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Realy — Telegram AMA — November 21

On Sunday, November 21, we had the pleasure to welcome to our Telegram chat:

Yomiko, CMO

We asked him questions about the development of Realy.

Some sentences have been slightly edited for readability but the meaning has been conserved.


Realy is a decentralized NFT marketplace for Street Culture and New Luxury. By leveraging its extensive experience in New Luxury and Street Fashion, Really aims to hit the Crypto Non-Fungible Token (NFT) community and bring real-world assets on-chain. Realy Metaverse is the first Live-to-Earn metaverse on Solana. Developing via Unreal Engine, Realy Metaverse will be a virtual city in the sky with 3A graphics. Realy focuses on street culture by merging real-world names including fashion brands, graffiti artists, chic toy brands, rappers and skateboard brands to Metaverse.

Realy Metaverse City in the Sky will consist of nature, buildings, streets, arts, stadiums, and so on. Users will be immersed in street cultures and achieve their dreams. The REAL token will act as the base layer of infrastructure serving all levels of crypto activities.

With Realy you can buy an avatar on the market, or create a personalized avatar through face-squeezing tools, wearing real-world brand virtual clothing, feeding your virtual pet, and choosing a career path for your virtual being, these are the virtual life in Realy Metaverse. When you are online, the avatar is you, bringing you an immersive experience. When you are offline, the avatar wins himself back, a virtual being in the city of Realy Metaverse, with a set of AI-driven self-discipline systems.


Q — Ayeley from GAINS: Please introduce yourself and your role with Realy. Is this your first venture in crypto?

A — Yomiko from REALY: Hello everyone, I am Yomiko, CMO of REALY. I have served as the market leader for many good projects, such as Oracle chain, Marlin, Tidal, Fio, Findora, etc.

About Realy

Q — Ayeley from GAINS: Can you tell us what the REALY Metaverse is about?

A — Yomiko from REALY: Developed through the Unreal Engine, it will be a virtual city comparable to 3A games. We mainly focus on street culture and will issue NFTs including fashion branded items, art toys, rap music pieces, graffiti arts, and items/IPs with skateboarding and many other street culture elements. We will also have many collaborations with celebrities and famous names. The REALY metaverse merges the virtual with the physical, seamlessly connecting your virtual and real-world life.

It might be easier to understand if I share with you some snapshots of the REALY metaverse:

Q — Ayeley from GAINS: What types of NFT releases will the REALY metaverse have?

A — Yomiko from REALY: Digital fashion items, 3D art toys, virtual sneakers, music pieces, and crypto arts will be the key NFT categories. We have also established official collaborations with well-known fashion brands like Revenge, Cactus Jack, and some well-known art toy brands like Doraemon, Snoopy, Instinctoy, and some well-known musicians and artists, we will release their virtual or physical NFTs in time.

All of these NFTs will be able to be worn on users’ avatars, displayed in their digital home, and traded in the gallery and market places. Some NFTs will also become usable equipment in the metaverse, such as skateboards, cars, and spaceships that could be used as transportation tools in the metaverse. NFTs with additional features include other NFTs such as users’ virtual pets (our Bearaches).

Q — Ayeley from GAINS: Can you share with us some of the most distinctive features of the REALY metaverse?

A — Yomiko from REALY: Our core advantages and characteristics are limited edition and REALY only avatars of collaboration artists and KOLs, virtual functional products, virtual concerts, which brings in brands and artists collaboration, and so on, truly merging city life and street culture into the metaverse. Towards the non-crypto users, we can bring them to our metaverse through their favorite celebrities and KOLs’ collaboration events. We have already signed some rappers, artists, and KOLs in China and the United States, and will gradually launch exclusive virtual concerts, exhibitions, and exclusive NFTs for them. Please stay tuned for these.

Q — Ayeley from GAINS: Cool. Did the involvement from Alameda influence REALY to choose Solana to launch the metaverse?

A — Yomiko from REALY: Solana has faster speed and lower cost than Ethereum, which will help us attract more crypto users. It also has a strong community. And most importantly, Multicoin and Alameda are two of our key investors. We will help to build the Solana ecosystem.

