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StrongNode — Telegram AMA — November 18

On Thursday, November 18, we had the pleasure to welcome to our Telegram chat:

Daniel Saito, Co-founder
Colin Charles, CTO
Brandon Sivret, VP of operations

We asked them questions about the development of StrongNode.

Some sentences have been slightly edited for readability but the meaning has been conserved.


StrongNode is creating a symbiotic, global last-mile mesh edge network that’s fueled by people’s idle resources, power companies around the world. By connecting to, harnessing, and sharing people’s latent computing resources, StrongNode creates various economies of scale that benefit every type of user and platform tapped into the StrongNodeEdge Network.

StrongNode aims to contribute and revolutionize industries via a uniquely decentralized network and ecosystem using edge computing technology. StrongNode is building and expanding on the battle-tested open-source MapReduce data processing code and concepts by Apache Hadoop and heavily leveraged by multiple $1B+ centralized big data firms such as MapR, Teradata, Cloudera, and Hortonworks.

StrongNode is harvesting a trifecta of idle and untapped compute resources: 1) CPU and GPU cycles, 2) bandwidth, 3) data storage from our network. We aim to reward node partners (providers) when we optimize their resources while at the same time creating value for our node clients (users) and unleashing the power of intersecting zero-waste edge and blockchain technologies together with innovations that drive a “network effect” to meet critical organizational compute needs.


Q — Ayeley from GAINS: Please introduce yourselves and tell us about your crypto journey so far, with StrongNode.

A — Daniel from StrongNode: Hi, Gains Chat community. My name is Daniel Saito and I am the CEO and Co-founder of StrongNode. I started computing at the age of 8 and haven’t really stopped since. I worked in the industry upon becoming the legal age of 16 and worked in all aspects of computers from building them, fixing them, supporting them to selling them. I am self-taught in programming.

Daniel Saito, Co-founder

I dropped out of college to work full time and got my foot in the door in the industry. Since I was a college dropout, I had to work twice as hard to prove myself and overcompensated in my drive to touch all aspects of infrastructure.

I am an active entrepreneur; I have started 2 ISPs in both USA (dedicated to gaming) and Japan (consumer ISP). Launched two🚀and deployed 2 satellites🛰️ into space (before it was cool) for News Corp venture in Japan, all before the age of 27. I have ridden each technology revolution from the Personal Computer debut, the start of the internet, Web 1.0, Web 2.0, mobile, social, and now Crypto/blockchain.

I wrote and designed the 4G specification around how to interface with the Security Enclave (TPM) in all current-day mobile phones. And of course, my billion-dollar exit with MySQL to Sun Microsystems, only to sell again for $7.5B to Oracle Corp.

A — Colin from StrongNode: Hello, Gains Chat. My name is Colin Charles and I am the Chief Technology Officer of StrongNode. I was an early developer of The Fedora Project at Red Hat. I’ve had the pleasure of working with our CEO Daniel Saito over the past decade. I have spent time building open source software since 1996, fr’[from StrongNode: I am Brandon Sivret and I am the VP of Operations of StrongNode. I am a 13-year veteran of the US Air Force, having medically retired at the rank of Major where I deployed twice and covered a variety of career fields from Security Forces to Space Operations to Nuclear ICBMs to Intelligence.

Colin Charles, CTO

A — Brandon from StrongNode: cHello again, Gains Chat community! It’s good to be back and now I am here as a representative of I am Brandon Sivret and I am the VP of Operations of StrongNode. I am a 13-year veteran of the US Air Force, having medically retired at the rank of Major where I deployed twice and covered a variety of career fields from Security Forces to Space Operations to Nuclear ICBMs to Intelligence.

Brandon Sivret, VP of operations

I served as a deployed Director of Operations for an Air Force Combat Unit and an advisor to NATO, GCC, and the Office of then US Vice President Joe Biden. Along with my background as an indie game developer, I’m very happy to be part of the StrongNode team and the larger ecosystem to which OGLife belongs.

About StrongNode

Q — Ayeley from GAINS: Can you please give us a brief recap of what StrongNode is all about

A — Daniel from StrongNode: Simply put, StrongNode is an Infrastructure-as-a-Service technology company and innovation lab. We harness the power of latent and idle compute resources like the CPU / GPU cycles, network bandwidth, and storage of the everyday common digital devices. In return, you get paid in StrongNode $SNE tokens when you lend your excess compute resources to the network.

A — Daniel from StrongNode: At StrongNode, we are pioneering a new paradigm in digital connectivity through our products and our incubated projects under our innovation lab. We are on a mission to power companies globally through the next generation of edge networking by uniquely harvesting a trifecta of idle compute resources and leveraging new blockchain technologies.

We wanted to address the last mile, which is the EDGE, and build a global edge network through access and monetization of idle resources.

