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Sator — Telegram AMA — September 09

On Thursday, September 09, we had the pleasure to welcome to our Telegram chat:

Isla Perfito, Co-Founder, and
Chris Martin, Co-Founder.

We asked them questions about the development of Sator.

Some sentences have been slightly edited for readability but the meaning has been conserved.

Summary is a decentralized platform that enables global participation in the mainstream television industry. Uniting content, advertising, viewer engagement, broadcast and streaming marketplaces, aligns the interests of all parties involved in the creation, distribution and consumption of series television.

Sator’s simple staking mechanism allows a TV series to buy SAO tokens, deposit SAO tokens, and choose audience engagement opportunities. When a viewer fulfils a chosen engagement opportunity, some of the staked tokens are released in the form of rewards to the viewer.

SAO is the social utility token that fuels the Sator network. SAO gets distributed to viewers and content creators depending on their engagement with the system.

Viewers who hold SAO are rewarded for interacting with series content. Individuals will need to stake SAO tokens in order to participate in the network. The more tokens an individual has staked and the more they interact with content on Sator, the more rewards they will receive.


Q — Ayeley from GAINS: Please tell us about yourselves. What did you do before crypto and did you have any other previous venture in crypto?

A — Chris from Sator: My background was in Fintech and entertainment. I traded fiat currency for some Wall Street firms and also worked onset of a couple of Oscar-winning films, for fun. That brand integration work somehow turned into owning a music touring company. Then, I went back to school for my MBA. after that, since I had my securities license, I worked a couple of years helping Pantera Capital. Then Isla and I founded Sator.

A — Isla Rose from Sator: My name is Isla rose 🌹 the first name is pronounced like eye-la. I studied Computer Science at NYU and minored in media, culture, and communications. I started my journey in tech working at early-stage unicorn startups like Try Caviar, Casper, and Square as an engineer and data scientist.

I don’t remember a world before crypto. Upon graduating, I started working at Credit Suisse, working closely with the head of digital assets and helped build a private blockchain + wallet that was compatible with CS infrastructure.

I encapsulated important aviation data into smart contracts for the Fleet Management team at Credit Suisse, streamlining their biz flow. I love crypto and blockchain and taught myself Solidity some years back.

I co-founded Sator with Chris and we are so excited to have everyone here learn more!

About Sator

Q — Ayeley from GAINS: Please tell us, what is the Sator project about in a few simple sentences? How long have you been working on it and what was the inspiration behind it?

A — Isla Rose from Sator: Our one-liner for Sator goes a little something like this ~ SATOR: Bridging entertainment and social value into the metaverse.

Sator is a second screen dApp experience that rewards you SAO tokens for engaging with content on the platform. You turn on your tv, start watching, then you open the Sator app in your phone and navigate to the episodic ‘realm’ while you are watching, which is a social experience for super fans, as well as an opportunity to collect series exclusive NFT collectibles in SAO. You can also compete in quizzes and trivia proving your engagement and get rewarded.

A — Chris from Sator: Sator decentralizes value in the content ecosystem. I think that motivates me most. Sator is a mechanism that allows those who create a lot of the value (viewers) to participate in the value they create.

We’ve been working at Sator for almost a year now.

Q — Twitter user @TheShadowJK_1: Beyond compilation, many NFTs in Sator is integrated with entitlements, also known as “utility”. What advantages does this model bring to your NFTs and how does it help them to be verifiable for authenticity? What benefits does this rights integration bring to creators?

A — Isla Rose from Sator: NFT utility is boundless. In the case of media & television, we can NFT rare collectibles that correspond to your favourite series. We just auctioned 2 of our Utility NFTs “ Heartbreak a Character” and “Bankrupt a Character” The owner of these unique collectibles owns an original song from Songwriters (Julie Frost) & producers at Sony Music AND enables you the authority to Bankrupt or Heartbreak the character of your choice on an upcoming series. You digitally own that right.

This is a never-before-seen opportunity television has to increase fan engagement as a whole. Sator provides a turnkey NFT solution to our content partners.

A — Chris from Sator: Embedding NFTs with utility brings greater audience engagement to the content. Content creators and content carriers connect more directly with viewers. Personally, I have said that NFTs will be TV’s keys to the metaverse.

Q — Twitter user @kevinsalom1: I read Sator Network will prioritize series suggestions to viewers if the provider blocks more $SAO. But will this be their sole criteria for rating a series worth watching or not? What if a person with a lot of capital creates bad content?