We have also cooperated with many platforms such as Pyth, Galaxy, and Metaplex. Continuous cooperation is a prerequisite for ecological development

Q — Ayeley from GAINS: So do we have the opportunity to participate in the Realy Metaverse now?

A — Yomiko from REALY: Of course. Realy’s whitelist contest. Each Bearache is an ERC721 NFT to be minted on Ethereum. Each Bearache also contains a VIP membership of the REALY Metaverse, and Bearache holders will have numerous exclusive membership benefits, including priority rights for limited NFTs.

Q — Twitter user @DERRYN82: What are the advantages of implanting chips into NFTs within Realy ecosystem, what kind of data that they have?

A — Yomiko from REALY: Each NFT chip contains a uniquely generated hash that’s stored on-chain; the hash itself can’t be reversed or “hacked”; if you are referring to whether the NFC can be cloned there is always such risks as tech advances; as a team, we can only continuously always try to improve upon it; constantly building and staying on top of the game.


Q — Ayeley from GAINS: Can you share with us details of your tokenomics?

A — Yomiko from REALY: REALY will issue metaverse’s governance token — REAL. The REAL token’s tokenomics focuses on two aspects, One is to incentivize the operators of metaverse’s lands and shops, who will get REAL tokens according to numbers of active users and trading volume on their lands or shops.

The more active landowners will get more airspace and underground development rights, all towards building a hyper-real functional 3D city. The second aspect is community governance. REALY Metaverse will be a democratic virtual community, all decisions related to users’ interests should be decided by votes of users. Further, the right of construction of each land parcel will be granted to the land parcel owner.

Hence, where land parcel owners can together vote for decisions on structures circumventing multiple land parcels with different owners. Stakeholders can participate in voting by staking their corresponding REAL tokens. We will officially launch IDO the next month, please stay tuned.

Competitive Advantage

Q — Ayeley from GAINS: What really is the difference between the REALY Metaverse and others like Sandbox, and Decentraland?

A — Yomiko from REALY: Let’s take virtual real estate (core products of the metaverse) as an example. Metaverse like Sandbox and Decentraland, their land blocks are virtually and visually isolated. Users cannot access their land block by building and walking on connecting roads like they would in real life or 3A RPG games.

In comparison, REALY metaverse was built with hyper-real 3D city life in mind, adopting the urban planning and the Japanese “metabolism” theory as the core ideologies. The REALY metaverse will be born with commercial value logic with extra attention to users’ overall metaverse experience. For example, users can build roads and connect their virtual real estate such as lands, shops, and residences together.

Business Development

Q — Ayeley from GAINS: What are the future plans of Realy?

A — Yomiko from REALY:

RealyMetaverse is the 1st “live to earn” Metaverse on Solana, and develops through the Unreal Engine. The Realy Metaverse will be a virtual city that is comparable to a 3A game. Realy mainly focus on street culture, and will issue NFTs including fashion branded items, art toys, rap music pieces, graffiti arts, and items/IPs with skateboarding and many other street culture elements. The REALY metaverse seamlessly connects your virtual and real-world life.

Q — Twitter user @MmgvsTodos: In the near future there will be a lot of different metaverses, so I would like to know, how will Realy be able to compete for users’ time on the internet? What plans or strategies will you have to keep your users entertained in your metaverse?

A — Yomiko from REALY:1. We believe that Metaverse must be a combination of the virtual world and the real world. There is an advantage that NFT assets with a real brand, which is the biggest advantage of our team.

2. The distributed economy still relies on many creators, which is also our advantage. Street culture includes rap, street dance, skateboarding, streetwear, art toy, and many fields, each of which takes innovation as its uniqueness and soul. Therefore, we also have many creators who can create an economy in our meta-universe.

3. Gamefi focuses on earning in the early stage, which is a variant of Defi; and in a long time, it must be more playful.

Therefore, an experienced game development team is required. Our core development team has more than 20 years of game development experience and has done various games such as RPG and strategy games.

Yomiko, thanks for coming into our community, and taking the time to answer our questions. Anything else you’d like to say? Where can we follow you to stay updated? — Ayeley from GAINS

Follow us on the Realy Twitter, and the Official Telegram group. If I have time, I am happy to communicate with you Yomiko from REALY

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