We are working towards our goal of making “Computing with a Purpose” a reality. We like the concept of democratizing your computer, commoditizing your computer resources. We wanted to create solutions for real-world problems and we plan on bringing onboard new open-source tech adapted with tokenomics. This is StrongNode.

Q — Ayeley from GAINS: What are the requirements for someone who wants to make use of their idle computing resources? Is there a signup form?

A — Colin from StrongNode: You’ll need to run a tray table app (we are working on this now) and then you will signup at StrongNodeID

A — Daniel from StrongNode: As Colin mentioned, we will be opening up StrongNodeID shortly as this is our user registration process

Like a PC you need to log in to the network. We made this process as simple and frictionless as possible. We will go into this further later on this AMA

Q — Ayeley from GAINS: Who will be the target users of the StrongNode platform? Companies or individuals?

A — Daniel from StrongNode: We wanted $SNE and StrongNode to be accessible for everyone without any experience dealing with crypto. We are looking to cater to the enterprises like academia or people that have the requirement for low-cost compute cycles that is readily available.

As our CTO Colin Charles has mentioned, “enterprise data sets that are ideal for map/reduce from AI, Covid analysis to ad clickstream data.” We are also looking to address the needs of the users that want to benefit as a benefactor for participation or end-users that own their own digital device, have administrative rights to install a binary, and want to lend their compute resources.

A — Colin from StrongNode: Initially, it will definitely be enterprises sending work, and individuals running nodes. This may change as times go by (we also have a lot of interest in enterprise running nodes)

Q — Telegram user Ismail Olabanji: You say that StrongNode NaaS technology has applications in hyper-growth industries such as the medical industry. Given how relevant the healthcare sector was during the pandemic, what exactly can StrongNode bring to that industry?

A — Brandon from StrongNode: We offer more affordable and scalable computing services. In tandem with the microchip shortages, there is a scarcity of new devices and hardware that a company would need to rapidly grow their in-house solutions.

StrongNode allows us to reuse excess capacity on existing devices or those no longer being actively used to provide an entire virtual quantum computer. It harnesses the excess capacity of the world from everyday users.

Q — Telegram user Irfane: Regarding the StrongNodeID, do we need to be KYC’d to successfully create an account? Will this be a simple process for a non-crypto individual?

A — Brandon from StrongNode: You will create an account as part of any other registration process, but yes, you will need to complete KYC. You will also unlock a completion percentage as you add more information to your profile so how much you provide is up to you; however, to be fully registered and complete, the UI will inform you what is left to accomplish.

We will also use other projects like Original Gamer Life to gamify the registration process to reduce friction and give context to gamers who are more familiar with those kinds of mechanics.

Q — Telegram user VyachCrypto: How are your services essential to a wider industrial and economic application in both the centralized and decentralized space?

A — Daniel from StrongNode: We just are finalizing how we plan to use the aggregated CPU processes to tackle real-world problems (the specific one that comes to mind is, genome) there will be a press release on this more shortly.

More importantly, we will also work on the economics that should entice a lot of folks.

Q — Telegram user 🇻 🇹: The Innovations Lab is a StrongNodes launchpad and you will offer support and incentives for projects building on StrongNode. What is your vetting process for projects applying for your launchpad to ensure the integrity of your platform and ensure the safety of assets?

A — Brandon from StrongNode: We actually take internal projects that come from within the team, some that have been in stealth for 5 or more years. This way we’re familiar with the team, the concept, and the vision for how it will integrate with the StrongNode ecosystem. OGLife is the first one in the chute and is part of the vision Daniel has had for unifying the technology of SN and leveraging the resources and devices of gamers.

This organic approach and internal development help ensure that projects are safe and the team developing them is reliable.


Q — Ayeley from GAINS: Besides getting paid in $SNE tokens for lending excess computing resources, what role does the $SNE token play in the StrongNode ecosystem?

A — Daniel from StrongNode: In a nutshell, our $SNE token can be used on our platform for our Enterprise or Retail and End User services (Node Enterprise), but it also forms the backbone of our wider ecosystem’s economy, tying all of them together, while users on these other products run StrongNode apps (Node Seeders) which also includes our innovation lab projects (Node Innovators) focused on gaming, social impact, entertainment, lifestyle platforms building on the StrongNode Edge technology.

We extend the relevance of blockchain and expand the crypto market through the utility and major use cases of our $SNE token.

Through each additional project we also have access to that platform’s economy, so for Original Gamer Life, for example, you’ll be able to earn and spend $SNE and $OGL. The StrongNode tech will run underneath the OGLife application, giving you more ways to earn on the platform. Expand this to our other projects being announced soon and you’ll see how the whole ecosystem works.

We incentivize $SNE token holders with more aligned longer-term incentives. For that long-term benefit, we wanted to grow the digital footprint of our decentralized distributed network and be able to distribute $SNE token to as many wallets as possible.