A — Isla Rose from Sator: Decentralization is our TOP priority. Series suggestions will be deep learning-based, based on your current interests and your in-app activity. This is how we plan to recommend better shows, better NFTs that suit YOUR interests. If a content provider has a larger $ spend, they may be able to reward users in higher multiples, but that doesn’t mean we prioritize them on our platform outside of their realm. They will co-exist with every other realm on the homepage.

A — Chris from Sator: Sator aligns incentives. This means Sator rewards the growth and health of the Sator network that all SAO holders are a part of. If the Sator community decides to participate in content or not, the SAO economy moves accordingly. Sator seeks to arrive at decentralized governance in the future. Content one person thinks is bad, another person may enjoy. That is up to the Sator community. Then, yes, as you will see inside Sator, content is ranked in a number of ways — highest rewarding is one of those, and there is also a ranking for most social, featured NFTs, etc.

Q — Telegram user Keymer: Could you tell us a little about the Welcome Bonus for early access users that Sator offers? Will this be similar to the bonuses offered by trading platforms that can only be used but not withdrawn?

A — Chris from Sator: The early bonuses will be in SAO. SAO can be easily transferred in/out of your wallets.

Q — Telegram user Amina Peter: If you say Sator is a global platform that curates the best content in every region of the globe. Can it be accessed without any glitches by all irrespective of country of residence? Will, it works better in certain geographical locations? What are the requirements for one to become a content distributor in the Sator platform?

A — Isla Rose from Sator: the 👼🏼 blessing of Blockchain 🕊 is what makes this possible! Sator is a global platform and is available to everyone regardless of where they are in the world. To become a content distributor, you create your own rewards pool by buying SAO in the currency of your choice. As a distributor, you can stake as well, and the rest of the pool is rewarded to users that prove they’ve engaged with your contact. Contact one of the founders if you are a distributor looking for Sator’s turnkey blockchain content solution

Q — Telegram user Leyna Greisy : What kind of unique NFT utility is meant in Sator?

A — Chris from Sator: Yes we want users to be able to move their NFTs without gas fees and our content partners to mint with fewer fees. Sator is building to be massively scalable to accommodate all global content on the Sator platform. This makes efficiencies such as Polygon important. Polygon and Sator are partners. Polygon awarded Sator a grant and provided technical insights on the integration underway. As for NFT utility! Oh, it is so exciting! NFT utility in relation to TV/content has only begun to be discovered! NFT utilities already in the works include: storyline decisions, naming characters, on-screen credits, exclusive content access, set visits, items from the set, physical items such as merch, live events, virtual events, and the list goes on!

Q — Telegram user Salman: As this is a decentralized platform, I think there will be copy-right issues on the platform for the works of creators? How you will manage it?

A — Chris from Sator: We contract directly with the rights holders. Sator has an excellent, and quite larger, legal team. Sator legal team carefully manages IP, copyrights, licensing, and all other legal elements of all the content partnerships deals. We actually had to innovate even in legal as Sator had to issue new types of formats for NFT rights granting for instance — something most networks did not yet have.

Q — Telegram user Maria Fuentes: Do you already have Sator with the support of some television series? If so, could you really mention what they would be? And how often will more be added to your platform?

A — Chris from Sator: One of our favorite TV partners is the comedy series about crypto! check it out.

Q — Telegram user Uche: Is there a staking feature so that viewers can increase their reward?

A — Chris from Sator: Yup!!! Sure is!! Super easy too! Inside Sator, you can choose to stake some SAO to multiply rewards you get across all your activities platform-wide. There are staking levels too. So the more staked, the higher the rewards multipliers!

Q — Telegram user Bryant Javier: I understand that by watching the series we will be able to obtain SAO tokens, but to really participate in the stakes, will it be only the SAO tokens won? Or can you also buy them in a swap and then stake them?

A — Isla Rose from Sator: For our first iteration on the platform, there are several different staking levels on the Sator platform where you can stake for higher rewards multipliers, depending on the amount of SAO + time staked. Higher rewards multipliers give you much higher rewards across the entire platform, earning you more SAO. Expect to find us on Solana DEXs like Serum and Radium where Liquidity mining and swapping will be possible

Q — Telegram user Super-Girl Says: Outside the television field, could you tell us what other use cases would Sator Network have? Would it have applications in social networks or provide any contribution to Web 3.0?

