Step-by-Step Guide — How To Buy $GAINS with your Credit/Debit Card: A Complete Guide For Desktop Users

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Buy $GAINS Tokens with your Credit/Debit card

Step 1: Connect to Ondefy

Click on

Buy $GAINS using Ondefy

Step 2: Select a Currency

Select your preferred currency (€, $, £, ¥, etc.) among a list of 100+ currencies.

Select the currency of your choice to buy $GAINS Token with

Step 3: Enter the amount to buy

For instance: if you want to buy for 100€ of $GAINS Tokens, enter 100.

Enter your buying order

Step 4: Select or create a wallet

At this step you will need to select one of the two given options:

  • MetaMask or WalletConnect
  • Email login (if you do not have yet a crypto wallet)

1️⃣ Case 1 — MetaMask or WalletConnect: If you already have a wallet then select MetaMask or WalletConnect. For the sake of the exemple, MetaMask is used.

Login with MetaMask or WalletConnect

n°1) Select “MetaMask” or “WalletConnect”

n°2) Connect the address to receive the $GAINS Tokens

n°3) Click “Connect”

Check the connected address
Proceed with the swap (Example: € to $GAINS Tokens)
Check the currency change rate

2️⃣Case 2 — Email login: If you don’t have yet a wallet such as MetaMask you can create one by checking this YouTube tutorial or use the Email Login we will describe below:

Select “Connect with email”
Enter your email
Check your inbox to get the login code
Enter the code

Congrat your crypto wallet has just been created! After your purchase you will receive your $GAINS Tokens into it.

Then select a currency

Select a currency

Skip the step 5 if you already completed the KYC below using Transac or Ondefy previsouly.

Step 5: Pass the Know Your Customer (KYC) procedure

Type your email address
Copy the verification-code emailed to you
Paste the verification-code
KYC — Step 1/3
KYC — Step 2/3
KYC — Step 3/3

At the step 3/3, click on the link provided or equivalent.

Select your prefered verification document (Passport, Driver’s Licence or ID)
We advise you to select the first option: “Continue on Mobile”
You will get an email, click on “here” and follow the steps
Message once the KYC is completed
You will also get an email confirmation your KYC has been approved succesfully
Come back on this page and click refresh

Step 6: Buy $GAINS Tokens

Check the information and click “Buy Now”
Enter your Credit Card Info and click “Add Card”

n°1) Credit/Debit Card number

n°2) Credit Card Expiry Date

n°3) Credit Card CVV number

n°4) Click on “Add Card”

Check the address of reception of your tokens

n°1) Credit/Debit card number

n°2) EVM (ERC-20) Address of reception

Click on “Permit” to receive your tokens
Then click on “Sign”
Check the status of your transaction

⚠️ The processing time takes between a few minutes to a few hours. Then you will get a confirmation email as shown below:

Email purchase confirmation
Congrats you just bought your $GAINS Tokens

You succesfully bought $GAINS Token using your Credit Card thanks to our partner Ondefy, congrats! Welcome to the GAINS Family, you can now participate in our ultra-high return deals.

Sign up on the GAINS Investment platform and connect your wallet.

Legal Note: No content posted by this page should be considered financial advice, please invest at your own risk.

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