Q — Twitter user @kevinsalom1: I noticed that you recently held the launch of the $SNE token. Could you share with us what the team’s experience was during this event? Were expectations met? What’s next? Do you plan to list it on any CEX?

A — Daniel from StrongNode: I cannot comment on any specific CEX listing. But we are in finalizing stages and will go into the promotional phase shortly with the CEXs (whether it’s a trading competition to CEX level staking)

A — Colin from StrongNode: I can tell you it was a grueling experience. We had to write contracts, get audits, create wallets, do a lot of work, and at one stage Daniel and I were working till the wee hours of the morning, for like the last 2 days.

We worked on very little sleep. But yes, it was not only technically very exciting but also exhilarating

As Daniel explained earlier, our team is working behind the scenes to work with several CEX and DEX entities to deploy our overall strategic plan for listings and make SNE more widely available. I’m proud of the effort our folks are putting in to identify and leverage partnerships to make StrongNode even stronger.


Q — Ayeley from GAINS: In terms of security, I’m sure people would like to know. How sure are we that we will just be lending idle computing resources to the network and that our computers won’t be compromised by allowing for this to happen?

A — Colin from StrongNode: So, there will be no privilege escalation and everything runs in userspace; never kernel space. Basically a secure sandbox

So user space CPU utilisation, memory, GPU utilisation and network utilisation. There will never be a breakout into kernel space. We also do not make use of storage, this isn’t something we care about for StrongNode


Q — Twitter user @Reiyan_12: OGLife is the first project incubated at the StrongNode Innovation Lab. So how does a service that focuses on gaming, health, and wellness, and thriving gaming be born among StrongNode’s resources?

A — Brandon from StrongNode: Yes, thank you so much for the wonderful AMA experience with Original Gamer Life. At OGLife, we build communities based on positive and shared experiences focusing on gaming, health, and wellness. OGLife is a social impact element and user acquisition strategy for the larger StrongNode ecosystem. It’s also another layer to the economy because we approach it like a lot of the Free-to-Play games out there in terms of our token. We merge the health and wellness aspects with your Daily Tasks like in Call of Duty Mobile or World of Warcraft. You also earn for hosting events, creating content like game guides, and winning in tournaments.

OGlife is part of the StrongNode ecosystem and focuses on gaming introducing SN and crypto at large to the 3 billion gamers of the world. The important thing to know is that $OGL has its own token, marketplace, and economy within the StrongNode family. It takes the StrongNode Edge ecosystem beyond crypto and involves a social impact mission.

Q — Ayeley from GAINS: Right, so OGLife will in a way be deployed as a way to market StrongNode to people who under normal circumstances wouldn’t even be in the crypto-verse?

A — Brandon from StrongNode: Absolutely, we’re an on-ramp into crypto for new users and new wallets.

Business Development

Q — Ayeley from GAINS: What are some milestones achieved by StrongNode since launch that you’d like to highlight, and what should we expect in the next weeks and months?

A — Daniel from StrongNode: We were able to successfully launch our $SNE IDO and token sale to the public — that is the major milestone for StrongNode. $SNE is listed on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap and our $SNE liquidity farm on Quickswap is now live.

Our team is working behind the scenes on having our CEX and DEX listing in the coming weeks. The whole team wanted to assure our community that we are geared up as we take our project to the next level. Our users can anticipate the app preview at the end of the year and we plan to enable all the application-centric crypto staking (for uptime) to be available around Q1 2022.

Our immediate releases scheduled are StrongNode ID, single staking, and the dashboard it will live in. We will soon publish our whitepaper and an updated roadmap on our website covering the next phase for the StrongNode project from 2022 and beyond.

You may catch our first #DevDiary or Developer Diary entry in the coming days. Get to know the latest updates on StrongNode from our Telegram channel.

A — Colin from StrongNode: Since launch, we have done a lot for the coin; what’s coming next, is StrongNodeID and then also a potential app we did to track all the wallets that have ever touched StrongNode (hi!), and then we will do the tray table background app (the core of Strongnode) and also the dispatcher. I can tell you we are working on the smart contract for this, now, as well

A — Brandon from StrongNode: And also the OGLife IDO! We’re gearing up to launch and continue explaining how the two projects are integrated and benefit each other.

Daniel, Colin, Brandon, thanks for coming into our community, and taking the time to answer our questions. Where can we follow you to stay updated on all of StrongNode’s activities? — Ayeley Commodore-Mensah from GAINS

Of course, thank you so much for having us! Daniel and Colin are off to their next meeting and wanted me to extend their thanks as well. Our official StrongNode social media channels

Website | Telegram | Twitter | Medium | Reddit | Discord | TG Announcement | Facebook

— Brandon from StrongNode

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