A — Isla Rose from Sator: Music Festivals. Streaming Twitch content. Youtube content appreciation. Eventually, you will be able to pay for content subscriptions in SAO

Q — Twitter user @iracundito: Sator’s simple participation mechanism allows a TV series to purchase SAO tokens, deposit SAO tokens, and choose audience participation opportunities. Are there any TV series and producers currently working or hoping to work with Sator in the future?

A — Chris from Sator: Yes! Many! Sator is currently talking with series producers, network executives, record labels, music promoters, book publishers, and individual artists/celebs/talent at various stages of designing their Sator realms, Sator games for fans, and NFT collections inside Sator. The list is long and growing. Some highlights of current conversations include NBC, Telemundo, HBO, Netflix, Sony, Warner Bros, Fox, Showtime, YouTube, Epix, Viz Media, Live Nation, and Tubi. It’s really early days at Sator. Sator platform content will grow similarly as did Twitter and Instagram. This early work to bring on partners formally will scale globally and years from now all types of content can activate themselves onto Sator.

A — Isla Rose from Sator: We are working with some very exciting partners. We are lucky to have Rob Weiss (Ballers, Entourage) as our strategic advisor at Sator. The first scripted series about crypto and blockchain “HODL” will also be on Sator. We can even scale to youtube content creators, festivals, etc big things coming

Q — Telegram user Khalee: You mentioned that we can get rewarded by competing in quizzes and trivia. Can anyone join? May I ask where is the venue of this event?

A — Isla Rose from Sator: Yes! Quizzes and Trivia games exist inside our content-based, episodic realms. So let’s say you are watching The White Lotus episode 2. You can enter the Sator Realm for White Lotus S1E2 and compete in trivia with your friends and other players in the game! You compete for the prize pool of SAO, which is split among every winner. Faster answers are prioritized and given more points from the pool

Q — Telegram user Vlad: Sator has developed many products that can almost meet the needs of users, which is an advantage. However, will the development of many products cause management difficulties? How do you ensure the quality of all Sator products?

A — Isla Rose from Sator: Our core is Solana. We also have smart contracts on Ethereum. Our goal is to make the experience between these two chains seamless, which is possible thanks to the Wormhole SOL.


Q — Ayeley from GAINS: What role does the token play in the Sator ecosystem?

A — Chris from Sator: The Sator token, SAO, fuels all activity on the Sator platform. Whether unlocking realms, collecting NFTs, staking, tipping other users for writing excellent reviews of a TV episode — all activity on the platform is denominated in SAO.

A — Isla Rose from Sator: SAO is the utility token that powers the use of the Sator dApp. We are tokenizing the proof of attention economy. In Sator app, you can enter realms with SAO, tip SAO, stake it, collect NFTs in SAO, and much more 🔑

Q — Telegram user Drogon: According to the whitepaper $SAO is integrated with the SPL standards, this algorithm is provided by Solana. What properties does this algorithm adopt in $ SAO? What is this system in charge of? Why is it important in the ecosystem?

A — Chris from Sator: Much of the hard computations located on Solana enables Sator to scale. Sator is the first productionized implementation of the bidirectional wormhole bridge.

Q — Telegram user Crypto_ lovers: Is it mandatory for users to hold or bet an amount of $SAO in order to watch TV series on Sator?

A — Chris from Sator: You watch the content on your TV, and play games inside Sator. So all users can earn SAO by simply watching content, engaging with the content by playing games on Sator that reward them SAO.


Q — Telegram user বাবার….জন্য…. উপহার.. …❤️❤️: There are many rug pulls and exit scam happening nowadays. How can investors trust you not to do the same?

A — Chris from Sator: Sator team is here to build. Daily progress and hard work is probably what has attracted so many brilliant investors and advisors to Sator. Sator already has a functioning beta version. Mainnet is launched in 6 weeks. Every day, the large team at Sator makes great strides in product features and functions. Sator team has invested their lives into building Sator technology, research, community, and vision. The proof lies within the action, the vision, execution, and follow-through.


Q — Telegram user Jesus Freites: I read that Sator has brought its NFT solution to Polygon, one of the blockchains in constant adoption. My question is, in Sator’s case, what were the reasons they have adopted Polygon to make their NFT based model unique and stylish enough to outperform their competitors?

