with some eSport teams across Asia to build partnership and eSport competition planning for when the game launches but of course Crypto people are our early adopters.

Thank you for coming in today guys. And for answering all our questions. Where can we follow you to stay updated? — Ayeley Commodore-Mensah from GAINS Associates

Sure. Please follow our Telegram channel, Medium and Twitter — Trang from Project Seed

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