A — Isla Rose from Sator: Ethereum gas fees are so high. We found the Polygon blockchain can ease use on the platform in terms of speed and lower gas fees for our users. In the future expect to also see a multi-chain marketplace.


Q — Ayeley from GAINS: Cool. Did you raise funds so far? If so, how did you handle them? And are you planning to do any future raises?

A — Chris from Sator: Yep, we have raised USD $1.8 million thus far in seed and private presale. The seed round was completed on a $20 million pre-money valuation. Next and soon is the public sale at TGE. Also, the Sator Series A equity round is taking place now at a $50 million pre-money valuation.

Competitive Advantage

Q — Ayeley from GAINS: What sets Sator apart from the competition?

A — Isla Rose from Sator: Sator’s novel approach to rendering full transparency in media and entertainment leaves very little competition in the age of Decentralized Finance platforms. Visionaries of Sator recognize the importance of DeFi, but look beyond the current competitive landscape to realize the media and entertainment industry need blockchain solutions. On the other hand, the competition we are tracking includes all manners of other NFT partnerships that television/content providers may enter; other social platforms where viewers could choose to spend time; other marketing solutions a content provider might evaluate; other applications being downloaded on mobile devices; other payments options for streaming subscriptions; and all types of other games, to name a few.

Aware of this extensive competition fuels Sator’s relentless work to build better, design better, market better, strategize better, cooperate as a team better, streamline partnerships better, serve our community better, and generally pursue excellence in technology and strategy on a global scale.

A — Chris from Sator: Competition is an interesting concept. We look at it in a number of different ways. Since what we are doing combines so many elements, there are different ways to think about who our completion is. From all of it, Sator stands out the way it has combined multiple solutions — furthering the frontiers of NFT utility, ease of use, staking and wallet experiences for mainstream audiences, expanding TV into a gamified metaverse, solving viewer engagement — into a single platform.

Sator has several competitive advantages. An important one is the understanding, experience, and relationships across television/entertainment that allows Sator to efficiently build these B2B partnerships for great content on Sator.

Q — Telegram user Murat: As far as I know, unlike streaming media platforms such as Disney+, Netflix, and Amazon prime, Sator will reward users for watching episodes of their choice. However, the largest streaming platforms are very interesting in their movies and series and many users. Can you tell us if Sator is really their competitor? How will you go beyond them and expand to the point where you play great movies on Sator?

A — Chris from Sator: Great question. Sator is a tool and a partner to these steaming giants. Sort of the way Netflix entered the content arena as a technological innovator, then grew and pivoted to become an industry leader, Sator envisions its path in a similar way 😉

Q — Telegram user Juan Rueda: What are Sator’s strongest features or assets that Will get it into the top 20 blockchain projects?

A — Chris from Sator: Team team team. We are executors. Building on Solana. Great product that will scale. TV and blockchain both benefit from and create a network effect. It’s a winning combination. Heading for that top 10 spot!

Business Development

Q — Ayeley from GAINS: Can you share your roadmap with us? What should we expect in the next weeks and months?

A — Isla Rose from Sator: We have done a soft beta launch and we are iterating over it daily. Expect a public beta available for anyone to test in the coming weeks. Expect SAO token to go live on a major exchange in October ;)

A — Chris from Sator: Every week we add more features, utility, and functionality. We also constantly add more content partners to the platform — TV, film, music — and will be rolling out diff language versions. Sator is a global platform that curates the best content in every region of the globe.

Q — Telegram user Jogoboyo: You mentioned OTT and other platforms like Netflix, and youtube. Who is Sator’s main audience? Do you also focus on non-Crypto users? so-called newbies because they have no knowledge of NFT and DeFi?

A — Chris from Sator: Yes indeed. Sator is a platform that anyone with even zero crypto experience can enjoy. It’s designed to be sleek user flows. Having the wallet in-app makes it the easiest place to buy NFTs bc it’s already connected to your wallet.

Chris and Isla, thanks for coming into our community, and taking the time to answer our questions. We can now go out there and spread the word as true Ambassadors of Sator. Anything else you’d like to say? Where can we follow you to stay updated? — Ayeley Commodore-Mensah from GAINS

Thank you for having us @ACommodore. Amazing crowd. Most of you know our social handles 😉 Find us!
💥 👑 Telegram | 🐦 Twitter |🎀 Instagram. See you in the Satorverse 🪐 x — Isla Rose from Sator

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